Hobbit Meals: Pecan Praline Baked Brie

December 21, 2013

Hobbit Meals

Holy cow you guys. Do not even read this crap I wrote here and just run to the store so you can make this for yourself. Don’t just stand there! FLY YOU FOOLS!!

Pecan Praline Baked Brie

Recipe: Something Swanky

I was looking for a new special treat to try for the holiday season. I’m still baking up a cookie storm but thought something new might be appreciated as well so I planned to make this one evening.

I’ve never made anything like this before but I have to say it’s really easy and looks pretty impressive. This is something to serve the in-laws to prove that you are awesome to the people who believe you stole their precious boy away from his homeland to live in a land of ice and snow forever… errr … just for example.

I took other pictures of me making this recipe but I think this picture says it all.

This. Was. Fabulous.

Merric’s comment when getting him to take his first bite was “OH MY GOD” followed by furiously working to spoon more onto a cracker to shove in his mouth. Baby Hobbit isn’t a fan of nuts on things but she admitted the “frosting” was delicious.

So long as you’re not like deathly allergic to any of the ingredients, you want this in your mouth right now. Heck you may want it in your mouth even if allergic and have the paramedics on stand-by.

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4 Responses to “Hobbit Meals: Pecan Praline Baked Brie”

  1. William Eberle Says:

    This looks delicious! Although, using the word “crap” in a post about food does tend to be a bit off-putting :-)


  2. Tuiliel Says:

    OMG…runs to store…


  3. Avatar of Limm
    Limm Says:

    Oh. My. Yum. Pecans and brie are two of my most favorite things ever! So going to make this asap!


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