Hobbit Meals: A S#!% Ton of Banana Bread

November 30, 2013

Hobbit Meals

First I apologize the swear disguised in the title but this is what the banana bread overload came to be called around our house so I wanted to share.

Banana Bread

Recipe: Simply Recipes

My sister, known about these parts as Aunty Hobbit, works for a hotel chain. Her hotel had too many bananas that were getting over rip and they allowed her to take a whole box of bananas home.

So Aunty Hobbit sends me a text asking if I know how to make banana bread because she has all these bananas. I actually haven’t made banana bread but I have made other types of flavored bread so I said let’s give it a shot.

Aunty Hobbit came over to our place for Thanksgiving and she brought her bananas with her. After a fine Hobbity Thanksgiving meal (if I do say so myself) and the required lounging daze that follows such a meal we decided to make some banana bread.

First we found the recipe we were going to use and got out all the ingredients. The recipe is super duper simple. We couldn’t get it wrong if we tried. Basically dump it in a bowl, mix and dump it in a pan to cook.

The only minor trip up was how to mash the bananas since my potato masher was in the dishwasher from the previous use of the Thanksgiving mashed potatoes. Sure we could have used a fork to mash up the super ripe bananas. Instead we improvised by putting the bananas in a baggy and whacking them with a meat tenderizer. Possibly overkill but that’s how we roll. Plus it was fun. I recommend it.

As I mentioned in a previous bread baking post, I only own one bread pan. So while we made a triple batch of bread batter, we only could only make one loaf of bread at a time. I decided that wasn’t efficient enough.

So I pulled out all my baking gear and I also made banana bread muffins and mini-muffins. Here’s a small cross section of what we made. This is not all of the banana bread we made and I still didn’t use all her bananas!

The first bite, I’ll admit I wasn’t thrilled with followed by the horror of the fact that I had gobs of the stuff I wasn’t thrilled with. But after trying a second mini muffin I decided they were pretty good. Not sure what was wrong with that first one but they are good. Merric and Baby Hobbit enjoy them as well. Which is good. We have a s#$& ton of the stuff!

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5 Responses to “Hobbit Meals: A S#!% Ton of Banana Bread”

  1. bob101910 Says:

    Next time add chocolate chips


  2. davidt Says:

    While it’s still warm from the oven, butter, eat, lick lips, eat more.


  3. Knify Says:

    Feel free to send me some next time my postal code is: *** *** :P


  4. Shaun Says:

    You can always slice the bananas and freeze them for use in smoothies.


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