#Rift: Trying to Not Suck

October 21, 2013

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This week in Rift, things took a very odd turn. Well in Goldenstar terms anyway. A festival is active but instead I was trying to learn 2 play.

What? Ok explaining time.

So I was really excited about the Autumn Harvest Festival currently active. We all know I love a good in-game festival! All I found though was serious frustration. This festival is simple and for whatever reason I just didn’t get it. I had several quests I could turn in repeatedly, collect some pumpkins and I had to close some Rifts… surely I was missing something?

No. I wasn’t missing anything, that is all there is right now and I find it perfectly boring. I purchased 2 goodie bags and got horribly ugly masks that I hate. Searching for mushrooms is not as appealing as hunting for pets to me. Even getting artifacts wasn’t that thrilling for me. All I wanted was a stupid corgi mask… maybe a unicorn. I’m a simple girl with simple needs!

Added to that fact that Merric cheesed me off by inviting me to his group and then running of and doing his Rifts on his own and abandoning me to try to close some horrible water rifts in ice zone alone had me spitting fire about this stupid event.

By the way – thank you a million times for helping me with that water rift Eboe. You died many many valiant deaths and I wanted to let you know it was appreciated.

It is at this point that I was cursing the Autumn Harvest Festival in guild chat that it was basically brought to my attention that I had no clue what I was doing as a character. I can’t say they were wrong. But for starters, at level 50 I have the ability to turn a rift tear into a water rift. Yeah, that would have been handy bit of info to have.

That was just the start of my realization and later quest to learn how to be not sucky at this game. I am by no means promising to be good at it either. Just less craptastic is my goal.

Merric recently hit 50 as well (yeah I’m still 50) so he caught my bug and we started watching videos about what all this planar attunement nonsense was all about. Surprise! I was doing it all wrong. Ok not so much a surprise…

The closest description I could come up with is it’s basically legacies on LOTRO Legendary Weapons in that it’s a way for me to chose some extra bonuses for myself separate from gear and weapons stats. I’ll admit, this realization made me not love planar attunements more but once I got this sort of snapped into place, it made more sense. And since I don’t have to craft and/or get lucky with the bonuses I don’t find it as horrible. I can deal with it. So I reset all my attunements and started paying attention to what was going on with the planar attunements.

We then watched some Rift beginner guides and learned all kinds of little things we had no idea were there. We should be doing more dungeon and more instant adventures and all sorts of group activities all along to help us learn our characters better. Now some poor saps have to put up with us as we attempt to become a grouping tank and healer duo.

I even watched some videos about cleric healing which I admit I’ve done very little of in my 50 levels. I purchased a new role and made a brand new healer spec instead of the template driven ones I had let the game build for me.

Is it working? Heck if I know. I’ve only done very little with the brand new Goldenstar so far. Healing Merric minimally while in a rift raid is as far as I have gone. I am eager to try to not kill people in a dungeon sometime in the future though. Anyone willing to possibly die for me a bunch of times while I figure out my new healy buttons?

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8 Responses to “#Rift: Trying to Not Suck”

  1. Argendauss Says:

    Having “Fun” with RIFT, huh? From this article, it sounds like Dwarf Fortress “Fun” though!

    Storm Legion leveling content is actually a fair challenge compared to LotRO leveling. I found it refreshing; it made me step up my game and craft a new build just for leveling as a Warrior. But talking about having to L2P, it really could be rough relative to LotRO. You’ll be seeing that soon enough I think, but you’ll overcome!

    So, grouping. During my short stint with RIFT endgame (before I swore off MMOs for a while and went back to the strategy games and FPSs that I’d played before LotRO), I noticed that Storm Legion dungeons and raids were more focused on not standing in The Bad Circles than LotRO was. Also, seemed to be much faster pace.

    Finally, there’s a huge leap from level 50 vanilla RIFT gear to level 50+ Storm Legion quest gear. You could gain some grouping experience from the old level 50 instances, but gear gained would be trash and wouldn’t help you past your first round of rewards in Pellidane or Cape Jule (Storm Legion starting areas). On the flip side of that coin, you could get some quest gear from the Storm Legion starting areas to facilitate you practicing your Cleric healing skills with guildies in, say, Realm of the Fae lvl 50.


  2. Avatar of Zyngor
    Zyngor Says:

    It’s all good – there’s definitely a bit of a learning curve in terms of new mechanics/stuff to do/etc when you hit 50 in Rift…obviously because of the whole jump to expansion content and whatnot. I think there’s a bit of a stat bloat too, albeit I’m not much of a group player, so I never got the “awesome” stuffs from level 50 instances.

    I definitely do recommend doing Instant Adventures when you hit 50 – it is pretty familiar content, but it’ll get you xp (for both your character and for planar attunement XP), and should get you some of the barter currency you can trade for gear from certain vendors (like those in Tempest Bay, if you’ve been there yet). This gear should help you guys ease into the Storm Legion areas (like I said, I never really did any dungeons, so if you’re getting better stuff there, go with that).

    As far as the whole Planar Attunement panel, I’d say just take a little time to hover over all the icons and get a feel for what each element offers (normally there’d be a couple of elements that seem to boost your primary stats/weapons, and filling up the whole web/tier of an element unlocks the next grouping in that element…some cool passives/buff skills you can learn). I think I tried my best to at least unlock the ability to open all of the elemental rifts right away, as well as getting the passives that increased the number of planar charges I could hold at one time.

    Most of all, just have fun with it – don’t stress it too hard, obviously. Show the Storm Legion what casual tastes like…best of luck!


  3. WerewolfLoremaster Says:

    It’s also worth noting that you can mentor your level down and do rifts in lower level zones and it still counts for your close the rifts festival quest as far as I can tell.


  4. Carlos Says:

    All i do in rift is pvp and some instant adventures I started at lvl 10 now im 45, all from pvp and daily instant adventures


  5. susan Says:

    It all starts to get a bit nasty from 50 on, and by that I mean comments from players in your group if you dont ‘dps’ according to their stupid add on meters or dont heal them like they want. Your best bet is to go with friends and guildies and do raids and chronicals till you learn up and get some better gear. Elsewise just bite the bullet and do pugs and get ready for the trash talk. is that fun? noooooooo and why I have shelved my char for anything but fishing, dancing, cosmetics and role playing. good luck


  6. norman728 Says:

    can’t suck any worse than me so GOOD JOB!


  7. eboe Says:

    Oops, didn’t see this until now, but you are always welcome Ms Goldenstar! Always happy to come to the aide of a damsel in need.


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