#LOTRO: Helm’s Deep LOTRO Store Pricing

October 1, 2013


Turbine has posted on their twitter feed the cost of Helm’s Deep expansion in Turbine Points.

This is actually the same exact price as Riders of Rohan for the expansion content last year at release of that expansion. More information is coming when Turbine releases their next set of Q&A but I thought this was something folks would be interested in seeing!

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9 Responses to “#LOTRO: Helm’s Deep LOTRO Store Pricing”

  1. Jezzebel Says:

    Yay I can buy it with TP.


  2. Glompf Says:

    …so it is basically the same cost as 2 store-ponies! :-)


  3. Flixxer Says:

    mmmm looks like i will have to start farming soon :(


  4. Rufusstan Says:

    Hmmmm. Was tempted to pick up the Journeyman riding trait this week out of the TP I have lying around, but could quite inspire myself to do it.

    Maybe a dose of building up TP rather than offloading them is in the near future.


  5. Gorfaroth Says:

    Waiting for the (hopeful) Black Friday sale… From a hardcore raider, this expansion doesn’t deserve the price tag it currently has.

    Gorfaroth, Firefoot


    • Hatterus Says:

      I would be very shocked if they have a Black Friday sale this year for Helm’s Deep considering it would have only been out a week and a half.


  6. Avatar of Chris Moran
    Chris Moran Says:

    Strangely, Rohan is the first expansion I have nearly completed before the next expansion release, which really speaks more to the lack of content. I planned on possibly waiting for a sale – even though I get VIP TP – but I feel like I need more content for my main. If I was a cash player, I might think it’s a little too pricey.


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