#Rift: Goldenstar Shard First

November 30, 2013


Merric and I were in Shimmersand mercilessly murdering Golden Maw to help me collect the Spellspun Silk I needed to finish up my tier of Outfitter crafting when a lockbox dropped. Merric allowed me to have it and we carried on with our senseless slaughter for a while longer.

When I returned to town I found the box and pulled one of my keys stored in my vault to open it.

Then this happened.

GS First


This sounds like a big deal to be telling everyone about it! I was pretty excited to rush to see what an eternal flamestone of negation is. Does it set things on fire? Does it do subtraction? What could it be?

Eternal Flamestone of Negation
Bind on equip
Planar Essence

Wisdom +26
Endurance +32
Intelligence +23
Block +41
Fire Resist +38

Requires Level 50
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 301)
Salvageable (Apothecary 225)

It’s a Planar Essence. I suppose it’s cool and all but I don’t know why it’s so all fire special to require to tell everyone I was the fist to get one. So I’m confused but I guess I’m the first with a eternal flamedoo-hickey! On Faeblight at least.

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2 Responses to “#Rift: Goldenstar Shard First”

  1. dmalnati Says:

    It’s just something they do in the game. First time an Item drops no mater what it is (well I think it has to be at least blue rarity) it announces it to the shard. Used to see a lot of those messages when the game first started. I got one about 2 months ago with some orange sword I found in a chest with Suhadra.


  2. Beryline Says:

    Yes, back at launch I would get these messages fairly regularly as I was crafting. I guess there weren’t many people making bows at the time :D


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