#LOTRO: Gift of the Valar–Who is it for?

December 13, 2013



Yesterday Turbine announced the Gift of the Valar is officially a thing on live servers. From December 13th – 19th, you have the option of buying a package in game that will auto level one character to level 50 with some bonuses. Who should buy this package?

First let’s look at the package itself.

Gift of the Valar 4995 TP

Receive a gift from the Valar that makes your character powerful enough to delve in the deeps of Moria. After using the Gift of the Valar, your character will instantly be raised to level 50! Delivers a package that contains the following:

  • Gift of the Valar Item
  • A set of level 50 gear
  • 1 Gold piece
  • An LIXP rune, worth enough XP to bring one LI to level 10
  • 4 ranks of each virtue
  • The Riding skill
  • A Dusky Nimblefoot Goat
  • A 25-stack of food that scales with your level
  • A 25-stack of Morale and Power potions that scale with your level
  • 5 +100% XP Boosts
  • A single-use map to Rivendell
  • 25 Mithril Coins

A new player should not buy this

I know that 95 levels of play seems daunting but I could easily come up with a list of why a new LOTRO player should not buy this package.

  1. You are skipping all the free content. By auto-leveling to 50, you are instantly into the realm of buying expansion and extra zone content quest packs in order to quest and easily progress any further. Moria isn’t even included in the Gift of the Valar. You’d have to buy that to start out!
  2. You will miss all the very valuable “learn what my class does” time of leveling to 50.
  3. You could buy this auto-level for a class you discover later that you don’t like! Some classes don’t really develop into their solid roles until the 30s or later.
  4. You miss out on some fine and very iconic Middle-earth adventures. I suppose you could come back to do grey quests but you know you won’t!

Then who should buy this?

Now I realize that anyone with 4995 TP can buy this but should they?

Since yesterday’s announcement of this package I’ve been thinking who would benefit the most from skipping content and the best answer I could come up with a veteran player wanting to level an alt.

A veteran player has done the pre-50 quest, probably multiple times. They also probably already own Moria and are familiar enough with mechanics to know they like the class and what it does.

I can understand someone making this purchase for their next alt just to skip a head in the process they already know so very well.

Would I (Goldenstar) buy this?

I would consider myself a veteran player with multiple alts so opinion time, would I buy this?

No. I personally would not buy this item mostly because of the cost. 4995 TP is approximately $50. I cannot see myself spending $50 on a single character to get to 50 even with all the extra goodies tacked on. If I had $50 burning a hole in my pocket I’d look to buy myself a new game (or more than one even) rather than skip content for one character in LOTRO.

I don’t mind the pre-Moria content and I personally have no reason to skip ahead. Sure I’ve done the Shire and Bree a dozen times or more. I still wouldn’t skip it.

Would you consider buying this? Please share in the comments below why you would or wouldn’t!

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58 Responses to “#LOTRO: Gift of the Valar–Who is it for?”

  1. ax Says:

    I would buy it if it was cheaper and account wide.


    • Suzawen (landroval) Says:

      Yeah, the price is what is putting me off. For that price it should be an account-wide option. For say… 1000 TP, without the goat, I’d go for it. Maybe even for 2000 tp, but that price, not unless account wide


  2. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    5000tp is far too much for a per character set of unlocks.

    True levelling to 50 will take you longer than clicking on an item but by that point you’ll have earned more than 1g in cash with relative ease. Again with the virtues 4 levels dont seem that many although for some the spawns used for slayer deeds are painful so a boost would be welcome.

    As it drops you at level 50 with xp scrolls the value of the gear and lixp rune drops as well. Using the scroll will (potentially) make you power past the effective range of the LI you add the rune to and those arent exactly uncommon items.

    Unless the armour is really really good then again with boosted xp you’re very likely going to be outlevelling it within a day or so.

    I can never remember if the dusky goat was the really bad one or not, although the tweak to riding skill ranks might make that more viable although you’d have to pay more to get the higher tiers of riding.

    Consumables are just filler stuff that I for one tend to forget about as are the mithril coins although given the ride from rivendell down to the gates of moria those will probably be spent on swift travel to eregion.

