#LOTRO: Deeping-Coomb Swallowed Me

December 3, 2013

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Dum time this week we headed back into Helm’s Deep! We broke into groups of two and this week Hoppy had the unfortunate luck of being stuck with me. We ran several of the new Helm’s Deep epic battles but the night held two favorite moments for me.

First we were running “The Deeping Wall”. We actually were finishing when Aragorn called out to clear the wall. Hoppy and I did absolutely nothing and stood on the wall like a couple of doofuses. Seconds later the whole wall crumbled to the ground (seriously, don’t even tell me you think this is a spoiler) with us dummies standing on it and we instantly died. It was glorious. I really really wish I had taken a screenshot of it.

Next we were in “The Deeping-coomb” and we got the task to protect some engineers. I was on it and protecting the poop out those engineers. Then one of those engineers dropped some sort of weird engineer trap on my head and I was slammed to a weird subterranean realm.

Little known fact I learned during this experience: under the Deeping-Coomb is a bunch of water. I had to swim everywhere.

Because it is Dum Time we loved it. I could still target and attack things from my secret location although moving around was a little hard due to all the swimming. I was a secret mole hobbit stabbing the soles of everyone’s feet!

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    Sullo Says:

    Hilarious. I love the bugs almost as much as I love the game. :)


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