#Rift: I Could Do This All Day

September 23, 2013

Goldenstar Games, Rift

Update 2.4 has been released and while I don’t know all the details of what this entails I can tell you that the new hairstyles and colors is all that I really care about.

I realize the new hairstyles are really just the other class styles now available for my dwarf but I don’t really have a problem with that. I want them and I’m willing to buy them.

Special thanks to Suhadra for helping me get to Tempest Bay to find the stylist. I was in Sanctum at the time but there was a huge world event that was going on that kept killing me when I tried to get to the stylist. I kept shouting “Take the city! I don’t care! I am having a hair emergency!” but they didn’t listen and just killed me anyway.

I also went ahead and purchased all the hair color palettes available in a bundle. I love that these are all account wide purchases. I had to purchase some more Rift Credits to get it but given that’s all I’ve played with for days, it was probably worth it.

I’m not joking. I could do this all day.

In the end, I couldn’t get away from using the traditional Goldenstar sorta-spikey yellow hair.

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4 Responses to “#Rift: I Could Do This All Day”

  1. Avatar of Draculetta
    Draculetta Says:

    Of course I don’t have enough to buy these stuff! Gah!!!


  2. Cambruin Says:

    Oh my, it’s Rihanna in the lower left! Papa-paparazzi.


  3. susan Says:

    thanks for posting pics of the colors and styles. me and sis got together just for the purpose of heading to the stylist and getting a new ‘do’. we were very disappointed that we couldnt even try on the colors at least before buying.

    we eased our hair sadness by making new kalari alts on a diff server just for the hair. :-D liked em so much we each deleted a toon on our main server to transfer em in. hah. who needs to level and run raids when you have styles to play with eh

    btw my fav is the purple and light green colors.


  4. Cryptor Says:

    There is a stylist in Meridian and the guardian old starting city as well, just FYI. In Meridian it’s located in the NE corner of Meridian.

    You can also purchase additional haircut options now in the cash shop!


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