#LOTRO: Buried Treasure Event is Live!

November 8, 2013

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The Buried Treasure Event is now live across all servers!  It will be running from now until November 10th.

If you haven’t been to the event take a look at Ketani’s Treasure Hunt Guide. I see nothing new to report so this guide should still be accurate in helping you get started.

I did enjoy the free map to the event rather than being insta-ported from the automatic quest. I hope that becomes a habit for events.

There is not any bounders bags dropping from this event. Remember this is a mini-event not a full blown festival so I suspect that is why.

We have our fellow players to thank as the suggestion and approval for this event happened over twitter.

So go get your picks and start digging!

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2 Responses to “#LOTRO: Buried Treasure Event is Live!”

  1. MainlyMe Says:

    The Bounder’s Bags don’t drop but you can barter for them at the Reward Barter. One bag costs 120 Buried Treasure Tokens. Hope it helps :)


  2. Byrcha Says:

    You can barter Buried Treasure Tokens for a bag of Bounders Tokens during this event. You can also barter 1 token for a map to bring you back to the hunt.


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