Fellowship Walk for Child’s Play–Donate Today!

October 5, 2013

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We may not have had the time to run the annual Fellowship Walk for Child’s Play but it is still happening. The wonderful folks at LOTRO Players has picked up what I had to reluctantly let go and are running the event this year!

Some may have qualms about Penny Arcade but I do believe in Child’s Play and the good that it does. Sick children are feeling crummy, stuck in a hospital, can’t get up and play. Child’s Play provides toys, games and other forms of entertainment for these poor kids. Happy Baby Hobbits is our goal.

The Fellowship Walk runs until October 24th and are collecting any donation you can spare. Their goal is to reach $5,000 for Child’s Play. 100% of your donation goes to Child’s Play. The organizers are using their own time and money to make this happen and are even donating themselves.

There are more than one way you can help support this LOTRO community effort!

  1. Donate!

    It doesn’t matter if you can only donate a little. Every donation helps and is appreciated! Dig in your couch cushions, look on the floor of your car. Whatever you can find give to the fundraiser and pitch in. They even have in-game titles available to give if you ask for it so your in-game character can proudly show their support!

  2. Bid on an Auction!

    There are several auctions going on right now ranging from real life fun items (some even from Weta!) to in game goods and services. The online auction works a lot like ebay in that you bid your max price and set up alerts for the items you wish to win. When you win an item you pay for your auction item with a donation to the fundraiser. So you can not only support sick children, you could get some nice shinies out of it too!

  3. Participate!

    Show your support and have fun in the events. Join the in-game walks. Check out all the cool contests going on. I’m actually a judge for the cosmetic competition! You may send your bribes in form of food gifts to me by quick post.

  4. Spread the Word!

    The event is largely spread by word of mouth and we encourage you to share and alert your friends and kinmates to check out the even and donate if they can. They don’t have to play LOTRO, just want to help support a great cause. Share on facebook and twitter, if you have a blog post about the event to let others know about it.

I encourage you to go check out all they have going on at LOTRO Players and go donate! You’ll find the donation widget on the right side navigation bar.


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3 Responses to “Fellowship Walk for Child’s Play–Donate Today!”

  1. Avatar of Lilikate Buggins.
    Lilikate Buggins. Says:

    Thank you! We are trying to do our best to raise funds for the Sick Baby Hobbits! So far the community have been very supportive both in LOTRO and outside LOTRO. I am hoping we will get to Bree today!


  2. Avatar of Andang
    Andang Says:

    Everyone be sure to join us today outside of Tom’s house at 2 p.m. on Landroval server!


  3. Avatar of Andang
    Andang Says:

    Everyone be sure to join us today outside of Tom’s house at 2 p.m. on Landroval server!

    A big thanks to CSTM for all their support!


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