LOTRO Farmer’s Faire Guide 2013

September 5, 2013

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The Farmer’s Faire is back!  This year’s festival runs from September 5 – 18th.

The currency of this festival is the Farmer’s Faire Tokens. Collecting these can help you buy the goodies listed in the rewards section below. The festival takes place in Bywater in the Shire.

New to the festival this year:

  • Bag of Bounder’s Tokens are granted with most quest turn ins in addition to Farmer’s Faire Tokens. I won’t be adding it to the quest reward listings below but take note here that they are there to collect! I’ve made a note on the quests that don’t grant tokens.
  • Fishing quests also now give LI experience which either is new or I didn’t record it last year.
  • Mushroom hunt and Egg Scramble no longer work off Festival Tickets. The quests now have an hour cool down or you can reset the quest sooner with a Mithril Coin.
  • There is a new steed and war-steed appearance.
  • There are 2 new cloaks and one new robe.

What is not included in this guide

The festivals of Middle Earth include certain quests that appear with each and every festival. Please see our guide on these General Festival Quests for help with those events. This would include the:


  • At the Farmer’s Faire: Complete the tour and then three rounds each of the bounder bounds, revenge of the drunkards, fat mayor, manning the market and restocking the market. Grants 6 Farmers Faire Tokens.
  • Helping Hand: Complete all eight of the “Restocking the Market” runs. Grants title: “Helping Hand”.
  • Fine Faire Fishing: Complete Hired Hook once, Pond or Thief three times and Big Fish, Little Fish three times to earn this deed. Grants: 5 Farmers Faire Tokens
  • Maggot’s Mushrooms Victories (Tier 1): Complete the mushroom hunt 5 times. Grants Title: “Novice Mushroom-hunter”.
  • Maggot’s Mushrooms Victories (Tier 2): Complete the mushroom hunt event 20 times (total – your first 5 do count so 15 more). Grants title “Mushroom Muncher”.
  • Egg Scramble Victories (Tier 1): Complete the egg scramble 5 times. Grants Title: “Novice Scrambler”.
  • Egg Scramble Victories (Tier 2): Complete the egg scramble 20 times (your first 5 do count so 15 more). Grants title “The Eggsellent”.
  • Egg Scramble: Collect Coloured Eggs: Obtain a blue, green, orange, red, and purple egg in the Egg Scramble. Grants: 10 Farmers Faire Tokens.
  • Egg Scramble: Collect Spotted Eggs: Obtain all 5 spotted eggs  in the Egg Scramble. Grants: 10 Farmers Faire Tokens.
  • Egg Scramble: Collect Striped Eggs: Obtain all 5 striped eggs in the Egg Scramble. Grants: 10 Farmers Faire Tokens.
  • Egg Scramble: Collect the Golden Egg: Pick up the golden egg during the egg scramble. Grants: 10 Farmers Faire Tokens. (Note you get 50 tokens for using the golden egg)
  • Full of Farmers Faire: Requires completion of A Helping Hand, At the Farmers Faire, Fine Faire Fishing, Sandson’s Egg Scramble tier 1, and Maggot’s Mushrooms Victories tier 1. Grants title: “Farmer-friend”.

Bywater Quests

Invitation to the Farmer’s Faire

Quest Giver: Auto-Quest
Rewards: 3 Farmers Faire Tokens

You will receive an auto-granted quest after logging in from the Party Planner inviting you to Bywater to participate in the faire. Completing it will teleport you to Bywater.

A Tour of the Farmers Faire

Festival AnnouncerQuest Giver: Festival Announcer
Rewards: 3 Farmers Faire Tokens
Repeatable: No

The announcer will offer you a tour of the faire.

  • Mayor Whitfoot
  • Godo Bracegirdle at the Pond about the Fishing events
  • Head back to the Festival Announcer
  • Use the horse near the announcer to travel to Sandson’s Farm and speak with Wymarc Grubb about the Egg Scramble event
  • Take the horse back to Bywater and choose the other horse to visit Bamfurlong
  • Speak to Osbert Puddifoot about the Mushroom event.
  • Take the horse back to finish the tour at the Festival Announcer

Bounder Rounds

Quest Giver: Bounder Boffin
Rewards: 4 Farmers Festival Tokens
Repeatable: Daily

This quest is similar to the Elf quest in Lothlorien. What you are looking for is Party Goers with misspelled words or slight mis-phrasing. Hobbits that do not excuse themselves when they burp are to be scolded as well.

Correctly scold seven Hobbits to complete the quest. You are allowed two bad guesses. On your second incorrect scolding the quest will fail. However, you can pick it right back up again.

Types of errors to look for:

  • toes growing on hair (instead of hair growing on toes)
  • pigs judge the local farmers (instead of farmers judging pigs)
  • fresh-licked vegetables (instead of fresh-picked vegetables)
  • a squirrel with (instead of quarrel with)
  • “Bad Maggins” (instead of Mad Baggins)
  • “slupper” (instead of supper)
  • “muschroom” (instead of mushroom)
  • “I burped. Ha ha ha!” (do not excuse themselves)
  • I came all the day from Frogmorton to waste… (instead of all the way to taste)

Revenge of the Drunkards

Quest Giver: Drunkard (near the Green Dragon Inn)
Rewards: 4 Farmers Faire Tokens
Repeatable: Daily
Pre-requisite: Bounder Rounds

Hit bounders with rotten vegetables 10 times (you are given an item for this). You have to do it without being seen by the bounders. You do not have to hit unique bounders with the rotten veggies. You can just hide in a bush and hit the same bounder over and over to complete this one.

Manning the Market

farm_faire_event_10Quest Giver: Daisy Sandyman
Rewards: 4 Farmer Festival Tokens for each order completed
Repeatable: Daily

You are to help the overworked vendor fill as many orders as you can during your shift (15 minutes).

There are a line of Hobbits here who each have their own quest that grants 4 Farmer Festival Tokens each. You turn in the quests when complete to Daisy Sandyman for your tokens. The entire chain can be repeated daily.

  • Fresh Savory Mushroom soup
    Quite a bit of running around the festival area. First you find the recipe, then you read the recipe to find the ingredients, and then you cook the soup for the customer.
  • Apple-shopping
    Search through the apple crates behind Daisy until you collected all the apples required. You can just vendor the trash wormy apples you pick up.
  • A Nosey Request
    This person just wants you to find lazy vendors and get them back to work. One is inside the Green Dragon Inn, another is in the mushroom tent and the third can be found at the Methel Stage.
  • Shopping List
    You are handed a list of specific items you are to pick up for this Hobbit. READ IT CAREFULLY. Hobbits can be tricksy. All items can be found in the Bywater festival area in the vendor stands around.
  • Market List
    You are handed a list of specific items you are to pick up for this Hobbit. READ IT CAREFULLY. Hobbits can be tricksy. All items can be found in the Bywater festival area in the vendor stands around.
  • Vendor List
    You are handed a list of specific items you are to pick up for this Hobbit. READ IT CAREFULLY. Hobbits can be tricksy. All items can be found in the Bywater festival area in the vendor stands around.

The good news is if the timer runs out while you are working on an order, you can complete the order and turn it in for your tokens afterwards. Basically you don’t fail it for the timer running out which was my concern when I saw the count down.

This gets easier. Next time I tried this I was able to complete all the quests in the allotted time gathering up a good bit of tokens!

Restocking the Market

Mysterious PieQuest Giver: Sperling Took
Rewards: 4 Farmers Festival Tokens
Repeatable: Daily

This Hobbit is fretting over the supplies and asks you to run about and collect more items for the faire. The items are spread out across the farms of the Shire. You can ride your horse there (or you can use one of the handy quick travel horses near the festival announcer) but you’ll be carrying the item back.

Luckily you will have a speed boosting pie with you that will allow you to run at 68% speed (as fast as the fastest mounts). The cooldown of the pie lasts just as long as the buff so you can keep clicking it to continue at that speed.

There are 8 tasks in total for this quest. You will only be able to complete one of them a day and completing all will result in a deed (see deed section above).

Fat Mayor

IngredientsQuest Giver: Wil Whitfoot
Rewards: 5 Farmers Faire Tokens
Repeatable: Daily

The mayor is very fond of this festival and takes full advantage of all the food available. He will stand still and eat and make comments on the dish. Across the way you’ll find a table of ingredients. Based on what he says, you are to bring the Mayor something to relieve him. Relieve him 6 times to complete the quest.

You are also allowed to bring 3 incorrect items before the quest is marked as failed. If failed, you can restart the quest again right away.

Bucket of Wine Requests:

  • ‘’This was too fine a dish to be eaten without an accompaniment.
  • ”Something tart will do nicely right now.”
  • ”I must cleanse my palette.”

Bucket of Water Requests:

  • ‘’All this eating is hard work — exercise, if you ask me. I need to replenish.”
  • ”Nice and salty, but now my mouth is dry.”
  • ”So…thirsty…”

Bucket of Milk Requests:

  • ”Ack! Ss…spuh…spicy! Save me!”
  • ”Ouch!! Too much pepper!”
  • ”Dear me. It burns, it burns!!”

Butter Requests:

  • ”This bread is too dry!”
  • ”Hmm. Not quite rich enough, if you ask me.”
  • ”It just needs a dab of something…”

Handful of Salt Requests:

  • ”Bland, bland, bland.”
  • ”It’s missing a little something…”
  • ”Did Opal forget to season this?”

No Correct Choice:

  • ”Adding to this dish would spoil its taste.”
  • ”Mmm! Whoever made this is worthy of great admiration.”
  • ”That was a passable meal, I suppose.”
  • “Lovely, Lovely”
  • “Crisp flavour, hearty, and a clean aftertaste!”
  • “First sweet, then salty, then savoury – the flavours compliment each other well!”
  • “That was a nice set of flavours”

Fishing Quests

Pond, or Thief?

farm_faire_event_02Quest Giver: Goldie Tunnelly
Rewards: 4 Farmers Faire Tokens, Legendary Item Experience
Repeatable: Daily

This Hobbit has confused the pond with a being that has maliciously stolen her possessions. You have to fish these five items up out of the pond for her.

During this quest, you may get a “you cannot take that” message. This means you have fished up an item already on the list (you can’t have two of them thus you cannot take it). This quest can get a bit frustrating as it’s all random what you will catch. I caught four of the five items right away and then spent a while trying to get the final item. Hang in there though. You will eventually catch them all. There is no failure to this quest.

You’ll have to do this quest at least 3 times if you want to complete the fishing deed (see deed section above), however it truly is a waste since all it rewards is some experience and you catch no fish to turn in for tokens.

Hired Hook

farm_faire_event_03Quest Giver: Petunia Hornblower
Rewards: 4 Farmers Faire Tokens, Legendary Item Experience
Repeatable: Daily

Petunia asks you to go across the bridge and dig in the mounts of moist earth for worms. When you find one put in the bait bucket that is nearby. When you collect 5 worms, return to Petunia.

She will ask you to hook the bait for her. Run back to the bait bucket and click on it to bait the hook and return to Petunia.

Now she asks you to catch 5 suitable dinner fish in the pond.

Complete that task and she will next ask you to deliver the fish to Hal Hornblower in Hobbiton. Even the quest text is mocking this girl and her neediness at this point.

Hal can be found next to the stable-master in Hobbiton. He asks you to ask Petunia to let us be done helping her today.

Big Fish, Little Fish

Quest Giver: Bollo Bolger
Rewards: Legendary Item Experience, Fish to turn in for tokens  (No Bounders Bounty Tokens)
Repeatable: Daily

This quest is based on luck. You are tasked to catch big fish. Seven big fish to be exact.

Catching small fish will count against you. If you catch five small fish, you fail the quest. Failing the quest causes you to be locked out of trying again for an entire day. While the daily quests showed 3 hours until reset, this quest showed 23 hours. It was blocking access for a full day, not just until the daily quest reset.

Note that failure of this quest results in 24 hour cool down before you can pick it up again.

Godo BracegirdleYour catches from this quest can be turned into Godo Bracegirdle for extra Farmers Faire Tokens. For me the extra fish went into my barter wallet, not my bags, because I own the premium wallet upgrade. If you do not, the fish will go in your regular inventory bags.

Fishy, Very Fishy

Quest Giver: Flobert Chubb
Rewards: Title “An Amazing Angler”, Legendary Item Experience (No Bounders Bounty Tokens!)
Repeatable: Daily

Another luck based fishing quest. You are tasked to catch fish in a series of difficulty. You will first be asked to catch easy fish, then simple fish then possible fish, tricky fish and finally unlikely fish.

If you are unlucky enough to fish up the bad fish, your luck is ruined for the day and you cannot continue.

Note that failure of this quest results in 24 hour cool down before you can pick it up again.

Your catches from this quest can be turned into Godo Bracegirdle for extra Farmers Faire Tokens. For me the extra fish went into my barter wallet, not my bags, because I own the premium wallet upgrade. If you do not, the fish will go in your regular inventory bags.

Mithril Coin Events

These are events that can be run every hour or you can use a Mithril Coin to reset the quest to repeat it sooner. Note that resetting the quest does not guarantee you will win, just gives you another chance to play sooner.

Folks have reported that using the “Directional Selection Indicator” trick  have helped them find both mushrooms and eggs. Another tip is to use the delete key (default mapping) and pressing “u” key (default mapping) will cause you to run towards the egg/mushroom. You still need to be careful to not run into the dogs/rotten eggs/horse so this isn’t an instant win but it could help.

Maggot’s Mushroom Hunt

farm_faire_event_13Quest Giver: Osbert Puddlefoot
Reward: 10 Farmers Faire Tokens
Repatable: Yes

Up at Bamfurlong you’ll find Osbert Puddlefoot. In exchange for one festival ticket, you can play the mushroom hunt game. This game runs about every 3 minutes or so making it a very quick game to catch.

The mushroom hunt has some pretty simple rules

  • Find and eat 8 mushrooms within the time limit (about a minute and a half)
  • If you are spotted by one of the dogs you will fail the quest. (You do not need to be caught eating a mushroom. Just running by them will cause a failure) The dogs will appear as eye balls on your mini map.
  • If you leave the corn field, you will fail the quest.
  • Run speed boosts & emotes are not allowed on the corn field.

Finding and picking up mushrooms will typically grant at least a Farmers Faire Token but special mushrooms will grant two tokens (as well as some additional affects I’ll let you be surprised by).

Sandson’s Egg Scramble

farm_faire_event_15Quest Giver: Wymarc Grubb
Reward: 10 Farmers Faire Tokens
Repeatable: Yes

At Sandson’s Farm near Michel Delving there is an egg scramble going on in the chicken yard. The game lasts about 2.5 minutes and you are running about the yard trying to pick up 5 white eggs before the event ends.

You can fail if you leave the chicken yard area or if you do not pick up enough eggs before the event ends.

You will also find some special colored eggs, striped, spotted and even a golden egg good for deeds (see deed section above) and extra tokens. Watch out for the eggs with stink waves (like steam) coming off of it. They are bad eggs and will give you a drunk effect for a bit.

When the event is over, you can click on the eggs in your inventory and they will turn into Farmers Faire Tokens. The festive eggs can also be traded (or sold on the AH) with other players to help you complete the deeds by other methods.

Festival Mounts

Warsteed of Plenty

Steed of Plenty *NEW*
62% Speed, 200 Morale
120 Farmers Faire Tokens

War-steed Appearance: Caparison of Plenty
120 Farmers Faire Tokens

Special thank you to Doviel and Galawigh of Landroval for allowing me to take screenshots of their Warsteeds. Doviel on the left is on the default coloring, Galawigh on the right is on a dyed version. Doviel is also showing minstrel gear on her war-steed that is not included.

Farmers Faire Steed

Farmers Fair Steed
62% Speed 200 Morale
60 Farmers Faire Tokens

Summer Fest Steed
Summer Fest Steed

62% speed 200 Morale
1 Farmer’s Faire Token

This is a old summer festival steed that kind of went missing. Turbine brought it back at this low cost to allow people to re-obtain it easily.




Robe of Plenty
Robe of Plenty *NEW* – 35 tokens
Cloak of Plenty
Cloak of Plenty *NEW* – 35 tokens
Hooded Cloak of Plenty
Hooded Cloak of Plenty *NEW* – 35 tokens
Hooded Cloak of the Harvest
Hooded Cloak of the Harvest – 35 tokens
Hooded Leather Cloak
Hooded Leather Cloak – 35 tokens
Farmers Fancy Tunic and Trousers
Farmer’s Fancy Tunic and Trousers – 35 tokens
Farmers Fancy Dress
Farmer’s Fancy Dress – 35 tokens
Farmers Fancy Wide-Brimmed Hat
Farmer’s Fancy Wide-brimmed Hat – 35 Tokens
Gardeners Apron
Gardener’s Apron – 35 tokens
Basket of Colourful Eggs
Basket of Colourful Eggs – 35 tokens
Cornstalk – 35 tokens
Lantern – 35 tokens
Chicken Mask
Chicken Mask – 45 tokens
Donkey Mask
Donkey Mask – 45 tokens
Duckling Mask
Duckling Mask – 45 tokens
Pig Mask
Pig Mask – 45 tokens
Sheep Mask
Sheep Mask – 45 tokens
Gardening Gloves
Gardening Gloves – 25 tokens
Circlet of Fresh-Picked Flowers
Circlet of Fresh-picked flowers – 25 tokens
Gardeners Boots
Gardening Boots – 25 tokens

Housing Items:

Mushroom Ring – 45 tokens

Produce Stall – 45 tokens

Small Mushroom Garden – 45 tokens

Chicken Coop – 60 tokens

Golden Egg – 45 tokens
Golden Chicken Statue – 45 tokens


  • Piles of Mysterious Powder x5 – 6 tokens (used to make fireworks)
  • Doom-shrooms x5 – 9 tokens
  • Blueberry Tart Recipe – 15 tokens
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24 Responses to “LOTRO Farmer’s Faire Guide 2013”

  1. Erunineriol Says:

    Anyone finished the Fishy, Very Fishy Quest?

    Havn’t seen anyone with the An Amazing Angler-Title


    • Ithoran Says:

      Check the thread on the LOTRO forums, it’s a complete waste of time if you’re just trying for the title. I haven’t got any farther than the first Possible Fish.


  2. Odewulf Says:

    Thanks again for providing the guide Goldenstar, much appreciated!


  3. Avatar of Feathergrass
    Feathergrass Says:

    In the loading screen about the farmer’s faire, it says “New rewards, including the spooky steed of the bat!”. Any idea what that could be? And, as always, thanks for the awesome guide, Goldenstar! I actually saw you in Bywater yesterday, doing the fat mayor quest.



    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I saw no such steed on the vendor.

      It honestly sounds more like something you’d see in the Fall Festival. I wonder if it was an accidental sneak preview.

      Oh and when I get my Steed of the Bat I’m totally naming it ‘Na Na Na Na Na Na”


  4. Beastybunny Says:

    I haven’t seen anything about the Steed of the Bat except for the load screen. I am interested where that is from too. Some corrections though. The horse races are available and reward 3 Farmers Faire Tokens and a Bounders Bag. The Inn League and Ale Association quests are also available. At least at the Party Tree. Haven’t gone to Thorins yet.


  5. Pointy Says:

    I’m a bit disappointed about them turning off the tokens for the egg and shroom quests. I LOVED the mushroom quest lsat year and saved up my tokens to do it lots. All those different effects! :D HATED the egg quest. Incredibly frustrating and I found it impossible to complete. I did that quest a heap of times as the only contestant and still couldn’t get all the eggs required. While I understand that if there are more people competing then someone has to lose, being the only person there should not still end in a failure to complete. Egg quest, how I loathe thee.


    • Ithoran Says:

      I’m with you on the egg quest, I’ve been alone at least four times and two of those times I didn’t complete the quest. The egg spawning appears to be very random. In some rounds I get up to 10 white eggs and 2-3 festive eggs. The mushroom hunt is a much more efficient way of getting tokens, I average about 35 tokens each round.


  6. Ringeras Says:

    As a note to folks who have an interest in cosmetics, all the Farmer’s Fancy *** items and the Gardener’s Boots seem to take dye exceptionally well. I was so pleasantly surprised so I splurged and bought everything but the dress. Because fighting in a dress just seems so very wrong…

    It’s not like I’m going to need those FF tokens to buy a horse wearing a chicken blanket. The other steeds will just laugh at him. j/k


  7. Avatar of Limm
    Limm Says:

    Oh I gotta get that mushroom ring, so pretty! I didn’t get that last year for some reason! :)


  8. Cambruin Says:

    Thanks for keeping the guides updated CSTM! Still the n°1 LotRO resource.


  9. Thargoradan Says:

    Thanks for the guide!

    FYI – none of the horses you show above are the Steed of Plenty.

    The pictures do show the Caparison of Plenty.


  10. Ally Says:

    Just a note: The Summer Fest Steed’s morale is 100.


  11. FoxFire Says:

    There appears to be an issue with Manning the Market cooldown.

    I did it on a couple alts but wound up logging out of them prior to the quest completing (via the timer).

    When I logged back in today to redo those quests it was still on cooldown. Though I got the message that the quest completed when I logged on.

    It appears you must be logged in still when Manning the Market times out. Otherwise it will not complete and reset at 3am.


  12. Penniwyse Says:

    I realize I’m rather late to the party (the Farmer’s Faire is over), but I just wanted to share an Easter Egg of sorts that I came across.

    While doing the Mushroom Hunt at Maggot’s farm, I ate a black mushroom (forget the exact name). The screen went all woozy, and I saw Mordirith the False King standing in the field! (Mordirith being the Easter Egg part of the story). When the effects of the mushroom wore off, I saw that “Mordirith” was just a scarecrow. :)



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