#LOTRO: Rohirrdum!

October 23, 2013

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This week the Dums all had their war-steeds and even though we were missing Sodum, we met up in LOTRO to try our hand at killing things from horseback!

I can’t speak for everyone but I had a lot of fun! We were pulling every creature in the areas we stomped through, some on purpose and others not so much. Every so often we would stop to group up and kill the massive mob tail we had chasing us. It was crazy and I loved it.

I can’t say I’m any more graceful with the burglar on the war-steed but it was ok. I still don’t really love the proximity factor needed to be hitting things. I even spent points in trying to increase this distance but it didn’t seem to have much impact. I did ok though. I felt like I was hitting things well and we didn’t have any difficulty.

We were specifically searching for war bands in the Wold. Not all of the Dums had purchased Rohan so the quests were not available to them but it was still fun to find and mow them down with our Rohirrdum fighting-style we like to call “Crazy Swarm”.

We ended the evening taking Dumidum down to the East Wall to see the Argonath and ending the evening by jumping from the Falls of Rauros.

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3 Responses to “#LOTRO: Rohirrdum!”

  1. téaparty Says:

    I (heart) Dum time! Viva la Rohirrdum!


  2. susan Says:

    sounds fun, glad all of you got to enjoy the best part of War Steeds, riding together in full gallop is most epic with a group of friends.



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