Costume Quest

October 24, 2013

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Costume QuestCostume Quest is not a new game but it’s a game I just discovered and am enjoying. Plus it is very season appropriate right now.

An RPG that is all about dressing up and candy? It’s like they had me in mind when they designed this game!

It has been out since 2010 and is available on Xbox, PS3, Mac, Linux and most recently on iOS. It was the iOS announcement that I found and purchased.

I started out by showing this to Baby Hobbit while travelling in the car. This game quickly became the family addiction. It wasn’t long after I showed it to him that Merric had it installed and playing it himself.

The game is about a set of twins on Halloween out trick or treating in a neighborhood that has been invaded by monsters and kidnaps one of the twins. You are motivated to saving your twin so you don’t get in trouble with your parents and grounded for life.

This is a role-playing game but it is fairly simple turn based fights and exploration while not fighting. The costumes you put together transform into super fighting machines to help you defeat all the monsters in town.

I loved this game. The commentary of the characters and the story were funny and worth reading. The turn based combat was simple in that even if you died in battle you’d be around to try it again next time so no need to heal up between battles. Collecting the costumes was fun and even though the mini-quests were repeated through the game, it was still fun.

If I had a gripe about this game and I realize it could just be the iOS version, it is the combat buttons especially for defense had a very poor response.

Many of the fighting maneuvers and defense from monster attacks depended on you hitting the right symbol at a certain time. I found this to be a little lacking in that I swear I was hitting the right button within the timeframe but continuously heard the “bonk” noise of failure. It didn’t ruin the game for me at all, the combat was simple enough that it typically didn’t make or break the encounter. It was annoying though to know you did it right but not have it count.

Because it was a game we all were digging and we all couldn’t crowd around the iPad, we ended up using our Apple TV to share it the game screen to the TV and we watched it together while I controlled it via the iPad. It was the first time we’ve done this and I have to say it was really fun. Baby Hobbit pointing out things I missed and telling me to go back. She’d close her eyes when I go to a door worried it would be a monster. It was a blast sharing a game like this.


Everyone loved this game. Even though I beat it, I’m still playing it trying to get the last couple costume patterns built.

Costume Quest by Double Fine

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3 Responses to “Costume Quest”

  1. susan Says:

    sounds fun, i wish it had a kindle version. We recently played thru all the Walking Dead episodes and by ‘we’ I mean he did all the work and I acted like baby hobbit and told him what he missed and gave general advice. It was fun playing it together that way. The standard display size wouldnt transport to the TV so I had to sit by him at the computer. the added benefit was that I could poke him and yell in his ear better that way. heh heh


  2. susan Says:

    oh btw, speakin of costumes, please come by our guilds haunted house on faeblight, [LNF] Halloween Party!, central necropolis. thoel the owner. its most fun, cheers



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