#LOTRO Store: Bone Set Available Through October

October 4, 2013


Bone SetIt is October and that means a new store exclusive steed for LOTRO. Except that this month the offering is just for war-steed cosmetics, not a premium mount bundle like in the past.

To be clear: there is no travel mount included with this bundle, it is just war-steed cosmetics!

The “Bone Set” has been available in the LOTRO Store in the past and has come and gone without announcement. This month it is is available until October 31st, 2013!

The default coloring on this steed is the purple color seen on the horse on the right. in the screenshot above. The purple parts are what can be dyed on the horse. Below is a picture of the Bone Set with rust dye applied.

This is a war-steed only set and sells for 995 Turbine Points in the store.

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7 Responses to “#LOTRO Store: Bone Set Available Through October”

  1. susan Says:

    I always liked this set, thanks for the heads up


  2. Avatar of Ketani
    Ketani Says:

    It’s worth noting that the purple part of the tail piece does not dye, though. So if you dye the rest of the set, if you use that part, it’ll still have the purple color to it. *sigh*


  3. Giftel Says:

    That horse would look cool for the Harvest Festival….btw, when will the Harvest Festival be this year? There’s nothing on the calendar that I can see.


    • Ithoran Says:

      It ended like 2 weeks before Halloween last year, which was incredibly stupid considering the Haunted Burrow is all about the holiday. It’s probably going to be the last reliable way to get Bounder’s Tokens before Helm’s Deep launches, so hopefully it lasts 3 weeks or so.


  4. Aethelbehrt Says:

    I’m going to make myself a headless horseman set with this. Just for some Halloween fun. Combine the pumpkin mask with a nice black coat. One of the level 85 crafted, I think. Heheh


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