LOTRO Fall Festival Guide 2013

October 24, 2013

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Fall Festival is running this year from October 22 – November 4, 2013. This guide is here to help you find all the events available. The primary currency of this festival is Fall Festival Tokens. Collecting these can help you buy the goodies listed in the rewards section below.

If you plan to spend any time in the new Haunted Burrow event, you may want to hold off buying a lot of items as there is a chance to earn them from the special chest inside the burrow freeing up your tokens to buy other goodies! The quests are mostly broken up into four major regions in Middle Earth.

What is not included in this guide The festivals of Middle Earth include certain quests that appear with each and every festival. Please see our guide on these General Festival Quests for help with those events. This would include the:

Also the Fall Festival ends the quest of the Travelling Farmer. This is a quest for those with the farming profession and you had to have started this quest in the summer in order to collect your reward in the fall festival.

What is different from last year?
The short answer to this question is “not a lot”. However, there are some small differences that may be worth noting.

  1. The quests give Bags of Bounders Tokens this year with the pre-Helm’s Deep event going on.
  2. There is a new icon while in the haunted burrow that will appear on your screen called “Exit the Haunted Burrow” with a 30 minute cool down.
  3. One robe and two new cloaks have been added.
  4. Spooky Steed of the Bat has been added
  5. Warsteed “Spooky Caparison of the Bat” has been added


  • The Haunted Burrow After completing the quest of the same name you’ll get the deed “The Haunted Burrow”. It has 7 tasks you need to complete in order to earn the “Burrower” title. These tasks are the other quests available for the Haunted Burrow shown in the Haunted Burrow section below.
  • Consume Consumables: Applications of “Coveritall” Use consumable 300 times and you will be able to use this affect as a permanent skill (no consumable required)
  • Consume Consumables: Black Silk Gloves Use consumable 300 times and you will be able to use this affect as a permanent skill (no consumable required)
  • Consume Consumables: Buckets of Fear Use consumable 300 times and you will be able to use this affect as a permanent skill (no consumable required)
  • Consume Consumables: Candles and Mirrors Use consumable 300 times and you will be able to use this affect as a permanent skill (no consumable required)
  • Consume Consumables: Potent Bird Seed Use consumable 300 times and you will be able to use this affect as a permanent skill (no consumable required)
  • Consume Consumables: Specimen Jar: Gross Bugs Use consumable 300 times and you will be able to use this affect as a permanent skill (no consumable required)
  • Consume Consumables: Spider Legs Use consumable 300 times and you will be able to use this affect as a permanent skill (no consumable required)

The Haunted Burrow

The haunted burrow was the new event added in 2010. It’s a haunted house in the cellar of Bag End and is full decorated haunted house style. This is not to be missed! Before you can enter, there is a short quest chain you must complete.

  1. A Cellar Door Appears
    Quest Starter: Opal Goodbody (29.S, 71.6W, The Shire)
    You are sent around the area to ask about the new door that has appeared going into the lower part of the Hill. You are first sent to Lobelia and then to Gaffer Gamgee.
  2. Bilbo’s Letter:
    Quest Starter: Gaffer Gamgee (30.2S, 71.5W, The Shire)
    Pre-requisite: A Cellar Door Appears Bilbo appears to have left a letter in the care of the Gaffer and you ask if you can share it with Lobelia. After basically bugging the snot out of Lobelia she tells you that the letter says Bilbo left her the spoons and they are the key to the cellar.
  3. The Haunted Burrow
    Quest Starter: Lobelia Sackville-Baggins (29.4S, 71.3W, The Shire)
    Pre-requisite: Bilbo’s Letter
    Rewards: 3 Fall Festival Tokens
    The entrance to the cellar is directly below Lobelia near Opal Goodbody at 29.6S, 71.6W, The Shire. Once inside you are transported into a haunted house. Things will pop out and scare you, bookshelves reveal secret passages and running into cobwebs will temporarily blind you. It really is very well done! Your goal is to find Lobelia in this maze of a cellar. She’s not far inside but can be easily missed if you take a wrong turn and get lost! When you enter turn right and she’s right around the corner cowering (she’s also marked on the map below). Lobelia runs off terrified and you are instructed to talk to Opal Goodbody outside about the Haunted Burrow.

Haunted Burrow Quest Map

After completing this chain a bunch of quests outside the burrow will open up that are daily and repeatable. Please refer to this map (click to see larger or view the printable version) of the cellar and locations of all the quest objectives.

