#Rift: Greenscale Blight Chronicle

November 13, 2013

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I’ll admit that after hitting 50 in Rift I sort of felt like giving up. It was a lot of work fighting much harder monsters to level.

All that is changed now that Merric hit level 50 and got me to join in in adventures. I figured out a healing spec to join his tankiness and last weekend we went in for our first Chronicle adventure in Rift.

Chronicles are 1-2 man dungeons that open up after reaching level 50. There are four chronicles available:

I did do the Ceremony of Attunement on my own when I hit 50. I didn’t know I could bring a friend or I would have as I died quite a bit in the end sequence of that instance.

Merric picked the Greenscale Blight chronicle as our first one to do together. I had a really good time. It was fun running about lost and discovering things together. Mostly I was making Merric feel super confident by exclaiming I figured out what some of my skills do. I hadn’t had much practice at healing up until now.

For funsies, Merric live streamed it. You can’t hear me, I was sitting too far away and for the first part you can barely hear Merric over the battle sounds. It’s probably good you can’t hear me though as I am still incredibly sick and sound a lot like a chain smoking demon or something.

We put the video up on YouTube although it is a hour long. I dunno how much fun watching that will be but it’s there if you want to see it or skip around.

We’ve considered doing more if people would like to see more. Get me mic’d up so you can hear me exclaim “I’m shooting light fart balls at the monster for you!” because you all know you want to hear that!

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5 Responses to “#Rift: Greenscale Blight Chronicle”

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    Zyngor Says:

    Nice work, and grats on that lock box key you got right before you did the chronicle!

    More would always be fun, but ofc do whatever makes it fun for you guys.


  3. dissapointed Says:

    Which addon is Merric using for morale/power etc please?


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