Little Inferno

December 26, 2013

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Little Inferno1Right before Christmas our area was hit hard with an ice storm that knocked out the power. We were lucky enough to get a hotel room thanks to Aunty Hobbit (she works for a hotel). In our rush to pack items in the dark I did not bring much in the way of gaming with me.

In our stress and worry about how to handle Christmas possibly from a hotel (we made it home for Christmas), Ketani contacted me about this game. First I teased her and called her a pyro but apparently I totally am a pyro as well as I can’t stop playing this game!

This game is available on many platforms. Ketani played it on the Wii U but since I was without my laptop and gaming consoles she pointed out I could get it on iOS so I am playing it on my iPad.

This isn’t a complex game but it quickly became addictive. You buy items from a catalog and then you burn them in your “Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace”. The items burn and give you money that you can use to by more items to burn. Stamps are used to expedite shipping of your catalog items.

There is more than just the burning things though. There are combos you earn for burning certain items together. This little achievement system has me hooked trying to figure out what I need to burn to earn them. You are encouraged to find combos as well as you have to have earned a certain number of combos before you can buy the next catalog of stuff to burn!

There is also a storyline with your crazy neighbor that I am still working on finishing. She sends you letters which you read and then of course burn. Apparently everyone in this town is sitting in their houses staring into their fireplaces and burning things. I’m interested to see where things go with her. She seems a bit … off. Mostly I just like to burn stuff and discover combos.

This is a fun and addictive little game. Thank you Ketani for sharing it with me and now I’m sharing it with you! Let me know if you try this game out and if you like it!

Little Inferno by Experimental Gameplay

Several versions are even on sale right now!

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6 Responses to “Little Inferno”

  1. Ketani Says:

    Hah, I knew you’d love it. Of course, now I’ve got that darn jingle stuck in my head. *It’s Little Inferno! It’s Little Inferno just for meeeeeeeee!*


  2. Chrisanth Says:

    If I could make a suggestion might want to keep the ticket for a free hug. Not a big deal if you burned it, but really who couldn’t use a hug.


  3. Glinluin Says:

    Little inferno is in the humble bundle for the next 4 days, I’ve been merrily burning stuff and playing solar 2 over Christmas :)


  4. YagmanX Says:

    This game is amazing, I recently bought it because of the humble bundle sale and I’m so hooked!

    I decided to do a video on it as I knew it would be fun to play and watch… I can get quite into these games (especially with such cool music) so if anyone wants to check it out please do:



  5. nova Says:

    little inferno is made by the same guys that created world of goo. be sure to check it out, it’s a wonderfully sticky puzzle game with quite a nice story, if you’re a goo ball that is :D


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