Hobbit Meals: Nutella Swirl Pumpkin Bread

October 27, 2013

Hobbit Meals

I’m back to trying to make pumpkin bread. I make some chocolate swirled pumpkin zucchini bread last month and while it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t my favorite thing in the world. Merric loved it but I wasn’t satisfied so I thought I’d try again this month. I found this new receipe I found that involves one of the most wondrous ingredients in the world… nutella.

Nutella Swirl Pumpkin Bread

Recipe: Chef in Training

Oh I love nutella! It’s creamy chocolately hazelnutty goodness. I love pretty much all things hazelnut really.

No rock science with this recipe and I didn’t injure myself this week. Huzzah!

It had specific instructions of separating the dry and wet ingredients as most these recipes do but I was trying to limit the number of dishes I’d have to do later (*cough lazy*) and I ended up just dumping all the dry ingredients into the mixer’s wet ingredients and mixed it up. It worked out fine and I didn’t have to clean an extra bowl!

See kids, sometime laziness pays off!

Good news is that for this recipe I actually had a bread pan instead of last month when I cooked it in a brownie pan.

The bad news is the recipe wanted to make two loaves of bread but I only have a single bread pan. Again I used my powers of ultra-laziness (trust me I’ve had a long week) and just smooshed it all into one bread pan and cooked it a bit longer.

Baking gods were with me as this also caused no issues. Yay laziness!

The end product is swirly wirly bread goodness.

The best part of this bread was hands down the crust. This may be why two loaves would have been better for smaller denser slices and a whole other loaf food of crusty goodness. I wonder if mini-loaves would be even better?

Merric liked it as well and agreed that the crust was the best part. He admitted he was tempted in cutting off the other end when he went for seconds just to get the side with the most crust.

I was doing some late night baking again so Baby Hobbit was sleeping when we taste tested this one.

This one tasted less pumpkin-y to me then the last. The swirly parts were not as sweet but they were ultra-delicious with the nutella. Did I mention I love nutella? I do. I love it so much.

Between this one and Chocolate Swirled Pumpkin Zucchini Bread I would say this one is the one I prefer.

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