HauntedBurrow The Haunted Burrow is made up of a Main Cellar (center portion of map) and 4 wings: Cobbwebbed, Creeping, Basement and Attic. There are entrances to all the wings from the Main Cellar, however only the Attic and the Basement exit back into the Main Cellar.  The Cobbwebbed Wing connects to the Creeping Wing and the Creeping Wing connects to the Basement. That means if you need to just go to the Cobwebbed Wing for something, you will be forced to also go through the Creeping Wing and the Basement before you can get back out to the Main Cellar.

This makes it a bit tricky for timed quests if you don’t know the quickest route in and out. For timed quests like “Stroll through the Haunted Burrow” and “Race Through the Haunted Burrow”, I suggest taking this path:

burroworder Doing the Attic first is ideal as the exit back into the Main Cellar is near the Cobbwebbed Wing door and we already know that entering the Cobbwebbed Wing forces you to go through all the other wings in order to exit back into the Main Cellar. This is the fastest route through all the wings.

Haunted Burrow Repeatable Quests

Here is a list if the repeatable quests available after completing the initial quest chain. You can only have one quest active at a time.

A Riddle in a Bottle
Quest Starter: Adalgrim Goodbody
Level: 10
Repeatable: Daily
Rewards: 3 Fall Festival Tokens
bottlesThis quest sends you through the Burrow using the Riddle Doors (you must use the riddle doors). You will find a table with bottles on it and a paper clue near by. Read the clue to find which bottle to drink. This quest has a 5 minute timer to complete.
Valuables Gone Astray
Quest Starter: Holfast Burrows
Level: 10
Repeatable: Daily
Rewards: 3 Fall Festival Tokens
There are 5 items in the burrow that you must pick up and return to Holfast. There is no time limit.
The Great Hobbit Rescue
Quest Starter: May Gamgee
Level: 10
Repeatable: Daily
Rewards: 3 Fall Festival Tokens
There are 6 scared hobbits scattered in the burrow that you need to find.
A Stroll Through the Haunted Burrow
Quest Starter: Poppy Cotton
Level: 10
Repeatable: Daily
Rewards: 3 Fall Festival Tokens
Collect proof that you made it to 4 areas of the Haunted Burrow before time runs out (20 minutes).
A Race Through the Haunted Burrow
Quest Starter: Poppy Cotton
Level: 10
Repeatable: Daily
Pre-requisite: Must have completed A Stroll Through the Haunted Burrow once
Rewards: 3 Fall Festival Tokens
Collect the same proof as before but this time you only have 4 minutes to collect them all!
Roaring Maw in the Haunted Burrow
Quest Starter: Polo Puddifoot
Level: 10
Repeatable: Daily
Rewards: 3 Fall Festival Tokens
bearhobbitGo to the Cobwebbed Wing and you will find a jar of honey. A hobbit in a bear costume (omg so cute!) will come out and attack you. Don’t worry, he’s level 1. After frightening him off return to Polo.
Wailing in the Haunted Burrow
Quest Starter: Polo Puddifoot
Level: 10
Repeatable: Daily
Rewards: 3 Fall Festival Tokens
GhostHead to the Creeping Wing and you will find a candle. A hobbit dressed as a ghost will come out and attack (only level 1). After scaring the ghost off, return to Polo.
Rattling in the Haunted Burrow
Quest Starter: Polo Puddifoot
Level: 10
Repeatable: Daily
Rewards: 3 Fall Festival Tokens
SkeletonHead to the attic and you’ll find some cold chains dangling from the ceiling. A hobbit dressed as a skeleton comes out and will attack (only level 1). Defeat him and return to Polo.
The Inn League Excavation
Quest Starter: Cora Brownlock
Level: 10
Repeatable: Daily
Pre-requisite: Must be friendly with Inn League
Rewards: +900 Inn League Faction, –500 Ale Association Faction, 1 Badge of Taste
BilbosWineFind Bilbo’s wine bottle and bring it back. Picking up the wine makes you drunk and you carry it back similar to pie/mailbag quests.
Ale Association – A Game of Hobbit-Harrying
Quest Starter: Rathgeir
Level: 10
Repeatable: Daily
Pre-requisite: Friendly with Ale Association
Rewards: +900 Ale Association Faction, –500 Inn League Faction, 1 Badge of Dishonor
scarehobbitsYou are to go in and scare the 6 hobbits you previously saved with “The Great Hobbit Rescue”. Near the hobbit will be a bag/bucket/jar that you activate to scare the hobbit.See our guide on the Ale Association.

