#Rift: Sale on Subscriptions

September 5, 2013



Rift is having a sale on their multi-month patron subscription packages. Let’s break down what they got to offer.

Months Sale Price Savings Cost / Month
1 Month $14.99 0% (not on sale) $14.99
3 Months $36.87 5% $12.29
6 Months $61.74 6% $10.29
12 Months $99.00 17% $8.25

Clearly the 12 month subscription is the best value if purely basing it off cost and savings.

Keep in mind that gaming interests can wax and wane. If you know you are the type to be a game hopper, purchasing a year’s worth of the game when you may only play for 3 months of it does not make good financial sense.

Check out the Rift store page and see the list of the benefits Patrons get and if they are of any interest to you before signing up.

I don’t see an end date for this offer. The site shows “Now on Sale September 2013” so it could mean the offer is good all month or perhaps it’s just through the weekend.

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    eshne Says:

    As of 9/26 sale is still going and I renewed for another year. As a point of note, if you have a sub already going, you can still get in on this renewal deal. Mine says it will charge at the reduced price in Oct. when my current year runs out. *Happy cleric dance*


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