#LOTRO: Legendary Item Pack Value

September 12, 2013


I’m going to be honest in that I looked at the Helm’s Deep pre-order offers and basically decided there was nothing for me there.

I like the look of the cosmetic item and the horse, I think they look pretty spiffy. I don’t really have any burning desire to pay $60 for these cosmetic goodies. Plus, I’m honestly running out of nooks and crannies to store more armor sets.

So I decided to stew on the pre-order a bit instead of jumping on the purchase. I’ll of course end up buying Helm’s Deep as Goldenstar will want to continue on her Middle-Earth journey and I reserve the right to change my mind, but right now I’m not pre-ordering.

What got my head really spinning though was the add-on upgrade packs available at check out. This isn’t the first time they’ve done this. The Riders of Rohan pre-order had these check out offers to pick up Turbine Points or Rise of Isengard.

The Legendary Item Pack however is something new and (to me at least) odd. Here’s the list of what’s included in the Legendary Item Pack.

Legendary Item Pack – $39.99 USD

  • Free Ticket to the movie “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”
  • Legendary Item Stat Upgrade (3 Star-lit Crystals)
  • Legendary Level Cap Increase
  • Relic Removal Scroll
  • Premium Relic Pack

My first reaction is “Why would anyone buy that ever?” Those of you who listened to our podcast probably isn’t surprised by this reaction as I really really dislike the legendary item system. This looked like a really expensive movie ticket to me.

I wanted to figure it out though so I logged in to get the details on these store items and why someone might find this add-on package appealing.

First, it is important to note that the movie ticket deal is for US only and those of you interested in the movie ticket should check out this site to see if there’s a theater close to you that will accept the Hollywood Movie Money voucher.

I logged into LOTRO and pulled up the store to get the current prices and description of the legendary item dealies.

  • Legendary Item Stat Upgrade 1195 TP
    Delivers three Star-lit Crystals to your inventory which increases your Legendary item’s stats. Please note that a Legendary item’s stats can only be increased a total of three times. 3 items, 1 use each
  • Legendary Level Cap Increase 195 TP
    Unlock an additional 10 item levels on a Legendary Item via this universal Scroll of Delving. Only one scroll can be used per Legendary Item. 1 use.
  • Relic Removal Scroll 195 TP
    Safely unslot all Setting, Gem, and Rune relics currently slotted on the legendary item, and place the relics back in your relic pool. Crafted relics will not be unslotted
  • Premium Relic Pack 2000 TP
    Contains 5 relics randomly chosen from tier 7 and up, with a chance to get a tier 9 relic!

The legendary item do-jobbies are given to each character [source] and are bound to that character (no trading) [source]. Therefore each character gets 3585 TP worth of legendary items and the movie ticket for those able to use it is valued by their site for a ticket up to $13.00.

Approximate Value of the Legendary Item Pack

So lets break this all down. Turbine Point conversion can vary based on how you buy your points but lets go with the standard 100 TP is approximately $1 USD. Your mileage may vary but that’s an easy conversion we all can do.

  • Movie Ticket $13.00
  • Stat Upgrade 1195 TP $11.95
  • Level Cap Increase 195 TP $1.95
  • Relic Removal 195 TP $1.95
  • Premium Relic 2000 TP $20.00

Approximate value for first character including movie ticket $48.85 USD
Approximate value for each additional character
$35.85 USD

I was shocked! I thought I was going to have to calculate how many characters it would take to break even on this deal but you are getting your value’s worth right at the start (if you can use the movie ticket).

Let’s keep in mind that your character has to have their legendary items so that limits it’s use to those we’ll say level 50+. I realize you can get it sooner but you aren’t seriously considering using these items on that starter LI are you?

I know there are plenty of players out there who have seventeen level 85s but I think the majority of players are probably more like me and have a high end character or possibly two and then an army of characters under level 30. This legendary pack won’t help that army of lower level characters unless I actually level them. Right now I believe I only have three characters that could actually use these items.

I think I also have to consider my personal feeling towards these items. I would most likely never ever buy these items in the store. To me they don’t have a value of $35 which makes the pack look a lot less shiny to me. Had it been a pack of dresses… well that might have been a different story.

But I’m me, and you are you and we may play differently and that’s ok. Now that you’ve seen the cost evaluation of the items in this pack, what do you think?

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33 Responses to “#LOTRO: Legendary Item Pack Value”

  1. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    I have not read the full details on this package, but I have a question about the movie ticket. Does it make any distinction between which showing you are purchasing a ticket for? Or only that the theater must accept the voucher?

    Does it exclude IMAX or the 3-D high frame rate versions? Or are you responsible for paying the difference?