    And then as GS said you miss out the valuable time spent getting to know the class. Although the adjustment might not be as bad as for those who were 85 and had the heart ripped out of their character by the talent tree revamp.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      The Dusky Nimblefoot Goat is the really poopy low healthy one. This doesn’t look like a tweak to the riding skill rank either. It looks like the default riding skill so you are able to ride your new poopy goat.


      • Avatar of andyb
        andyb Says:

        Realised that the swift travel to eregion probably isnt even an option unless you no longer need to discover stables to unlock them.

        And if someone is new to the game then that particular journey isnt exactly the easiest to navigate and goes on forever.

        Given that and the free goat you get inside moria now anyway a better choice might have been to include a 2nd map to echad whatsit down by the gates.


    • Gentoo Says:

      I can’t imagine they’d even hand the player ‘done’ class deeds either. Level 50 and none of them started? Sounds horrible.


  3. Mirmo Says:

    I might buy it if it were $25. But instead of selling mid-level toons, I’d rather they implement an alternative leveling path and a mentoring system. I love RIFT’s instant adventures. When I don’t have a lot of time to play, I run some IAs. When I want to sit down for a session, I mentor down and do the content I skipped. If I could skip past content in LOTRO that I’ve done several times already, but still have the option to do it in a meaningful way later, that’d be something worth paying for. Once you skip it and it’s all grey, it’s a lot harder to rationalize and get motivated to go back and do it.


    • Avatar of Ellrion
      Ellrion Says:

      you’ve just reminded me of the “sidekick/mentor” system in City of Heroes. man that was a fantastic way to play with your friends. i’m glad that RIFT does something similar, it’s been so long since CoH that i’m frankly baffled that EVERY MMO hasn’t implemented that in some way.


      • Avatar of andyb
        andyb Says:

        STO has a sidekicking system that lets you level match the party leader.

        Great idea but hilarity can occur if people are spread out and the mobs spawn is triggered by the higher player.

        GW2′s level locking within set zones is kind of similar but more forced on you.

        Both good setups and still allow people to make use of the content in the game rather than pushing people towards the mythical endgame.


  4. dissapointed Says:

    You can level up to 50 in one day if you know what you are doing and as veteran player you should. ONE DAY!!! I dont see any reason for a veteran player to buy it. For 5 dollars, perhaps. For 50? Not a chance…not even if it was account wide. And that is coming from player who had pre-HD all 9 classes lvl 85 and 8 of them T2CM raid ready. I would rather spend one day leveling toon number 10 then pay Turbine 50 dollars for this crap.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      LOL maybe you can do it in a day, my friend. I personally don’t have the time or attention span to do it in a day. But sure, I could probably do it in a few weeks to a month if I wanted to. Early leveling goes pretty quickly. I agree that it is not that difficult.


      • Pasduil Says:

        God alone knows how you can level to 50 in a day!

        But there was an article recently about how someone leveled to 50 in SWTOR in a day. But their method was nothing like normal play at all. It involved multiboxing while grouped with a max-level alt, using every XP boost known to man and so on. Even then it was a marathon session.


      • dissapointed Says:

        Of course it is little bit extreme and I am sure most people dont have that much time. Not many people is able to sit whole saturday and level up. But still. Price for this item is completely crazy.


      • Smugglin Says:

        Its more like time played then actually you sitting at a computer for 24 hrs straight. I just started another hunter to see how leveling goes post HD and I was at lvl 50 in Eregion and my /played was at 1 day 1hr and change with no real effort.


        • dissapointed Says:

          No. When I said one day, I ment one day. Woke up in the morning, start at 7 and in the evening I am done. Twelve hours. But as I also said, I can imagine others are not that crazy as I am. And dont forget about those shiny +100% exp scrolls. I got like 50 of those on my other toons just from drops, never bought single one of those.


    • baue8673 Says:

      I’m a pretty decent leveler, but not that fast. However, I totally agree with you on the price. Once again Lotro comes up with a decent idea, then negates it with very poor pricing. Their whole store is made of things like this. I’d gladly pitch in for small transactions, but they insist on large purchases that immediately trigger my brain to evaluate what I am getting. And that evaluation always comes up with, “I’m not getting much for my money”.

      They really need to cut their store prices in half, at least. I’ve played a lot of other “free” games that actually have some thought into their prices, and I’ve spent way more money than I have on lotro.


