#LOTRO: Helm’s Deep Pre-order Available on Amazon

November 5, 2013


Turbine has added their premium edition of the Helm’s Deep pre-order to Amazon’s listing of digital games.

I’ll be honest and say that my first thought was “ooo maybe I can buy it with my discover card cash back” since that is a payment option on most amazon purchases. No luck there though. I added it to my cart and didn’t find this as an option.

It is the same pre-order offering we have on the LOTRO Market. Nothing extra for the Amazon shopper here and at the same price tag of $59.99. I don’t see the other pre-order offers on Amazon, it is just the premium edition.

I really see no reason not to have it on Amazon and every digital game I’ve purchased through Amazon has been a pleasant experience. Why not have it here?

This link is only to the US store. I haven’t checked if other versions of Amazon have the same offering. There is a note about being only available to US customers but I am looking at the US version of Amazon.

Also note that it says no gifting for this item. I’m guessing but not certain it is because it is tying it directly to your Amazon games library and if you buy it, its yours. I would imagine it still has to give you a code to put on your Turbine account though.

Anyway in case you are interested, Helm’s Deep is available on Amazon! <—affiliate linky

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