    The movie ticket is not neither a showstopper nor a great incentive to buy that add-on, but it woud be nice to know.


  2. Cosmetic Lotro Says:

    Goldenstar I’m so with you! I feel exactly the same, and I guess my playstyle is similar to yours in that I am not interested in the Legendary system, much rather try to avoid it whenever possible. So I am not likely to ever pay for an upgrade package either.
    I am stull mulling over the pre-order. The cosmetics may look spiffy but cannot be dyed. This is similar to the RoR cosmetic, and for RoI at least we got it in three different colors. I ended up never using those cosmetics because they are so terribly generic. As you may know I crave unique customization on the looks of my characters so these undyeable items become vault trash very quickly.
    The only reason I might be compelled to preorder is because of the XP-cloak. The fact that this doubles with the Outriders Token XP would be very helpful for alts that I loath dragging through Moria or Angmar even.
    A few years ago I wouldn’t think twice about purchasing cosmetics. Now, I’m not so sure anymore.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      You know I was thinking about that cloak. I know it’s considered a pre-order bonus and Sapience has said that pre-order bonus items go away….

      But the Outrider’s Token was a Riders of Rohan pre-order item and in the store. If this cloak goes to the store as an individual sale item, I will totally pick it up.

      It’s kind of a fine line though. The cosmetic pre-order items do not go to the store or at least have not in the past. Is this considered a cosmetic or a xp token?

      Whatever, put it in the store and I’ll buy it. I’m not feeling the pre-order price tag for it.


      • Pasduil Says:

        That much extra XP is tempting if you’re trying to level alts, esp if you don’t have that much time to play.

        But at this point I’m pretty wary about the class changes coming up, so I’ll probably wait and see.

        I’d guess the cloak will end up in the store, but if you want to use it on a lot of alts then the pre-order might make more sense.


  3. Cheethorne Says:

    I think the ticket will end up being the equivalent of a $13 coupon at a participating theater. So if an IMAX theater is participating, but the ticket costs more than $13, it will just function as a coupon.


  4. Eva Says:

    I don’t buy items like those in the store. They can all be gotten in-game (except for the movie ticket, but I’m not American anyway, so that’s no use), and I have enough in-game currency to get them there if needed. I can spend that amount of RL money on better things.


  5. Glompf Says:

    I think we got 2000TP instead of the movie ticket here in Europe, I will investigate further after work.


  6. Lorgelas Says:

    honestly I’ll buy it but probably just the quest pack with TP or something. I don’t really see anything in the pre order deals that makes me want to pre order it.


  7. Suzawen (landroval) Says:

    I did get it, not so much for the movie ticket or the star-lit crystals, but I have bought enough add 10 levels to my LI and relic removal scrolls and the odd tier upgrade (about 1 of those per toon cause of the expense) over the years…. and this is per toon!


  8. Frieja Says:

    The pre-order bundles looked ‘meh’ to me too. I’ll probably wait until HD goes on sale for half off, or I might purchase it with accumulated TP. This is the first expansion I’m not pre-ordering.

    As far as the legendary bundle goes, I also view it as an extremely expensive movie ticket. I would NEVER invest that kind of money into an item that will be destroyed in a year or less anyway.

    They should’ve added some nice dresses and non-armor outfits. Or possibly a pack horse. I’m so tired of the armor sets and garish steeds with blankets :(


  9. Aeladriel Says:

    As a UK player, this is an awful deal. If I convert the price of just the basic $40 edition, it should work out at £25 – however, it is being charged at £30, which is 20% higher! I asked why and the answer I got via twitter was VAT and that exchange rates could change – correct me if I am wrong, but don’t most US states charge some form of sales tax also? #sigh.

    As for the edition with a movie ticket, kind of useless in the UK! I think I will wait for launch and buy it with my lifetime subscription free TP.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      States all do it different (there is no federal sales tax) and some states have no sales tax so I don’t know for certain it’s even being collected here honestly. Even so here in Michigan it’s only 6% sales tax which is quite a bit less than your 20%. This isn’t Turbine’s fault, they’re following a law here.


    • Pasduil Says:

      In the UK prices are normally shown with VAT included, in the US it’s normal that prices are shown without the sales tax added on. That goes even if you walk into a department store to buy some clothes.

      That said, there’s been a lot of people looking into pricing of tech generally – say the price of an iPad or PC in UK – and while part of the difference is explained by things like VAT and higher costs of doing business, there’s an element of charging more because they can too.

      Still it’s no different with this pack than anything else from Turbine, UK always paid more.


