Poll: Pre-ordering Helm’s Deep

September 14, 2013

Weekly Poll

I’m going for the obvious question this week. With the big announcement of Helm’s Deep launching on November 18th, do you plan to pre-order or do you have any plans to purchase this expansion? Pick whatever feels closest and feel free to discuss in the comments below!

Will you pre-order LOTRO Helm's Deep?

  • I haven't yet but plan to (31%, 280 Votes)
  • I already have (20%, 182 Votes)
  • I am waiting to buy with Turbine Points (18%, 161 Votes)
  • I'll buy it with a sale after launch (15%, 134 Votes)
  • I have no plans to buy it (12%, 108 Votes)
  • Other (Leave a comment) (2%, 20 Votes)
  • I don't play LOTRO (2%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 898

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31 Responses to “Poll: Pre-ordering Helm’s Deep”

  1. Kathwren Says:

    I have not decided if I am going to buy it yet – I probably will on my main account but not for my others (like I did in the past) – the pre-order stuff just isn’t that exciting.


  2. rodsteen Says:

    Dont think I’m going to purchase this one. Just soley based on the way Turbine handles themselves and the fans etc. They have really lost all respect as a company and I honestly dont want to support them any longer.


  3. rodsteen Says:

    This is coming from a since beta era player if that means anything.


    • Avatar of Chris Moran
      Chris Moran Says:

      It does, but so am I and I don’t have the same mistrust I do see/hear from many other players. It does make me sad how there are so many who feel this way. I think I’m a litle more forgiving of them… but that may just be what it takes for them to slowly strip away a feeling of control from us.


  4. Hymne Says:

    I miss the option “so far undecided” ! :)


  5. Opdum/Bregle Says:

    I might get it if/when the Dums make it there, but that’d probably be it. I didn’t even make it through the last update zone with my main. I just…don’t care anymore.


  6. Avatar of Chris Moran
    Chris Moran Says:

    I’m excited, especially since I finally have a character at level cap before a release for once. That said, I wish they’d stop playing games with TP upgraders. I’ll be using points (Lifer/Founder living the dream) and likely have more than enough points, but if the TP cost is increased on extreme, I could possily wait until the bring the TP price down, as is consistent in their practice.
    Some of the pre-order stuff is nice, but if I was spending cash, I don’t know if I could justify $40 for the upgrade… maybe it’s just me, but it seems like a lot of money for an expansion.
    That said… I’m there for the long haul and try to be careful with TP maintenance for upgrades as they come.


  7. Elahedor Says:

    After last year’s instance debacle, I’m waiting for more information. I want to know exactly what I’m buying, and I don’t want to wait 6 months down the road to get what I’m paying for.

    Right now, the preorder bonuses are just not that enticing, and I’m not going to preorder.


  8. Ranni Says:

    When they announced the preorders I was pretty sure that at some point I’d preorder. The way they handled telling us about the Epic not being ‘free’ changed my mind and I decided I wouldn’t preorder, that I’d wait and either buy Helm’s Deep with Turbine Points or on sale.

    However, last night I was reading comments from supposed HD beta testers and don’t know if I’m going to get HD at all. I don’t know that the comments I read were genuine but even if they weren’t, they made me think about how bad MC still is for me, the horrible sling-shotty lag, a year out from launch. It’s a problem that progressively got worse as I didn’t originally have that lag as bad as I do now … used to be playable for me. I don’t know that I want to give them any more money if this is what I can expect from here on out.

    So I’m very much undecided, leaning heavily towards not buying it at all. I want reasonable expectations that I can play the content and right now, I don’t have that.


  9. Juan Diego Says:

    I’m waiting in case I win a lottery or a twitter trivia. If I don’t I will save my money and buy whatever edition I can


  10. Frieja Says:

    I will not pre-order. The preorder incentives don’t entice me at all. I’m sure that I will eventually purchase it because I love Middle-earth, but to be honest, I’ve been playing the game less and less. I don’t really care for the direction the game has been heading the past few years.

    If I find myself actively playing the game when Helm’s Deep goes on sale for half off, then I will purchase it then. If I’m not actively playing the game, then I will just let my lifetimer TP accrue and eventually purchase it with that.


  11. me Says:

    Undecided so fat, although I probably will preorder eventually I guess.
    I’m holding out at the moment still because I would really like to see for myself on Bullroarer when it goes to open beta, what the skill & class changes are really like.


  12. LelqTian Says:

    No, I won’t be preordering. I’m probably not even preordering or buying it with TPs down the road. I can’t find myself justifying spending $40 on a game that currently feels as tedious as a job.


