#LOTRO: Helm’s Deep Call for Fan Questions!

November 4, 2013


Over the past few weeks building up to the upcoming release of Helms Deep, Turbine has been releasing tons of information about the expansion and the new updates. With this bombardment of information comes a ton of questions from both the fan and press prospective. As members of the press we get a lot of opportunities to ask Turbines our questions but you the fans don’t get this opportunity which is why I recently asked Turbines representatives if they would be so kind as to answer a few fan questions brought directly from you the fans of LOTRO.

I was very delighted when I received a very warm response from the team that they would love to take a look at your questions and respond accordingly. So with that being said all of us here at CSTM would love to hear from you our readers what question you would like to ask Turbine about the upcoming expansion and LOTRO.

We would like to limit the questions to 10 to not take too much of their time away from development so please respond to this article with your questions for Turbine and our team will review all questions and come up with 10 winning questions which will be sent over to Turbine for a hopefully response.

Please submit your questions by responding to this thread with your questions by Wednesday November 6th at midnight so that we can send them to Turbine on Thursday for their team to review and respond accordingly. If you would like to submit more then one question please post each question as a different post.

Thanks for your submissions and I look forward to seeing your questions and can’t wait to hear the responses.

DJ Helsing

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22 Responses to “#LOTRO: Helm’s Deep Call for Fan Questions!”

  1. Joe Says:

    I haven’t kept up with all the info for HD, but how is experience going to work for those who scale up from lvl 10 to do a big battle? Will we earn XP at the pace of a lvl 10 or at the pace of a lvl 95? Or, since we are scaled to cap, is there no XP gained?


  2. Avatar of The Dwarrow Scholar
    The Dwarrow Scholar Says:

    Thanks for giving players the chance to ask some additional questions… much appreciated.

    Here’s mine. As you can guess, dwarven related… :)

    In Volume III: Book 3: Echoes of the Dead – Chapter 8: Further Secrets, several mentions are made of a dwarf hall called Zigil-Jabâl that would be located in the White Mountains.

    Though not lore (as the dwarves settled in the White Mountains after the War of the Ring) will Turbine follow through with their internal game lore (loved by many dwarven RP-ers) and give dwarves with White Mountain characters a place to call home ?

    In short, seeing that Helmsdeep lies in the north-western White Mountains, are we going to see “Zigil-Jabâl” with the HD expansion ?
    If not, are there any plans at all to ever put this invented White Mountain Dwarf hold in the game ?




  3. FoxFire Says:

    It’s probably been asked before (sorry if I’ve missed the answer), but will there be any new traditional instance or raid content prior to the expansion which comes after Helms Deep.

    Also will there be any more shared storage on the horizon?

    Finally will you implement a way to store PvMP trophy tradeables so they don’t take up so much bag/storage space, yet might still be tradeable (for instance they can go into barter wallet and then be extracted from the barter wallet when needed.)


  4. Avatar of Fredelas
    Fredelas Says:

    In previous expansion betas, the latest Turbine has ever lifted the NDA for its testers was two weeks prior to the scheduled launch.

    I’m anxious to read real players’ impressions about the Helm’s Deep expansion. When can we expect to start seeing information from beta testers?


  5. Ritelgold Says:

    Is there any news or possible updates for us lotro players on the mac client being in beta?


  6. Crell Says:

    With 2 weeks to go, do we have new system requirements yet?


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I don’t know if these are “new” requirements but this is what is listed on their Amazon pre-order for Helms Deep

      System Requirements:
      Supported OS: Windows XP Windows Vista
      Processor: Intel Pentium 4 – 1.8GHz or AMD equivalent
      RAM: 512 MB
      Hard Disk: 10 GB Free Space
      Video Card: 64MB GPU with pixel shader 1.1 support (NVIDIA Geforce 3 or AMD Radeon 8500)
      Additional Requirements: DirectX®: 9.0c


  7. Rulin Says:

    Question: Are the 2 wolves in the rohan level up chamber of the E&G Tavern some kind of spoiler for upcoming housing changes? Maybe prototypes of whats gonna be possible when in comes to positioning?


  8. Bombor Says:

    i’m with Crell, will the updated minimum requirements be published before the release? i think this is a rather critical issue. here’s hoping :)


  9. Pasduil Says:

    A question that I would love to know the answer to, but I suspect Turbine will not be willing to answer….

    Why do LOTRO expansions costs so much?

    I don’t mean that as a criticism of Turbine necessarily, I’d actually like to know the rationale for the pricing. Are their development costs super-high for some reason? Are they paying truckloads to license the Tolkien rights? Do they have a smaller player base to spread the development cost over?

    Possibly it’s that they have extraordinary profit margins, like Apple do for instance. But somehow I find that hard to believe from all that I see and hear.

    If they gave me a good answer I’d feel a lot better about shelling out for HD. As it is, a part of me is thinking “Why not skip HD for now, and go try TSW or GW2 for a while?”


  10. Ithoran Says:

    These might not be things that Turbine is willing to answer, however in the off chance they will… Will West Rohan ever be connected to the Gap of Rohan? I did some exploring during beta and there’s a rock wall in the western part of the Westfold area, and I’m assuming that’s where a connection would be made. Also, how will players get to Gondor from where we’ll currently be at level 95 when that expansion launches?


    • prv Says:

      I concur, as this is something that really interests ne. We can reach fords of Isen in the Gap of Rohan on Eriador map, and I see that there are fords of Isen on the Western Rohan map, too – so I’m disappointed when I hear that they are not connected in any way.
      Or maybe they plan to have a flooded version of Orthanc on the Rhovanion map and that’s why they are not going to be connected – because they are at different points of time?


    • prv Says:

      This is something that interests me, too. We can reach Fords of Isen in the Gap of Rohan on Eriador map, and I see that there are Fords of Isen on the West Rohan map, too. It is disappointing to hear that they are not connected in any way.
      Or perhaps it is planned to have the flooded version of Orthanc on the Rhovanion map, and that is the reason why they are not going to be connected – because they represent the same place at different moments in time?


  11. Tinker Says:

    Now that the NDA has been lifted, when will beta forum be open for everyone to read? Is there a reason Turbine is still keeping beta forum closed so close to release of Helms Deep?


  12. Braag Son of Balin Says:

    Last year’s Producer’s Letter discussing plans for Lotro for the year was extremely light on details vs. letters from previous years. By the same token, communication releases for Helm’s Deep were very high level and lacking in detail vs. previous expansions. Can Turbine comment on if this is an intended strategy to help ‘manage’ the player base or if there other factors driving it including actual uncertainty in regards to budgeting/scope in their roadmap? Should we expect this trend to continue?


  13. Braag Son of Balin Says:

    Is there any acknowledgement that general landscape quests are becoming less challenging (especially with all of the buffs flooding player inventories from Hobbit Presents), and are there any areas in HD in the general landscape that we can expect to be slightly more challenging? Even if they are just in small pockets?


  14. Dory Says:

    Does the new version of lotro work with window vista premium?



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