    • edwar368 Says:

      As a UK player can you not still choose to pay in dollars? I am also UK based and whilst I haven’t pre-ordered yet, I to did the math you did and changed my currency of payment to US $ and then went as far as check out. It did not seem to add an additional tax on and so even after adding the credit card “foreign transaction charge” of 2% on that my credit card uses, it worked out at around £39, versus the £44.99 if I choose to pay in £ sterling (As I said, I have not completed the purchase, so cannot confirm at this time if any additional costs are added right at the end


      • Avatar of Goldenstar
        Goldenstar Says:

        I’m sure you see it in your currency. I only see the USD option. I’m assuming because I had to login before buying it so it knows I’m in the US.


        • edwar368 Says:

          Hi, I have now pre-ordered and I can confirm that I could see an option to pay in 4 different currencies, I chose US dollars, even though I am based in the UK, and my purchase has been successful


  10. Eaowyn Says:

    I feel the same way, and up ask not buying. The price tag I believe is twice what I think it its worth.


  11. Eaowyn Says:

    I feel the same way, and I am not buying. The price tag I believe is twice what I think it its worth.


  12. Hobbitmeister Says:

    A note about that movie cash. Double check your theatres policy(s) on those types of cash/coupons/etc. I don’t know if things have changed in recent years but in the past theatres used to not accept those during some initial release period of new movies. So you may not be able to use that on opening day/week with the Hobbit film.


  13. susan Says:

    goodness, its been around 20yrs since i ponied up to a theater for a movie so I wont miss that at all. This package deal will appeal to those that are newer to the game.. .remember how most of us bought up each preorder deal eagerly?

    I dont know about you all, but I burned out on the whole buy now extras, most of the items I never used and ended up destroying to free up inventory slots. If I was working several above 50 alts and had some money to spare, then this would appeal to me as a quick boost to get them geared up. but as i said before, been there and done that already. i wont be participating this round.


  14. Ilse Says:

    Well, as a free player I’m not going to pre-order. I’ve been looking over the packages nonetheless and I was surprised by the content of the Legendary upgrade. I think the previous legendary edition (pre-order) packs had seemingly more value, but I’m nto entirely sure about that.

    I was, however, unpleasantly surprised by the fact they’ve gated the Epic Story as of Volume III, book 11. Granted, I’m not on the test server or whatever, but I wonder if the gating is really needed.
    But that’s stuff for a whole other topic :)


  15. Triski Says:

    I got the Legendary version of RoR the last weekend before it launched, mostly for the 6th bag.

    I never once wore the armor, but I did like the cloak design and wore that for awhile.

    I haven’t even used any of the LI thingys that came with it, so I definitely have no use for the Legendary Version this time.

    I like the look of the shield, that’s really the only thing that appeals to me for the Premium Edition. I can make do with the war-steed outfit from the ROR pre-purchase, don’t need the new one.

    So right now I’m leaning towards waiting for a sale after release, getting the base version, and possibly using the money I’d save to pick up some TP the next time they have a double bonus points sale.

    I don’t need to be the first one in the door at HD, and I can spend time leveling more of my crafting alts to 85, then have the whole squad ready to enter HD at the same time.

    This will be the first time I won’t pre-purchase since I started playing.


  16. Saewyn Says:

    I was puzzled as well. Thank you for posting this analysis. It’s totally frank and useful.


  17. Mave Says:

    I can’t wait to get the premium edition with the legendary extras. For one thing, I’m lifetime and I play easily 4 or 5 hours a day, often more. I haven’t been buying TP lately due to financial constraints, and one of the primary ways I like to support the game is via the pre-order packages. The amount of value I have already gotten over the years for the amount of money I’ve put into the game is staggering. I am happy to be able to support the game in this way and get lots of goodies into the bargain.

    Secondly, the goodies are great.

    2,000 TP for the store – I can definitely use it.
    The cosmetics – which are gorgeous. Admittedly I don’t tend to use these a ton because I’m a cosmetics nerd and I am very particular about each item I handpick for an outfit, but there are one or two pieces, especially the boots, that I can see getting a huge amount of use out of in various outfits.
    The stackable xp boost item – great looking and I love that the stats scale
    The horse + war-steed cosmetics – definitely the best pre-order horse ever offered. Beautiful, and the cosmetics are amazing and will go well with the Rohirrim war-steed cosmetics. I will certainly be using this a lot.
    10 extra quest slots – I’ve been wanting this for ages.
    Crystal of Remembrance – a nice-to-have that would cost 125+ gold in-game

    The legendary extras are already a great value, as you’ve outlined above, but especially for those like me who have tons of alts. I have 12 characters on Landroval alone, and many more on other servers. Most on Landroval are level 45 – 65, 3 or 4 are level 75ish and one is 85. By the time helm’s deep launches there will be more at cap. These items will be a huge value to me right away. I have plans to make more characters in the future, too, so this will come in handy.

