#LOTRO: Helm’s Deep Temporarily Delayed Due to Power Outage

November 18, 2013


The power outage at the Turbine datacenter must have been a whopper! I had ended up going to bed last night figuring the servers would be up almost immediately after I closed my eyes. I wake up this morning to see the game is still down and it will also impact the launch date of Helm’s Deep expansion!

Latest update from LOTRO’s Facebook:

We continue to work to restore service to the LOTRO game worlds. At this time the game servers remain down.

We are temporarily delaying the launch of Helm’s Deep while we work to address remaining issues, and will provide more information later this morning. We thank you for your continued patience, and will keep you updated.

At this time, the LOTRO.com site is up and forums are working. There is no new information posted by Turbine about the launch at this time. Facebook seems to be the best place for information but I suspect it’ll shift to the forums soon.

Update 7:00am Eastern from LOTRO’s Facebook:

At this time all LOTRO game worlds are now available. We thank you for your patience! The Helm’s Deep launch remains temporarily delayed, and we will keep you updated.

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3 Responses to “#LOTRO: Helm’s Deep Temporarily Delayed Due to Power Outage”

  1. Deac Says:

    Got on Dwarrowdelf at 6:15 EST and immediately turned in bounders bounties. Yay! Was 1st there but in 5 minutes there were 10 others doing the same.


  2. camenecium Says:

    I’m not surprised it took so long to come up, and I hope Turbine takes its time before starting the HD upgrade. A real-time app recovering after a sudden failure is bad enough, but any data integrity problems created by the failure and not solved before running the HD update could create serious problems during the update. That would be a bad thing.



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