      • dissapointed Says:

        Exactly. I wonder who is responsible for their price list. How can this crap cost more than whole expansion is beyond me.


        • Avatar of Vræden
          Vræden Says:

          It’s not targeted at the everyday player. It’s for someone who REALLYwants to leel up very quickly and can drop $50 without a second thought. Or the initial price is a test balloon they’re running up to see what people will actually pay. Remember when the hobby horse was first announced at $50?

          After an initial run, the price will probably come down.


  5. Doge Says:

    Just further proof that Turbine took a fantastic game and continues to milk it for all they can before they officially kill it. This game went downhill with Mirkwood and sadly I haven’t looked back since I left


  6. susan Says:

    Its been my experience with other games that once the company starts these kind of offers the company is forecasting a closure of the game and is seeking to eke out the last bit of revenue from its hardcore alt players and impulsive new players.

    but hey, if someone is silly enuf to pay extra for the privilege to skip most of the game content then more power to them.


  7. Cosmetic Lotro Says:

    In order to buy this package one will have to be of the opinion that the game is better post level 50 than it is pre level 50. I consider myself a vet player as well, with 11 active characters (5 post Moria level). I still weep every time one of my alts reaches level 50 and has to enter Moria.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I am the same way. I really don’t think you’re skipping ahead to any super compelling content. You’re just missing all the stuff that makes you fall in love with Middle-earth.


    • Avatar of Tsu
      Tsu Says:

      I am weeping at the thought of having to leave Moria soon!

      Having just got to lv60 in Moria (thanks turbine 100% bonus month with areas remaining) I would like to say I thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to be able to jump to Moria but with this 5000TP bundle, no way…and for new players this would just scare them away faster!


  8. Kathwren Says:

    I would never purchase it for all the well-thought out reasons you mentioned – to me, it’s a pathetic money grab


  9. Suzawen (landroval) Says:

    Yeah, the price is what is putting me off. For that price it should be an account-wide option. For say… 1000 TP, without the goat, I’d go for it. Maybe even for 2000 tp, but that price, not unless account wide


  10. Pickles (Mew) Says:

    I love this, but don’t have any 50-s to buy it for.


  11. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    There is a segment of people who believe “the game begins at the level cap”. If you subscribe to this mentality, and you have $50 per toon to spare, this package is for you.

    Since you don’t have to worry about using XX skill YY number of times to earn your class traits, you can venture into Moria with a respectable set of gear, and start working up through all of the expansion content. Also, let’s face it: if you’re a veteran player, after paying real money to buy this for a lowbie toon, you can probably use all of your alts to supply your new toon with weapons, armour, bling and money to catch them up.

    Another segment I see opting for this is people from other MMOs who get talked into LOTRO by their buddies. So instead of having to grind through the lowbie content, they can jump straight into the areas where you can start power-leveling, rush up to level 95 and start raiding with the people who talked you into the game. They won’t have to slog through the “mid-level grind” as I like to call it (~level 28-43; you know what I’m talking about!), and can still have enough experience to jump into a raid and play their role credibly.

    With the SoA content, you had 50 levels to learn your character; this way you have 45 levels to learn your character before you start the level-cap content.


    • Hymne Says:

      So what is there at level cap that one needs to hurry for then? Big battles? Those can be done at level 10 too. The Broken Moors? Old Skool Raids? Well… to me Lotro is still about its leveling content and the adventure through all those magnificent places in Middle-earth. I don’t believe there is much end level content worthy of rushing towards it. At least not currently.


      • Avatar of Vræden
        Vræden Says:

        The best content in the game are the pre-Moria zones. However, after you’ve run 6 toons through Erid Liun/Shire/Archet>Bree-land>Lone-Lands>North Downs>Evendim>Trollshaws>Misty Mountains>Angmar>Eregion, some people (myself included) don’t want to do them again. They want to accelerate their toons through the low level content so they can start raiding with their next toon.


        • Kanati Says:

          Vraeden is correct that this is a “raider trinket”. However, most people playing LOTRO these days aren’t end-game raiders and despite Vraeden’s retort, Hymne is correct in pointing out that, in it’s current state, LOTRO is about the leveling story.

