#LOTRO: Last Day for Helms Deep Pre-Purchase Goodies

November 17, 2013


Helm’s Deep launches tomorrow, November 18th so this is last call for anyone who was interested in the pre-order extras. Purchasing of the expansion will still be available, in-fact it will be available in the LOTRO Store after launch.

There are two editions available and here’s a listing of just the pre-purchase goodies not the entire package. These are the items that will no longer available with the expansion purchase after tomorrow’s launch.

Premium Edition:

  • Shield of the Hammerhand (Statted Cloak  +25%XP, scales to level of wearer)
  • Exclusive War-steed Bundle (The Steed of the Hammerhand) – an exclusive Rohirrim mount with matching War-Steed appearance


Base Edition:

  • Token of Hornburg (+25% Monster XP and Crafting XP)
  • The Steed of the Hammerhand – an exclusive Rohirrim Mount

Some of these items may be able to purchase individually in the store, I am not up on what is an isn’t going into the LOTRO Store. Previously we’ve had the experience tokens able to purchase in the store after an expansion launch but they are purchased per character instead of account wide like in these offers.

Pre-orders are available from:

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6 Responses to “#LOTRO: Last Day for Helms Deep Pre-Purchase Goodies”

  1. LelqTian Says:

    By Sapience, on the LOTRO forums (https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?530864-What-will-and-won-t-be-available-in-the-LOTRO-Store-Helm-s-Deep-Pack)

    What will, and won’t, be available in the LOTRO Store Helm’s Deep Pack
    For those who are on the fence about whether to pre-order now or wait to make your purchase of Helm’s Deep on Monday using Turbine Points, here’s what you will find in the LOTRO Store offering, and what will be going away once the pre-order ends.

    Helm’s Deep in the LOTRO Store

    Price: 4295 Turbine Points
    Unlocks the Helm’s Deep Expansion.
    Includes: Skirmish Trait Max Rank 45,
    Enforcer of Helm Title,
    Hauberk of the Hammerhand,
    Epic Battles access
    Helm’s Deep content access including the Epic Story

    What you are NOT Getting:
    BASE EDITION Items not included in the LOTRO Store Bundle:

    1000 Turbine points
    Token of the Hornburg
    Steed of the Hammerhand

    PREMIUM EDITIONItems not included in the LOTRO Store Bundle:

    2000 Turbine Points
    Shield of the Hammerhand
    Avenger of the Helm – title
    Armour of the Hammerhand
    Quest Log slots + 10
    Exclusive Rohan Mount Bundle (war-steed + mount)

    Things which are NOT GOING TO BE SOLD IN THE STORE:

    Armour of the Hammerhand
    Steed of the Hammerhand
    Exclusive Rohan Mount Bundle (war-steed + mount)
    Legendary Upgrade Pack will no longer give you movie tickets.

    Things which we MIGHT (much later) bring to the store: ….maybe

    Quest slots + 10

    There’s no mention whatsover if the +XP shield will be available in the future.


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      Goldenstar Says:

      Sapience’s post was focusing on what was going to be sold via the online web pack versus buying with Turbine Points in the LOTRO Store. I was trying to feature just the pre-order items that will not be available no matter how you buy it after today.

      I also noticed his lack of mentioning the XP item. They do have a pattern of including it in the store later but it doesn’t mean they will.


  2. dmalnati Says:

    Interesting question, I jut purchases one of the pre-purchase packs but it never asked me which of my two subscriptions I wanted it on. Both subs are under one account. In the past when I purchased something it asked which sub I wanted it on. With Heals deep it never asked, just gave me my confirmation stuff. Now I am wondering if its account wide and I got it on both Subs.


  3. Fernando Says:

    I wish i had money to buy it D:


  4. Matt Says:

    Well, I went to pre-order helm’s deep. Sites are down.
    Turbine should extend the pre-order by one day.

    It isn’t the player’s fault that they could not get a pre-order today.

    Or maybe that was Turbine’s plan.. Screw the player who didn’t pre-order before the last day it was available.


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