Poll: LOTRO’s Upcoming Class Changes

October 12, 2013

Weekly Poll

Turbine has plans to revamp their LOTRO classes with the Helm’s Deep expansion. We have seen all the class dev diaries and a dev diary on the trait trees so I decided to throw up a poll to get initial impressions.

Here are the links to the dev diairies in case you missed them or need a refresher.

So based on what we know so far, what do you think?

Remember if you are in the Helm’s Deep beta YOU CAN NOT TALK ABOUT IT. 

How do you currently feel about LOTRO's upcoming class changes in Helm's Deep?

  • I'm cautiously optimistic (41%, 260 Votes)
  • I'm concerned about its affect (26%, 165 Votes)
  • I can't wait to see the changes! (14%, 88 Votes)
  • I'm certain it will ruin the game (12%, 73 Votes)
  • Sweet sassy molassy head to the fall out shelter! (5%, 32 Votes)
  • I don't play LOTRO (2%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 629

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21 Responses to “Poll: LOTRO’s Upcoming Class Changes”

  1. Pickles (Mew) Says:

    As a casual player, I can’t seem to see the difference between what we have now and the announced changes. All class trait lines seem to be exactly the same as before to me at least. o.o


    • Joshua Says:

      I think that was a major goal of the revamp, actually. Keep the “spirit” of the classes and trait lines intact while switching the mechanics over to a new system.


  2. Rufusstan Says:

    Fairly worried.

    Not a fan of trait trees in general, and the Dev Diaries have nowhere near enough detail in them to get a real idea how they will actually work in practice.

    It is one of things that I will not be convinced either way until I get some hands on experience with them (Open Beta maybe?).


  3. Beastybunny Says:

    They have made so many changes to classes there should be an option “Oh no! Not again!”

    They are what they are. I’ll have to play with them to see what effect they have on my game play


    • Siqua of Landroval Says:

      That’s about where I am. Sure I realize that the game has “outgrown” the old system and that a revised trait system is needed. Nothing in the latest raft of sales literature, I mean “Dev Diaries”, inspire confidence.

      Unfortunately, *as described*, a lot of the U12 changes will not accomplish the stated goals. Despite the propaganda, most classes will end up with only a single viable traitline and role. Combined with the loss of “fringe skills” the results are most likely that there will be even less build and play-style variety after U12 hits the fan. All utility roles will be so hamstrung that only masochists will try any non-FOTM builds.

      Either the Turbine Devs are completely clueless, have impossibly bad communication skills, or they are malevolent. This whole thing reeks of Radiancesque fail: Possibly a good idea or two, but appallingly bad implementation.


  4. davidt Says:



  5. Hatter_of_Bree Says:

    Dont like trait tree idea in general. So count me in the camp of concerned


  6. Avatar of Chris Moran
    Chris Moran Says:

    my big concern will be when I play one of my long not played alts. I play my main almost exclusively over the last 6 months, which means a new learning curve for the alts of different classes. Since I’m not a min/maxer, it likely won’t make a big deal to me, as I just want to play and have fun and explore.


  7. Thurinphir Says:

    I don’t seem to care much, I’m only really concerned about my Minstrel/Lore-Master/Rune-keeper losing their ‘Can do anything mid-combat’ thing (how it feels to me when I play particularly well). Tbh, I only use about 6 of my Lore-Master’s skills unless I’m doing something crazy (like soloing a -7 lvl Northcotton Farms) and even then, it takes me about 5 deaths to realise I have other skills

    that and how the warden will change, forgetting gambits and all that

    I think it’ll work well. If it doesn’t, I can just focus on the melee classes that I haven’t got past lvl 20 with yet.
    (using the name ‘Thurinphir’ reminds me I should get back on my burger)


  8. Gorfaroth Says:

    This game is what, six years old? I understand a complete class overhaul, but this far into the game? I mean, a good majority of us have been playing for at least four years. To chance it up this far into the game is just wrong.


  9. susan Says:

    cautiously optimistic

    hey, anything to revamp the classes will be appreciated, especially for guardian tanks.


  10. Flatfoot Says:

    My only concern is mainly cosmetic.
    IMHO the whole design looks pretty uninspired and resembles WoW too much.
    I like our current trait windows and will miss them. :(


  11. Josh Says:

    The mixing of roles with the new trait system is pretty much a necessity with the new grind-mode focus of content. For most instances, you don’t need, or even want, anything but a cappy and dpsers. It’s idiotic that for an entire expansion my mini has been flat out useless outside raids. I’d rather have the role focused classes of SoA and moria, but I’ll take these blender classes over following my group around with nothing to heal.


  12. Lindellon Says:

    The changes are going to be met with an overwhelming amount of negativity


  13. Pasduil Says:

    I don’t know enough to be sure this’ll ruin the game for me, but I dread that it will. I can see me stopping playing LOTRO altogether, and I’m already checking out alternatives for my gaming time.

    The hope is they’ll take feedback from the beta testers onboard, and make adjustments to what they initially planned.


    • Flatfoot Says:

      They never do.
      Usually Devs view public beta testers as barely conscious monkeys or at best as a free stress test machine.
      The notion we can actually see the flaws at first glance never even enters their minds.


      • Pasduil Says:

        From what I saw in the unofficial forums, they have been making some changes. Whether it’ll be enough in the end remains to be seen, but the few concrete things mentioned were in the right direction.


  14. TJB Says:

    The minstrel is not fun anymore. The changes make the ministel USELESS for mitigations, and only useful in blue line. I used to melee heal in warspeech for trash mobs, switch to harmony for bosses, do great dps, heal at 2k per second, AND stack duel tales with buff book maxed anthems and mitigate the fellowship. Now I can single target heal, barely buff, and do a fraction of my former skills. It sucks, and I have stopped playing. In a modern society where options are popular to consumers, cookie cutter classes is archaic thinking and a destructive marketing scheme. The changes take all the fun out of the game by dumbing the game down so skill is now optional.



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