#LOTRO: 30 Days of 100% XP

October 18, 2013


Turbine is encouraging you to get in and level up in preparation for Helm’s Deep with 30-days of 100% experience boost being added to the game.

Helm’s Deep launches November 18th and this experience boost is to last until November 17th. It does stack with all other forms of XP boosters to really allow you to pile the XP on.

This is an automatic buff applied when you login and no you cannot get rid of it. You can buy a Leveling Disabler in the LOTRO Store that will stop all experience gain. While I see no reason to rush through the game especially for those new to LOTRO. However, long time veterans with an army of alts really appreciate little gifts like these.

They’ve done XP boosts before an expansion launch before but to my knowledge this is the first 30 day experience boost!

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7 Responses to “#LOTRO: 30 Days of 100% XP”

  1. royalbob5 Says:

    I know there have been a few MMORPGs lately that have been giving out max level characters. Glad LOTRO is doing 100% xp instead.


  2. Thundertrain Says:

    I realize Turbine probably did this to allow players to get to the level cap and encourage the purchase of the expansion, but I’m planning on using it to get some of my lower-level alts up. Who knows, maybe I’ll have time to play one of my crafters as a regular character some day?

    On an unrelated note: The graphic you posted must be from one of the Helm’s Deep “Big Battles”, I’m guessing The Deeping Wall…but it reminds me so much of Donkey Kong that I had to do a double-take. Any chance they’ll let us throw barrels at the Uruk-Hai? :)


    • Pasduil Says:

      With a bit of luck, Big Battles will actually be nice to play with our lower level characters that don’t otherwise usually get to do many instances.

      In theory you can start at level 10, but you’d have so few skills then I can’t see that being so interesting. But I’ve been trying to get all my chars at least 20+ and at least reasonably well-geared in hopes that they’ll be playable in Big Battles alongside level 85 friends and kinnies.

      Of course I’m also pretty apprehensive what the class changes will do to us, so I’m in two minds how much time is worth investing in LOTRO atm.


  3. Morphen Says:

    I’m always uneasy when MMOs begin giving out too much free stuff or boosts. It usually indicates to me that they are getting desperate.


  4. Flatfoot Says:

    Ugh, I hate it too.
    Came back to play a bit of Lotro having a nice time “smelling the pixels” and now this.
    Well at least Sapience seems to have a bit of mercy on us slowpokes:

    “Back on topic I have good news. A little good will for players who didn’t have a chance to buy the XP Disabler when it was 20% off a few weeks ago.
    Here’s a coupon for 25% off that’s good for 5 uses per account.

    Coupon code: SLOWME

    It gives 25% off of the XP disabler ONLY. ”
    Though I would´ve gladly taken 50%, a quarter off is bearable too I guess.


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