    I live in Canada so won’t get the movie ticket, but I find that the least exciting item in the whole release, so won’t be too sad about that.

    I have found over my long history of getting the top expansion pack every time and my long history of rolling tons of alts, is that starting a new character with a huge stack of extras and cosmetics and 5 or 6 horses and a fast goat and xp boosts and lootbox keys and the riding skill (I got that journeyman riding trait last month with the TP I’d saved up), and war-steed cosmetics, and other little bonuses and goodies is a just really nice to have. Characters I have on other servers benefit too, which is also nice.

    To me right now, $100 is a lot of money, and at the same time, it’s very little money. One can easily spend more than that for a night out. Dinner and a movie for 2 would cost more. A concert would cost more. And the enjoyment I get out of those activities doesn’t even begin to stack up against the enjoyment I get out of the game.

    I realize, though, that not everyone has as many characters as I do, or has the same view of things that I do. More than anything I see this as a lump payment for my enjoyment of the game, which has been huge over the years, one that comes with some nice bonuses. I want to invest in the future of this game, and vote with my wallet in terms of the appreciation I have for a truly excellent product.


  18. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    I didnt go and see the first part in the cinema and after watching the dvd wasnt that impressed by the hobbit so far. So to me being locked out from the ticket is no biggie, my local cinema isnt part of a chain either so it’d mean a good hour or more to use it even if the UK could.

    Restrictions of the cinema ticket make it a bad offer to throw out as a carrot for a global game. #bringbackcodemasters

    The rest of the stuff is things I still have lurking in my bank from previous expansions so those would just be more clutter.

    Anyone else find it odd that the cosmetic back item is a shield? When the mini is fighting they’ll effectively be carrying 2 shields for no real reason.


    • Hobbitmeister Says:

      /s There are a couple of really nice bonuses from the shield that become apparent when you watch a hobbit riding around that has the shield equiped.

      1. The angle at which the shield is as the hobbit rides should produce some aerodynamic lift which should make you lighter on your mounts back therefore allowing for greater travel distances.

      2. If the hobbit rides around with their mobile tablet, they should be able to hook up the shield with some coaxial and probably receive DISH Network.

      :) /s


  19. Don Says:

    Actually based on a clarification Turbine posted (https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?523875-Legendary-Item-Pack-Helm-s-Deep-Pre-purchase-Clarification) this is looking like a much better deal:

    “All items in the Legendary Item Pack will deliver to every character on your account.”

    So divide the cost across however many characters are in your account. :)

    (I still haven’t decided if I’m going to buy it, though.)


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      Yes that is mentioned in the article and priced out for “each additional character” in the price analysis.

      They are bound to character though so the items are only for that character.


  20. Lasswen Says:

    I was wondering the same thing. While I would probably use the items in the Legendary upgrade if I had them, they’re not likely things I’d buy from the store anyhow, and being from Australia the movie ticket is a non-issue. Seems as though anyone outside of the US, or wouldn’t use the ticket, or isn’t fussed on the Legendary weapons upgrades, might be better off getting the 5000 TP add-on. Haven’t decided yet if that will be an option for me, but out of Base or Premium I’d prefer the Premium pack for sure.


  21. Rufusstan Says:

    I agree the value of the legendary pack is very much relative to your situation.

    If there are lot of high level characters on your account then I can see that the numbers add up. For me it makes little sense for a number of reasons.

    Firstly being outside the US, the ticket is off the table.

    I find it very difficult to pay any kind of real-world currency for things that are easily obtained in game, so that removes the relics and scroll of delving.

    At that point it loses all value for me, but others may see more in it.


  22. Dahn Says:

    I agree with Rufusstan.
    As I am from europe the ticket is worthless.
    The relics and scrol of delving are available in game extremely easy, so not worth real money to me.
    The crystals and the relic removal scroll are somewhat rare drops in game, so I am willing to count those (although you don’t really need those items).

    That makes the pack worth 1400tp (Or about 10$) for every max level character you play.

    So I would need at least 4 characters who would use this to make it worth it.
    As I recently started over on a different (more populated) server, by the time I got 4 characters ready to make use of this pack a new expansion will have come out. I think I’ll pass this time.


  23. Ill Says:

    Thanks for figuring out the details for me, I have 7/9 characters at level 75-85 so this would absolutely be worth it if I begin playing LOTRO a lot like I used to. Also, any new characters will get these bonus’ as well, provided it works the way the pre-orders did for RoI & RoR and I expect it would. You are essentially correct though, the legendary upgrade is far more valuable for the alt-o-holics.


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