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September 29, 2013

Weekly Poll

This week’s poll wants to know if you are the type of person who reads the quest text or not. Not the summary. Not the objective of  kill 10 things. The text. The story the NPC has as to why he needs you to go kill 10 things. Feel free to share why you do or don’t in the comments below!

Do you read quest text?

  • Every word. (42%, 238 Votes)
  • Sometimes (31%, 175 Votes)
  • I give it a quick scan (18%, 102 Votes)
  • Never. (6%, 36 Votes)
  • Other (Leave a comment) (3%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 561

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29 Responses to “Poll: Quest Text”

  1. Cadronas Says:

    If it is my first time doing it, I read the lot. If it is with alts of course I don’t bother.


    • Ilse Says:

      Same here. Sometimes I’ll reread the text if it’s been a while when I do the quest on an alt, but if it’s something I’ve done recently I’ll just read the objectives and move on.


  2. Liz the Lucky Says:

    The first time I do a quest, always. The fifth time I do a quest, not so much.


  3. susan Says:

    if you had asked me a year ago I would have said yes, always. but alt burnout from lotr has made me very lazy. I dont even read the text in rift now, not even the first time.

    *feels guilty


  4. Avatar of Kanati Siquayetsga
    Kanati Siquayetsga Says:

    I usually read it all, even for alts, and I have tons of alts. The exception would be if I have already done this particular quest recently (like within the past couple of days) or if it is a daily that I have already completed hundreds, or thousands, of times already.

    Similarly but not reading per se, I usually watch all the dialog/cutscenes in SWTOR and only tab through the dailies.


  5. Aegthis Says:

    After SWTOR, I’ve gotten considerably lazier than before. That game spoiled me.


  6. Avatar of ladyofrohan
    ladyofrohan Says:

    Not on an alt, and not if that character has been consistently giving me really lame quests.


  7. Isilwren Says:

    On my main characters I do. However, after you have read the story several times the seventh alt is just standing there going, “Yeah, yeah, so give me the quest already”.
    When I first started playing Rift I read the story text only briefly. When I hit the upper level area I started reading the story text diligently. What a difference! I actually started caring about the characters and wanting to stand up for the injustices of the world. With LOTRO, Isilwren is my main. It was her story so I read everything that she ran through. When I got to Rohan it then became Estellwyn’s story (she’s Rohirrum) so Isi scouted ahead while Estellwyn ran the storyline.


  8. Ithoran Says:

    My first time through, yes. After that I don’t even skim the text.


  9. Reader Says:

    In LotRO every word (skip sometimes doing it with the second character), no one complains.

    In SWTOR people (most of the times) are very impatient – and sometimes they kick you out of the group if you want to see the sequences, if you don’t know them.


    • Avatar of Kanati Siquayetsga
      Kanati Siquayetsga Says:

      I’ve noticed that in SWTOR as well. I’ll tab-through if the group was advertised as a speed run, I figure that what I signed-on for, but if that isn’t made clear at the outset I tell them, “I don’t skip cutscenes. I play SWTOR for the story. If you have a problem with that, I’ll just drop the group now so you can look for someone else more to your liking.”

      In my experience, the speed-runners, mob-dodgers, glitch-exploiters, and instance-farmers aren’t any fun to play with anyway. I’ve got better things to do than put up with someone madly typing “TABTABTABTAB!!!!!!!!!!” in chat while I’m in a cutscene.

      I’ve taken to running Esseles & Black Talon solo at level 12 rather than bothering with the alignment/affection/social farmers. That said, social questing is flat-out the best way to play an MMO. If you ever have the option to join a regularly scheduled group like the Dums. Do it.


  10. Avatar of Chris Moran
    Chris Moran Says:

    My friends make fun of me for reading them all while they run off to the next objective. I was tired one night and realized after playing I didn’t read a bunch of the texts and felt bad… strange I’m sure.


  11. LizJ Says:

    The first few times I did the Ale Association quests, I failed because I took too much time reading the text. I wound up taking screenshots of each dwarf’s quest text so I could read it all later. Really, the text is mostly why I do the quests in the first place.


  12. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    I have never read the quest gext in LOTRO. Even for the epic quests. Maybe that has diminished the story some, but I just want to get back to the area I just left to kill 15 more orcs.

    In SWTOR, I watch all the cutscenes the first time through, especially the class quests. The later times, not so much. I prefer the speed runs, but I also don’t begrudge the people who want to go through the voice acting.


    • Avatar of Kanati Siquayetsga
      Kanati Siquayetsga Says:

      I’m thinking that we have completely opposite play-styles. I’m more of a methodical, full-clearout, do deeds on-level, type of player. Nothing wrong with that, of course, as long everyone can agree that “different” does not mean “mine’s better”.


  13. Pasduil Says:

    In LOTRO I read the text at least the first time through, and usually also if it’s been a while since I last read it and its not clear in my mind. Oftentimes I find they make more sense reading them second time round (or later!) because they’re referencing stuff that you hadn’t come across yet on the first pass.

    The better stories are more enjoyable than run of the mill quests. But the best quests are better than run of the mill stories.

    I haven’t got too deep into other MMOs, but based on my limited experience with them, in SWTOR the stories are almost always more entertaining than the actual gameplay. Meanwhile in Rift, which I’ve hardly played much at all, I don’t find the stories interesting, though that might be because I find it hard to make sense of the terminology and lore. So in Rift I tend to skim the main text, my mind glazes over, and I quickly go to the objective.


  14. Rufusstan Says:

    For a long time it was read everything the first time through, and then cut corners with alts.

    These days I tend to skip things more often first time, mostly because I get drawn into the stories less often. At the same time, I’ve Just taken a character through some of the Early Epic books for the first time in a couple of years, and am back to being enthralled because I’d forgotten all about the plots.


  15. Master_Yeti Says:

    I do and I don’t, it depends on the quest but having taken 11 alts through I have read most at least once :)


  16. Doone (@trredskies) Says:

    I used to. In fact, I was that player who turned on slow scrolling text where the option was available. These days, popular MMOs are too flooded with thousands of quests to inspire player interest in reading them all.

    Part of why reading them was so enjoyable in the past is because it was a limited opportunity. Now that they’re all over the place, they feel “meh”.


  17. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    Main story questlines I’ll read the text, first time through. After that it depends on how quick I’ve started levelling the alt.

    Generic quests that will inevitably lead me off to kill x mobs or sift through x piles of something unpleasant then I’ll skip through.

    Sometimes there is a rare occurence where not reading generic quest text does backfire when the quest marker doesnt indicate the right area or it’s a multiphase job where you have to kill something to get an item to kill another thing.


  18. Avatar of Rinon
  19. hungoth Says:

    I used to reread quest line when there’s some trick to quest e.g. I can’t find the objective when I’m right there, but can’t see it even standing on it.
    Still google was more helpful, so I stopped bothering with reading.

    Also why would I bother reading another “bring me 10 wolf pelts and 20 herbs” or “kill 10 purple goblins and 15 yellow wargs” quest descriptions?
    Waste of time, when I’m already sick of all this grind.


  20. lared Says:

    most of the time. i try to read them all and take in whats going on, but sometimes im in an fs and feel like im holding the party up. i usually try read the ones i missed 2nd time round.


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