#LOTRO: Last Call on Bounders Bounty Tokens

November 16, 2013


Monday Helm’s Deep is launching and so you only have until 6am Eastern on Monday to use up any Bounders Bounty Tokens you have collected!

@LOTRO on twitter reminds us and lets us know that any unused tokens will be converted into Marks.

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5 Responses to “#LOTRO: Last Call on Bounders Bounty Tokens”

  1. Julaneth Says:

    wait! we won’t be able to use them anymore? So I can’t get another steed after Helm’s Deep launches?


  2. Kha Says:

    How about the converted rate, 1 token = 1 mark?


  3. PSKDarror Says:

    Thanks for the reminder. Any info on the conversion ratio?


  4. Goreamir Says:

    I haven’t seen anything on the conversion ratio. So we have no way of knowing if it’s a better deal to get what we can from the token vendor now, or get marks for them later, or whatever. Thanks, turbine.


  5. Ryzis Says:

    Whaaat? Gone? Oh man! I didn’t know that!


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