          I’m hardly typical, but I’ve run disposible character through the starter zones for the TP to the point that I’ve leveled through Ered Luin, The Shire, and Bree more than 100 times. I have as much reason as anyone to be burned out with the pre-Moria zones. Despite this, I still had fun taking some “new” characters through these zones for the first time in a year or so. As with all things, YMMV.


          • Smugglin Says:

            No, this isn’t for raiders. If it was for them it would be an insta 85 or a boost of a character already 50 plus to 85. This seems more like a product test for Turbine. I would keep a lookout in the store for tomes that give you plus 5 lvls or plus 10 lvs etc in the future.

      • Cadronas Says:

        My impression is that for many who race to the level cap, it is not about the content, it is about being first to 95 and first to get the 2nd then 1st age LIs and the gold level jewels and armour, brag about it ,scoff at those who don’t have this gear,then log off for 6 months. However it may be that I just read too much of GLFF.


    • dissapointed Says:

      Lotro was about endgame, but last decent endgame update was Rise of Isengard. Rohan was just a joke (hytbold daily, forlaw daily and 3 lol cluster raids that can be finished in one hour all together) and HD is even worse. Now really leveling toon is the only joy left in game. At least for me.


    • Lythiea Says:

      Maybe. It’s still a bit much for a mid-level character. If you’re grinding out an alt to level cap and want to skip the whole process, the audience this was built for, this doesn’t really help that much. Theoretically, I’m the person this is meant for… But I sure as heck won’t be buying it.

      Everquest 2 implemented a similar item, but, frankly, they did it better. For 3500 SC (approx. $35 if you use the base line bundle), you get much much more than this package: a character 10 levels below lvl cap with a set of raid gear/weapons, a good amount of consumables, AAs set to 280 (the max level available at lvl 85) and a flying mount that scales in speed/ability for the area you’re in. With this package, you get a mid-level character with some quest gear, store consumables, the same level of virtues you can get from two low level areas, and arguably the worst mount in the game. For $15 more.

      Beyond that, EQ2 implemented the system better: You can try out new lvl 85 characters for a 1 lvl before you buy them. They come equipped with a generic leveling spec and hot bar setup when you buy them. Beyond that, EVERYONE WHO ALREADY HAD THE GAME GOT ONE FOR FREE. Free, I tell you. Free.

      Personally, I don’t think the idea’s a bad one. I’m all about making alts easier to level… I just leveled an engi in GW2 to 30 with tomes and I plan to level the rest of the way with sPVP since that’s now possible (yay!). Like many things Turbine’s released recently, the heart of this idea is good, but the implementation is awful. Even the announcement is half-arsed: Compare lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?534791-Become-Legendary-Gift-of-the-Valar-For-a-limited-time-Dec-13th-%E2%80%93-19th with everquest2.com/news/everquest2-heroic-characters-faq .

      Recently, I log in once a week, get my character a level or so, then stop. I used to get excited about the stuff that awaited me at level cap with my friends in an expansion, but… Frankly, I regret buying the expansion at all. It’s a shame, because I used to have so much fun in this game. :(


  12. Avatar of Azakael
    Azakael Says:

    Yeah, this isn’t for newbies. This is for people with alts on other servers. Has to be. After all, I wouldn’t skip a class I haven’t played to level 50. The only use I can see is if I were to start a Champion on server x. I already have multiple level 50+ Champions. If I want to play a champion on another server, this lets me skip the zones I’ve already done a large number of times.

    That said, I think 4995 TP is too much for one character. I think 995 TP or even 1995 TP would be reasonable – if and only if – you already had a character past level 50. Also, I think it’s about time that Turbine looked into revamping the entire flow of the low levels. I’m thinking multiple paths here. One of my biggest issues with levelling is that the Epic quests don’t flow very well anymore. The flow made sense back when the game was level capped at 50 and the game was subscription-based. Neither does the questing flow well once you are done with Evendim, until you reach the Eregion levels.


  13. hungoth Says:

    I’d consider buying it for my alt, if only it leveled him all the way to 95. :) but then there would be no reason to play the game, so kind of pointless anyway.

    As it is I don’t see any reason to buy it.

    Anyway I was always voting for model where you can buy lvl up with TPs, for example you buy 10 lvls for say 195 TPs per lvl and skip say 60 to 70. That way you can skip whatever content you don’t like doing…. