#LOTRO: Farmer’s Faire is Live!

September 5, 2013

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The Farmer’s Faire event has been activated on the servers and will run until September 18th according to the LOTRO Calendar.

Farmer’s Faire consists of fishing, eating, shopping, mushroom & egg hunts!

I will not be able to check out the new festival until later tonight to see what has changed and what new offerings are found for a guide but feel free to look at last year’s guide for an idea of what to expect.

One change I expect to find is the Mushroom and Egg hunts no longer take festival tickets and now require mithril coins to repeat. This has been a consistent change across the festival quests.

Also we should be finding Bounder’s Bounty Tokens from this event!

I’ll check things out tonight and get a revised guide up as quickly as possible!

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4 Responses to “#LOTRO: Farmer’s Faire is Live!”

  1. FoxFire Says:

    Sweet, you’ll still be updating the guides.

    That’s awesome.

    Thanks Goldenstar!!!


  2. Taloer from Silverlode Says:

    I thank you kindly.



  3. Tinker Says:

    Thanks for the info Goldenstar. I’m so glad you’re still updating us for LOTRO. You’re my go-to site for Middle Earth info. :-)

    BTW, the Bounder Bounty token mob drop rate has been drastically reduced since the Farmer’s Faire started. I’m grinding the faire with my alts for the BB tokens, but not loving it. Really wish they’d raise the token drop back up for mob kills. My sparsely populated server is still woefully behind in getting their BB token server goal…and I really want that warsteed cosmetic. /sniff


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