Treasure Hunting in the Burrow

There is a fifth wing that you can find in the burrow although no quests will take you there. You will find it behind the mystery door (see the above map). Inside there are chests containing bonus Fall Festival Tokens and sometimes festival items (not the mount). These can be opened for bonus tokens once per hour. A debuff will be placed on your character counting down the time until you can collect again. skeletonhorse

There is also a secret treasure chest in the basement that contains random assortment of festival goodies. This chest can only be used once per day and a debuff will count down when you can gather more treats!

It’s because of this chest that I recommend you hold off from buying all of the goodies from the vendor with your tokens right away. If you do this chest daily you’ll earn a bit of everything. Use your tokens for the race masks or your mount first (keep reading to learn more). This secret treasure chest also is the only place you can find the festival skeletal horse.

This horse has a low drop rate so it will take determination and a good deal of luck to pick this up. The steed from the chest is 100 morale and 62% speed.

Other options for this steed or a similar look:

  • Skeleton Painted Steed – available in the store for 1495 TP 100 Morale, 62% Speed
  • Green Painted Skeleton Steed – available in the store for 1295 TP 250 Morale, 68% Speed
  • Skeleton Steed Bundle – includes the skeleton and green skeleton steeds. Available in the LOTRO Store for 2695 TP
  • Marrow Painted Steed – random reward from lootboxes 250 Morale, 68% Steed

Apples, Pumpkins, Scrolls and Geodes

Game-MasterIn each of the four festival areas there is a Game-Master that will have a barter icon over his or her head. These folks are not difficult to find. They’re generally in the middle of the festival area.

Directly next to the game master there will be some sort of item that when you mouse over it you will see your cursor change to a loot icon. In Bree this is a pumpkin patch, in Thorin’s Hall it’s a geode box, Duillond has a scroll box and the Shire you will find an apple tub.

When you loot this item you will randomly receive one of three items. Barter your item to the nearby Game-Master for Fall Festival Tokens. The smaller or lesser of the items are worth 1 token, medium are worth 2 and larger items are worth 3 tokens. These are based on luck so just cross your fingers and click!

After receiving your item, you will find a debuff applied to your character that prevents you from picking up another of the same item for an hour. You can run to all four places and do each of these items as each has their own hour long buff.

Pumpkin Patch in Breeland Geode Box in Thorin's Hall Scroll Box in Duillond Apple Tub in the Shire

Troves and Trickery

Trickster of the ShireTricksters of Middle-Earth send you off to perform tricks for various people in the area in order to earn treats. Each of these 4 quests are repeatable daily .

The targets are regular townsfolk and farmers around the area. They will have an in-progress ring icon over their head and if you speak to them, they will give you a hint which “trick” (otherwise known as an emote) they wish to see you perform.

If you want to try to figure out the riddles yourself, do not look at the tables below as it will give away the answers!

The Shire Quest Giver: Egbert Took (29.9S, 71.3W, The Shire)

Location Emote
30.7S, 71.1W, The Shire /shiver
31.0S, 70.9W, The Shire /tantrum
31.5S, 71.4W, The Shire /burp
29.5S, 71.2W, The Shire /pick

Bree Quest Giver: Bryony Elmwood (24.62S, 51.54W Breeland)

Location Emote
30.6S, 52.0W Breeland /scold
30.9S, 52.6W Breeland /crazy
31.9S, 50.6W Breeland /no
29.9S, 51.3W Breeland /whippitydo

Duillond Quest Giver: Gloreniel (24.51S, 93.08W Ered Luin)

Location Emote
24.6S, 92.4W Duillond /look
23.9S, 92.5W Duillond /hail
24.1S, 93.2W Duillond /eat
24.1S, 93.0W Duillond /dance

Thorin’s Hall Quest Giver: Guthlag

Location Emote
Labourer in corridor near tavern /whistle
Dwarf in Maker’s Hall /drink
Dwarf in Forging Hall /flex
Dwarf in Main Hall by Hunter Trainer /mock

Each quest gives you the option of 3 Fall Festival Tokens or a Mask Token for the race you are doing the tricks in (ie. Hobbit Mask Token in the Shire, Dwarf Mask Token in Thorin’s Hall, etc). The mask tokens are used to pick up cosmetic masks available from the Game’s Masters in each of the festival areas. You must turn in 12 Fall Festival Tokens and 1 mask token to pick up the cosmetic mask. Below is the four special race masks available and which mask token they come from.

