Poll: Launch Day – Love it or Skip it?

November 18, 2013

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Launch days are a day of great excitement. However, there’s been game /expansion launches in the past I’ve participated in that I take the day off of work and anxiously await the opening of only to find that issues crop up and prevent me from playing. I end up taking a vacation day just to not be able to play the thing I was so excited for. Due to this history of mine, I always have this inner struggle with launch days. Do I stay home and attempt to jump in first or is it best to wait and let all the kinks get worked out before I login?

So now you know the reasoning behind this poll, it’s your turn to weigh in. Do you have the same juggle of emotions when it comes to game / expansion launches? Answer best you can below in the poll and feel free to leave comments below!

Launch Day - Love it or Skip it?

  • I will login as soon as schedule allows (59%, 283 Votes)
  • I purposely skip launch day and login a day or two later (25%, 119 Votes)
  • I am waiting anxiously to be the first to login! (9%, 41 Votes)
  • Other (7%, 39 Votes)

Total Voters: 482

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15 Responses to “Poll: Launch Day – Love it or Skip it?”

  1. Kevin Brill (@kevinbrill) Says:

    I used to take launch day off, but historically launch day has just equated to “downtime” and not actually “game time”. So now, I just let things roll and log in that evening after work. I’m never in the race to world first, so it’s no skin off my back if I’m behind a bit.


  2. Avatar of Elinnea
    Elinnea Says:

    I never rearrange my schedule for it, but I do patch and log in as soon as I can. There’s something satisfying about finally getting into the new expansion, proclaiming, “I made it in!” and seeing which of my guild-mates are also present. I rarely get much actual gaming done on patch days though, because the patching itself takes up most of my available gaming time.


  3. Pointy Says:

    I remember fondly being online really late the night BEFORE Moria launched. They released the patches early both for people who had got it and people who hadn’t, so I managed to get it downloaded and installed before I went to bed and then the next day when it was opened, it was all ready to go.

    Why don’t they do that any more? Oh, wait, it’s because we don’t get shiny disks any more, isn’t it?


  4. William Eberle Says:

    I log on but I avoid the new areas. The content of a new expansion tends to be overwhelmed for my tastes (I like a more quiet, serene game), so I will be spending time dealing with character changes but hitting the new content later in the week.


  5. Pickles (Mew) Says:

    Stuck at work and school so I’ll probably get home late, patch it overnight, and play the next evening.


  6. LelqTian Says:

    I’ll try to log in as soon as I’m able, but if things are as chaotic as the last launch day I was around for (the RoI, I wasn’t around for the RoR one), the best I can hope is to manage to log in the day after.

    I second that there should be pre-patching. I understand that things are tight on the schedule and all, but there must be some things that they are able to put in before hand, or like in increments, (like the landmass at least or something like that). That would be beneficial for everyone – both players and devs, not to mention the servers.


  7. Gorfaroth Says:

    I’m all about efficiency. I CANNOT just sit around waiting for my computer to download an update, so I start it in the morning before I go off to college. Seeing as it is delayed, I will probably do it overnight. As for taking days off to play LOTRO, that’s just not for me. I had many second thoughts about even purchasing the expansion (because hardcore raiders are not being accommedated). But, alas, many (not all) of my active kin members bought it, so I guess LOTRO earned itself another year.


  8. Pasduil Says:

    Considering that you have an inner struggle, I’m surprised something like that wasn’t an option in the poll!

    For me it varies a lot. Sometimes I blithely start up the game on auto-pilot and it’s only when I see the patching happening that I remember the update is that day. Other times I’m eager to try out some new stuff I was looking forward to and can’t wait to download. And then again I’ve had enough bad launch day experiences that sometimes I catch myself, and tell myself to wait for the dust to settle before even attempting to patch.

    Don’t know which it will be with HD, but right this minute, I think real life is going to stop me delving deep into it anyway, so I might as well wait a day or few.


  9. bob101910 Says:

    Woke up early to start the download while I was at class. Sadly with the delay, that didn’t help.


  10. Knify - Riddermark Says:

    Turbine has confirmed the update is delayed until Wednesday


  11. peekyb Says:

    ive lost my excitement. since cstm left the airways i feel like ive lost my ingame buddys even tho we weren’t. was great to hear your take on lotro, something my rl friends would never have conversations about. so i have yet to purchase, this time round i’ll wait. too much lag and over population. and it’ll also be full of bugs that’ll take a while to fix. meh!


  12. Kanati Says:

    Usually I just patch when I can and play something else in the interim. It’s rare that LOTRO, SWTOR, & Steam all go down at once (it has happened tho).


  13. Rufusstan Says:

    Rule 1 going back over a decade to my AC days, is never play on patch day.

    The only way I broke the rule was to go and explore (find the new stuff) — particularly back when the game didn’t signpost anything new, and 30-40 Kinmates expected me to know what was going on when they logged in.

    Even today when things are (usually) more reliable and stable on release, my behaviour for a day or two is based on the assumption that something unforeseen will cause everything to be rolled back.


  14. FoxFire Says:

    I voted other.

    While I may log in on launch day or a day or two later, I generally do not play much if at all during the period I like to call the “paid beta phase”.

    Not only do I like to wait for all the crowds to move through, but I generally wait to begin seriously playing the new content until after the 1st major post launch patch.

    Given I largely have one completionist Main, and no serious contenders for even one alt getting to end-game content, I like my experience to be as bug free as possible.


  15. Pasduil Says:

    This year I’m trying a new option: Watch the twitterverse and blogosphere and see how it’s going for people before I risk patching myself.


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