#LOTRO: Power Outage at Datacenter Causes Game to be Down

November 17, 2013


no_power_here_lotrLOTRO is currently down including their game servers and their forums due to a power outage at their datacenter.

From LOTRO’s facebook page:

6:50PM Update: Due to a power issue at our datacenter, all services within the datacenter lost power. For unknown reasons, the backup power systems did not properly come online causing all services to lose power and go offline. Once the power issue is resolved, we will begin the process of verifying and restoring our games and websites. We appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.

This didn’t affect just LOTRO. All Turbine games are feeling this outage. They are working to get it back up and running soon though!

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11 Responses to “#LOTRO: Power Outage at Datacenter Causes Game to be Down”

  1. Brigo of Crickhollow Says:

    Ahh! I just finished my paperwork like a good hobbit and have some 4500 or so bounders tokens to trade in for steeds and such on my alt accounts! Surely they’ll extend the trade-in time (*fingers and toes crossed*)!


    • Deac Says:

      Not nearly 4500, but I just logged on to barter for a symbol. Guess it serves me right for waiting until the last minute.


  2. wumpus Says:

    Looks like I’m a bit under 1000 (I had enough for one steed for all my alts, decided I get them each an outrider token (getting them all to Moria has been slow, especially since I haven’t bought enough packs).

    Still irked at losing those tokens (or at least converted into marks), even though I have no idea what I was planning to barter.


  3. Hobbitmeister Says:

    1235, was grinding the last <300 to get a Bounders Pony for my Mini when poof, the game is stuck. I relog only to find "that" is not going to happen either.

    Crosses fingers and toes they will extend turnin period a day or even 1/2 a day.


  4. Supergirl Says:

    CSTM… still my first stop for Lotro news. Thanks for the heads up that lotro is down. I will react appropriately and go to bed. :)


  5. Kanati Says:

    The word from LOTRO’s FaceBook acct is that the Bounder’s Bounty deadline will not be extended. Apparently the Bounty to Mark conversion is baked into the HD patch and Turbine is not delaying the release of HD.

    Please note that I am NOT an official source. I apologize I am in error.


  6. Kanati Says:

    Darn lack of edit function…. grumble, grumble, grumble…

    *I apologize *if* I am in error.


  7. Avatar of Tsu
    Tsu Says:

    I am also one of those that left many things unfinished before HD arrival…RW made it impossible for me to do half of what I really desired …

    …including some bounders tokens to be handed in …

    I was happy enough that I will get some sort of compensation (marks) had come to terms with this but know seeing how so much has been effected I am starting to think a longer delay is going to happen so am again crossing my fingers and toes hoping to be able to wrap stuff up…

    I hope they don’t delay DH because of Bounders but if they delay for another reason I will be happy to take advantage and wrap up!


    • Hobbitmeister Says:

      Luck is with you. If you noticed from this morning’s server situation(s)(hopefully yours isn’t one of the adversly affected servers), you should be able to do a wrap up of your Bounders Token business.

      I took full advantage and managed to grind out the last 285 tokens I needed to get a second Delving pony for an alt. I was sweating bullets though because I hit a long streak of a dry spell for Bounders Bags not dropping.



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