#LOTRO: Heroes Work

October 1, 2013

Goldenstar Games, LOTRO

This week the Dums made it to Galtrev. I never noticed before how Galtrev is just full of busy work. They’re like “Oh a new person, lets give them all the jobs we don’t wanna do!”

I’m carrying heavy boxes around town, searching for missing nails, taking wood and widdling it into spears, and searching crates from Isengard. As Hoppy had put it “Clearly this is Heroes work”.

Not that I don’t mind helping but they have plenty of people hanging around doing nothing. I got Middle-earth to save and running around as delivery Hobbit doesn’t feel very heroic.

Later we decided to try an instance. Sodum queued us up and we got Bells of Dale tier 2. We learned a very important lesson. We are not ready for tier 2. I remember us thinking tier 1 was pretty straightforward and simple. Bumping it up for a challenge seemed logical. It was a challenge alright. We couldn’t make it past the first boss and gave up.

Dumidum had reached level 71 so we decided to go start the quest for his war-steed instead. I got my first taste of war-steed riding as a burglar. I’m only level 73 so I have maybe 4 buttons at this time but it felt very different from my minstrel and it’s going to take some practice. Any tips and tricks you all have for that would be helpful! Do I really need to stay so close?

We did kill the war-band Cinder as a group and completed our first war-band quest. Whee!

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7 Responses to “#LOTRO: Heroes Work”

  1. Opdum/Bregle Says:

    Also: butt-chocolate.

    Anyways, pick an evening. I’ll hop on Bregle and we’ll run around stabbing stuff on horseback with our burgs.


  2. Avatar of Kanati Siquayetsga
    Kanati Siquayetsga Says:

    I was going to write something twee about the Dunlendings and Rohirrim having about the same degree of laziness as hobbits and the “hapless lads in green”, but it occurs to me that the “heros work” starts in Archet & Ered Luin and LOTRO never really gets away from it. But then, fetch quests and kill quests are the bread and butter of MMOs. Is delivering a box of nails really that much worse than the archetypical “Kill Ten Rats” quest? I think that if the writing is good you don’t notice.

    If the storytelling is merely average, then you start to think, “Hey I’ve killed Balrogs, zombie Dragons, giant turtles, the Watcher, Mordirith, half of Ungoliant’s offspring, not to mention and infinity of orcs and countless nameless things in the deep places of the Earth and, Mr. NPC, you think I’m best suited to go fetch a parcel for you and then I’m to go fishing for your supper?!” Recently, the pervasive Sutcrofts snobbery has pushed me to a distinctly anti-Rohoho attitude: “Maybe I would have killed those marauding orcs Mr. Forgoil* if you had bothered to ask nicely rather than sending me to shovel out the pig stys, but now I think I’ll let Rohan burn instead.” After saving yet another region of Middle Earth, this hero is pretty tired of surly and ungrateful NPCs.


    • Pasduil Says:

      Isn’t the idea that in Galtrev you are at first working undercover in a town that is run my Saruman’s minions?

      You’re not supposed to be all “I’m a great warrior of the Free Peoples”, you are keeping your head down, helping people with chores and finding out what is going on there.


      • Avatar of Kanati Siquayetsga
        Kanati Siquayetsga Says:

        More like you’re free-agent “not-a-Ranger” duvodiad than any under cover spy, but you have a point.

        However, if it was *just* Galtrev or just the Dunlendings it would simply be a punchline to Hoppy’s joke. But as I said, it’s the same from Ered Luin to the Sutcrofts. If the writing is good, (Gates of Moria) you don’t notice/begrudge that you’re gathering berries or killing 10 orcs, but when you get entire quest hubs of busy work like Galtrev, Oatbarton, the whole region in and around Lothlorien, it gets old pretty fast.

        Also, as both Gandalf and Elrond clearly state, your “job” is to be the “big darn hero” (what you call “great warrior of the Free People”) in order to attract attention away from The Fellowship. You *should* be famous. Indeed, by the time you have the titles, Champion of Eriador, Avenger of Khazad-dûm, and the Stalwart against the Shadow, not to mention ones like “Reclaimer of Mírdanant” or “Vanquisher of Thaurlach”, or “Slayer of the Watcher”, you should be just about the most famous person in the history of Middle Earth. At this point, no one has even *heard* of any hobbits, Aragorn was only famous as Thorongil to the preceding generation (and now presumed dead), Boromir is a local hero in Gondor/Rohan, Gandalf is just a wandering fireworks maker, and elves including Elrond and Galadriel are the stuff of fairy tales to the non-eldar.

        Most of the NPC dialogs should begin, “It’s you! Praise the Valar for sending the Champion of Eriador to us in our need. You are the only person that can stop the marauding …” instead of “Hey! Weakling outlander, go shovel manure and gather sticks to earn your keep, churl.”


        • Pasduil Says:

          If you’re doing the Epic as you go, Halbarad does send you in to find out what’s going on in Saruman-controlled Galtrev. If you skipped the Epic leading up to Galtrev that might not be clear.

          When I say your job is not to go around acting like the big hero I mean specifically in Galtrev, not in all of LOTRO.

          Generally the text does get more appreciative and respectful of you in the higher level areas, at least once they’ve gotten to understand who you are.

          News by the way does not travel fast in Middle Earth. They don’t have Twitter, and just because you were a hero in Angmar doesn’t mean they’ve even heard of you in Rohan. They’ve barely heard of Angmar or Lorien, never mind what you might have done there.

          News doesn’t travel faster than a horse, and mostly it doesn’t travel faster than your own personal ride goes, because you are at the forefront of unfolding events, and there isn’t a lot of time for anyone to have gone ahead of you.

          Of course even when they do know a lot about you they still do ask you to do some chores that don’t seem to be a good use of the highly skilled warrior that you are. That’s very unrealistic, but at least it’s a change from the kill-ten-orcs grind and adds a bit of variety.

          The main problem is whether quests are fun. Some of the domestic-chore type quests are, but others, esp in Galtrev, are excessive. But you’d say the same about combat based quests as well, some are good, others not.

          I’d prefer less grind of all types, but I definitely prefer to keep the variety. People like different stuff, and plenty of people like a peaceful interlude now and then. Plus usually you can skip things if you really hate them, and it’s no big loss to you.


  3. susan Says:

    the only trick for mastering war horse is to just stick with it thru the horrid learning weeks. it may take more or less till one day you woot with joy as you burn down WBs. Mastering circling round the WB while firing off your shots is the trick. keybinds help alot with that.

    burglars used to have the worst time of it, followed next by warriors, not sure if they gave them some love in recent months but dont expect to be able to burn em down like a cappy or archer who will ride in and one or two shot em. get ready to circle and circle and circle and … circle. lol

    i found that the medium steed worked best for me, it was faster than heavy but still had some oomph to it to take some damage, since not being able to range that was important to a warrior. frankly, i really didnt notice that much diff betw the steeds. I opted for speed buffs because you will find out shortly that WBs die in mere seconds after spawning if there are other players near, so you need to most importantly get to the WB to get a hit in so you can at least get credit for the kill before it dies. very important once you reach the hybolt grind and repeatables.

    lastly, and this is for your sanity… just switch to a normal horse once in towns or be prepared to constantly overshoot your mark or tobaggon into things, even after months of playing.


    yah, the quests in rohan do tend to get on your nerves after awhile. they sit around moaning and groaning while making you do their chores. then insult you for being an intruder and stinky outsider. even after you constantly save their depressed bottoms. I use to just stand there and slap the npcs occasionally just for pay back.


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