Man's Beaver Mask Man Beaver Mask Dwarves Bucket Mask Dwarf Bucket-head Mask Elves' Rabbit Mask Elf Rabbit Mask Hobbit's Pumpkin Mask Hobbit Pumpkin Mask

Fall Festival Mounts

The race quests are still available but no longer required to earn a steed from the festival. All you need is fall festival tokens. For details on the race quest please see the General Festival Quests.

Special thank you to Crazypants and Craicwyth of Landroval for allowing me to take screenshots of the new steed items!

Spooky Steed of the Bat
2013 Spooky Steed of the Bat
200 Morale, 62% speed
60 fall festival tokens

Spooky Caprison of the Bat
2013 Spooky Caparison of the Bat
War-steed appearance only
60 fall festival tokens

Harvest-Brew-Steed 2012 Harvest-brew Steed
200 Morale, 62% speed
20 fall festival tokens
AutumnFestSteed 2011 Autumnfest Steed
100 Morale, 62% Speed
SableHarvestmathHorse 2010 Sable Harvestmath Horse
100 Morale, 62% Speed
harvestmath 2009 Harvestmath Horse
100 Morale, 62% Speed


Fall Festival rewards are purchased from Fall Festival Traders that are located in each festival area. This is where you spend all the Fall Festival Tokens you’ve been collecting!

Emotes & Music

Boo! Emote: /boo 12 tokens
Guide to the Cowbell 4 tokens
Note that minstrels can teach you this any time of the year – not a fall only skill.


Spooky Robe of the Bat
Spooky Robe of the Bat [NEW]
24 Tokens
Spooky Cloak of the Bat
Spooky Cloak of the Bat [NEW]
24 Tokens
Spooky Hooded Cloak of the Bat

Spooky Hooded Cloak of the Bat [NEW]
24 Tokens

CloakoftheFallingLeaves Cloak of the Falling Leaves
12 Tokens
CloakoftheRaven Cloak of the Raven
12 Tokens
CloakoftheBoar Cloak of the Boar
12 Tokens
Boar-HeadFestivalMask Boar-Head Festival Mask
12 Tokens
PipeFestivalMask Pipe Festival Mask
12 Tokens
GoblinFestivalMask Goblin Festival Mask
12 Tokens
RavenFestivalMask Raven Festival Mask
12 Tokens
Wrap of the Turning Leaves Wrap of the Turning Leaves
12 Tokens
Tunic of Autumn Nights Tunic of Autumn Nights
12 Tokens
Gown of Autumn Nights Gown of Autumn Nights
12 Tokens
Cloak of Autumn Nights Cloak of Autumn Night
12 Tokens
Harvest-Brew Long-sleeved Tunic & Trousers
18 Tokens
Harvest-brew Short-sleeved Tunic & Trousers
18 Tokens
harvest-brew-dress Harvest-brew Dress
18 Tokens
Harvest-brew Hooded Cloak
18 Tokens
Harvest-brew Cloak
18 Tokens
Harvest-brew Hat
18 Tokens
Basket of Apples
18 Tokens
18 Tokens
Fall Gourd
18 Tokens
Beer Stein
18 Tokens
harvest-brew circlet Harvest-Brew Circlet
18 Tokens

For looks of the new cosmetics with dye options, check out Cosmetic LOTRO’s page.


There are no new decorations added with this year’s festival.

For a complete catalog with pictures of the furniture items available to purchase with fall festival tokens, see our Fall Festival Decoration & Furniture Guide 


Four maps are available this festival all for 12 tokens each. The first three listed are part of the Eriador Cartographer deed!


See the deeds section above for deeds related to these consumables!

bugstomping Specimen Jars: Gross Bugs
3 Tokens Bugs cover the ground under your target causing them to stop their feet.
coveritall Applications of “Coveritall”
3 Tokens Places a bag over your target’s head.
bucketsofearr Buckets of Fear
3 Tokens Causes target to cower in fear.
birdseed Potent Bird Seed
3 Tokens Causes birds to swarm your target making them cower.
CandleandMirror-reaction Candles and Mirrors
3 Tokens Causes a ghost to fly around your target. Target cowers and waves a flag.
gloves Black Silk Gloves
3 Tokens You slap your target hard enough to make them dizzy and collapse to the ground.
spider Spider Legs
3 Tokens Makes a spider appear and frighten your target. Also puts a non-damaging poison cloud around your target.
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