#LOTRO: Level 73

September 25, 2013

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We had all six Dums this week so we returned to LOTRO to smack somethings around in Middle-earth.

Things are moving along. Laydedum got caught up on levels and Dumidum was catching up nicely as well. Hopefully we’ll be on a similar epic quest and closer in levels soon. I’m not sure what our next step will be when that happens. Rohan?

Before we officially got started, I took my Dum burglar to do the Baggins Birthday Quest and I guess I didn’t realize how close I was or these quests give a good chunk of exp because I ended up dinging 73 while talking to Holly Hornblower.

This week we didn’t have a ton of time as a group so we ended up just queuing up a random skirmish for us to smash through. It ended up being Battle in the Tower.

First thing we noticed is that the /bug report we sent in about the blood pools doesn’t seem to be fixed, yet. We still can’t swim in them. Ah well.

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4 Responses to “#LOTRO: Level 73”

  1. Ravanel Griffon Says:

    Perhaps your hobbit just has a good taste and refuses to swim in blood pools. I mean, eew! ;)


  2. Ben Says:

    Oy there! Before ye start making comments about us Dwarves, have ye ever tried to get dried blood out of yer beard? ‘Tis a bloody nuisance I tell ye (Beggin’ yer pardon for the pun)


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