  13. Thurinphir Says:

    planning on levelling up a few more of my alts, at least my RK and Warden, before buying Helm’s Deep
    probably going to end up getting it when I’m halfway through Moria and sick of it for the 5th time
    -Thurindos, Wrath of Winter


    • Thurinphir Says:

      as in sick of grinding, feels like I’m doing the same thing I’ve already done 4 times. Rest exp helped me with my third character.

      hmm, if I’m sick of grinding, I should probably take a break, smoke pipeweed, afk farming/cooking, /musics, go find a cat to pat


  14. Pasduil Says:

    Haven’t decided yet.

    Waiting to at least hear a lot more about the class changes, esp when beta testers are allowed to talk freely about how that plays.

    If I don’t get to find out enough then I’ll wait til I can see for myself.


  15. Rufusstan Says:

    Certainly not going to preoerder this time. The class changes alone put me fully into wait and see mode.

    The change in status of the Epic quest from free to purchase only has left a bad taste as well, even after Made of Lion’s explanation.

    It means the main selling points are the battles, a completely new mechanic, and you cannot use the Epic to try them out.

    In the end, it means trying open Beta to find out whether to buy at all or not(and as an old Euro player that means setting up a new account).


  16. Lorgelas Says:

    I’ll buy with TP but I don’t think I’m pre ordering. Just not much interesting that makes me wanna pre order


  17. Bryandt Says:

    I’m kinda waffling on Helm’s Deep. Sounds cool, but then so did Isengard and Rohan…


  18. Cadronas Says:

    I didn’t pre-order Rohan and I won’t be pre-ordering helms. As with some others, the enticements aren’t there. I have plenty of TPs and am not the type who feels the need to be at level cap by tomorrow. I am however a huge LOTRO fan (flaws n all) so will purchase at some point.


  19. HoboSaggins Says:

    I’ve pre-ordered every other expansion, but this time I’ve finally had enough. The lack of content in the expansion and the way Turbine continually make excuses for the decisions has made the decision for me. At this point I feel it’s better to walk away completely than further ruin the good memories I have of the earlier expansions.


  20. lothirieth Says:

    I wish everyone would take a bit of effort to find out about the leaks that are coming out of beta before they preorder (I’m not in beta, so please, no tired chiding about NDA) They’re out there, not too hard to find.. and I think if a lot of people knew just a bit more about what exactly is going to be happening to their beloved classes, they’d think twice about this preorder.


  21. Pickles Says:

    Just got it. The shield cloak is neat!


  22. Cambruin Says:

    Nope, no pre-order here. The talent trees seem far too limited, the linear questing from RoI and RoH will probably continue it’s course, the Big Battles are something I will probably loathe (I try to stay away from AoE playstyles), …


  23. Rabbitses Says:

    I pre ordered day one. Premium edition. i love this game and can’t wait to head into western Rohan.


  24. dissapointed Says:

    Not this time. I will not preorder and probably not buy it at all. As someone mentioned above, you can find a lot of information from beta testers and from what I read, it is disaster. Our beloved classes are completely destroyed and I will not support company that does not care about long time players opinion. No end game content, terrible instance cluster in the last expansion and horrible class changes on the way. No sir, no more money from me.


  25. Elleri Says:

    I def. won’t buy it until I hear the the license has been extended to 2017 (unless I already missed that announcement) and if we r playing lotro in 2014 I’ll start to think about buying it.


  26. Tuiliel Says:

    Nope, won’t do it. Maybe eventually with TP.


  27. Sigela Says:

    Might buy it but have no plans at this time to buy it with the pre-order.

    I’d really like it if I wanted this. … Yeah, that sounds odd. So we elaborate…

    I’ve had so much fun with this game that I’m programmed to want more fun with it. BUT, of late, the fun just hasn’t been there through bugged content, the emphasis on grinding over depth, etc. so that I’m just afraid Helm’s Deep will go even further along that dark path.

    Plus, the threatened class changes worry me. And yes, I did really mean to say threatened. I have to at least see the dev diaries for all the classes before I can commit. So far, the changes as I’ve seen them discussed seem to be shaking a lot of people’s confidence in the game and I don’t blame them.


  28. Jonathan B Says:

    My highest character is level 49, so there’s no real value to me buying it anytime soon. But if I wasn’t broke, then I’d want the special versions for the cosmetics and such.


  29. Hagges Says:

    I will not be purchasing it until after it launches, and even then I’m still undecided.

    I’ve bought the Legendary expacs for the past 3 expansions and have been underwhelmed with the lag, bugs, and questlines. With RoR they implemented neat ideas but the quests just lacked the same gripping fun-ness that Moria, and even Mirkwood had. I can’t put a finger on what it is.

    On a rabbit trail, I vote we push for a “Vanilla” server that has the level cap at 50 and runs just the SoA content and pvp map.

    I have discontinued my subscription and play solely creepside now. I miss my RK and his heals but I can’t justify $10 a month just to pvp a few nights a week.

    Hopefully HD will be a huge hit and renews my love of for side of the game.


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