Poll: Getting a Next Gen Console Game System?

November 25, 2013

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It seems I can’t open my feed reader without being bombarded with stories and news mostly pertaining to the new gaming consoles. I personally have very little interest in console gaming in general so not super excited by the new consoles but I’m me and you are you. Are you excited to pick up and play one or both of these new systems? Pick a choice in our poll and expand upon your choice below!

Buying a next gen console?

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20 Responses to “Poll: Getting a Next Gen Console Game System?”

  1. Avatar of Thuindir
    Thuindir Says:

    Next Gen Console… nah… new desktop for wife to play LOTRO and other MMO’s, Oh Yeah!


  2. WalkingBear Says:

    The last console I owned was an N64 and that only because it was a castoff from one of my neighbors and my 4year old loved mario bros. Before that it was an Intellivision and an Atari 7800.

    PC’s for me since the mid 80s.


  3. susan Says:

    lol, judging by the results the console marketing dept would be sad pandas. I cant get into the whole console controls, pc all the way tho I am even getting tired of that, moving to sofa playing more and more which means eventually I will be setting up some sort of console in the future. blah


  4. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    We had a Wii, and I played it for a while, until I got the Wii Fit and it plumped my avatar up, which just made me depressed (I know; the truth hurts).


  5. LelqTian Says:

    No plans to get a home console. Between my almost brand new laptop, iPad and 3DS XL I think I’m covered for a while to come. Besides, there’s like, zero games that are coming to the likes of the XBox/PS4 that interest me.


  6. Bryandt Says:

    No plans on it. For the price of a next gen console, I could get another PC. Beyond that, what could I possibly do on a next gen console that I can’t already do on my PC? What? Play a few “exclusive” titles? Most of the titles I’m interested in come up for sale on Steam anyway, with very few exceptions.


  7. Osdor Says:

    Hmm, new console versus new graphics card – consoles have no chance :)


  8. Lared of Eldar Says:

    I think my GTX Titan would get a tad upset if I was to buy a seriously underpowered replacement in a ‘next gen’ console. PC all the way.


  9. Avatar of Meluilin
    Meluilin Says:

    I’ll always be a pc person when it comes to gaming. But sometimes it is nice to relax on the couch and enjoy a game with family or friends. And there are a few games that interest me on the counsel. So I’m sure I’ll get one… eventually.


  10. Mave Says:

    I have a Wii (not a fan of it) and a PS3 (can’t live without it), and that’s all I really need. The Wii never ever gets used anymore, but the PS3 is the cornerstone of entertainment in our house, since I use it as a media server. Since Sony has eliminated DLNA and MP3 support from the PS4, there is exactly zero chance I will waste my money. If I were to consider anything, it would be the Xbox One, because I love Forza and wish I could play it. But I hate the Xbox controller with the flames of hell, and since I’m primarily a PC gamer I just don’t feel all that compelled to get any new systems. I’d put that cash into more RAM or something instead.


  11. Ocho Says:

    Not interested in the PS4 or XBOne… however, Valve’s Steambox is still intriguing me. If I can install games to it, as well as possibly stream them from my PC (and still have all the amenities like DVD playback and Netflix), it’ll interest me a lot more than the other 2 systems.


    • susan Says:

      yes, something like this is what I am heading more to as sitting at the puter is so uncomfortable compared to the sofa.


  12. bob101910 Says:

    Got an Xbox One. Amazing so far. Dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct are very fun. Feel sorry for those that play PC only.


  13. Rufusstan Says:

    Why bother? This is the first console generation where everything they can offer is already possible on a PC.

    A graphics card upgrade that will cost half the price of a console will likely surpass anything either box can do. (and if I wait a year or so until games appear that might stretch my current GPU….).

    Add a low-end steam box (if or when they appear) if I want to stream to a TV and what else do you need?

    Outside of software brand loyalty, I don’t see the appeal. The fact they get away with no backwards computability is amazing to me.


    • bob101910 Says:

      Some people like to play games without spending a lot of money. I spent $500 on X1 and will be able to use it for the next 8 years or so without buying anything else for it. I personally don’t know any PCs from 8 years ago, without upgrades, that can run fancy new games on it’s lowest settings. Some people play games for it’s game play oder story, not because it looks nice.


      • Rufusstan Says:

        I agree with the ease, but people often overestimate the cost of PCs — especially if you are willing assemble your own machine.

        For around $500, you can build a PC that will match and provably beat the X1 for gaming power, with all the usual advantages of a PC — and that is without skimping on brands/quality of components.

        Four figure sums are always thrown around with PCs. Sometimes it can be put down to style or profits for the manufacturer, but mostly: its either a machine built to operate at a higher resolution/framerate than a console, or grossly overpowered for what you need — depending on how you look at it.

        A perspective is that my current GPU, a HD 5850, is over 4 years old (really surprised when I checked). 10 years ago, it would be obsolete by now.

        I recently downloaded the new Tomb Raider, let the game auto-detect graphics settings at High def resolution (I play at just under 1080p), The game turned everything up to max. When I used the benchmark, it averaged just under 60fps, and didn’t drop under 45.

        I can see how a console can be a good option, and it works well in some ways that a PC does not, but PCs are a far better option than they were (or people realise).


  14. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    My recent console aquisition was a wiiU and I have to say that I’m enjoying the games that have made their way onto it. It’s just a shame that the big publishers for whatever reason are delaying the launches for that console over the other 2.

    It was good to see ubisoft actually have the guts to try and work in the pad as a gameplay tool rather than just off TV play. Now the PS4 is looking to have something similar using the vita it’ll be interesting to see how many others decide to try new things. The recent app integration for AC4 is something that again shows good potential if the devs have the guts to play around with things.

    Marketing for the xbone to me wasnt really aimed at the games playing public with the focus on tellybox stuff, that I either wouldnt have access to or would want to use. Sony came across as more game centred But from what I’ve seen the launch titles (for both of the big two) arent that great with no real console seller like gears of war or uncharted.

    Maybe I’m getting old but to me a games console should be for games first and foremost, same reasoning for me not bothering with a smart phone. I use a phone to make phone calls not watch movies on a miniscule screen.

    Once gfx cards like the titans come down in price and steam release their OS I can see the PC gamer making moves into the lounge assuming they dont already have one hooked in to their tv already.


  15. Kanati Says:

    The last console I owned was a Testar Colotron (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telstar_(game_console)).

    I’ve preferred computer games over console games ever since the Commodore VIC-20 came out. I’d rather put $400 into upgrades for my gaming rig than buy a console that will be obsolete the minute it is released.


  16. Centration Says:

    What the hell? ^^
    ” Plan to buy / receive both consoles: 1%, 0 votes” (how the hell is that possible?!)
    ” Bought both a PS 4 and an xBox One: 0%, 2 votes” (What the?! o.O)


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