#LOTRO: Dum Epic Battle

November 27, 2013


Helm’s Deep is here and the Dum 6-man group has it! We only had five this week but we decided to give the Epic Battles a try. Unfortunately none of us prepped or read up on it. It’s kind of the Dum way to do things.

First things first though. This is the first time for us to log in post Helm’s Deep and we needed to set our new trait trees. I knew it was there so it wasn’t a shock but I had absolutely no knowledge of what to do with my burglar traits.

I did go look at the player-made guide on the LOTRO forums but that was a description of the changes. Not that it is bad, just not what I need. What I need is someone to tell me exactly how to spec my traits so that I can be a decent burglar. I can’t be too good, the Dum’s would think I was hacked or something.

What I ended up doing is picking my traits completely at random. It was pretty fun actually. Best part was one someone mentioned you could re-name your spec. Done!


Ok back to Epic Battles. Hoppy was more in the know than most of us. He instructed us all to go to Bree and complete the tutorial. So we did. If he wanted to learn anything though I think he was out of luck. Most of the time we were all chatting in vent. As a result I can fully report that I paid attention to nothing Aragorn said and learned very little about how Helm’s Deep Epic Battles work. I get that there’s three types and I learned the engineer gets to play with siege weapons. Now you are up to speed with what I know.

We finish up the tutorial and grouped up hoping to hop into our first Helm’s Deep Epic Battle. But we couldn’t. Finally Hoppy discovered that we each had to do the battle in either 1 or 2 man mode before we could unlock 6-man. I guess it makes sense to give them at least a taste of the instance. Still it was mucking up our Dum plans.

We decided to break up into pairs and one go solo since we only had the five this week. Hoppydum and Laydedum went off together. Opdum volunteered to be the solo. Sodum was stuck with me. We all queued up and went into the Helm’s Dike.

I have to say the Epic Battles idea is very cool and I do like it but that first time through was pretty stinking confusing.

I had fun running about and clicking on everything and having most things tell me I can’t use them. The ballista was cool and I spent some time fiddling with that. I found and officer and practiced bossing around some troops. I still don’t know what a vanguard does. I’ll figure it out eventually.

Mostly you need to get used to the lay of the land. The mini challenges would pop up and Sodum and I are running around going “I don’t know where the statue of the doodaa is for us to protect!”. We did figure it out with the map and such near the end (I think) but it was still kind of confusing for me.

We did get a gold medal for the statue quest so that was pretty impressive. Although I think it was almost all Sodum’s doing since I was playing with ballista and then not finding him for a bit. Way to go Sodum! Thanks for my medal!

Afterwards we invited a kinship member to be our sixth and entered Helm’s Dike as a 6-man group. It did make a bit more sense this time and having already ran all over the area certainly helped so I was more familiar with what needed help where.

I thought we were doing pretty well, we were defending the horse stable and rushing off to defend the next thing when we were informed we failed. Boo. I’m not certain what or where caused the failure as we were all saving the horsies but we failed. We’ll certainly try again!

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4 Responses to “#LOTRO: Dum Epic Battle”

  1. Natalise Says:

    A very helpful member of my kinship took me through Helm’s Dike my first run through. He had done it a bunch already, so gave me a lot of helpful information. Of course, my sense of direction is horrible, so I still don’t know how to get from place to place quickly. What really helped was knowing that there is a key point on each side where the enemy tends to overrun the defenses.

    Of course, I’ve only run it the one time, but it was great fun. I’ll be doing 6 man versions tonight.

    Oh, and be sure to make your lower level rewards feed up to a gold reward. Otherwise you’ll get a bunch of unimpressive rewards instead of a few great ones.


  2. isilwren Says:

    I got to be the extra kinny! I wondered if my LM was on a Dum run. Glad I could have helped. I learned where the horse stables were that night. I am still not sure how we failed that run.


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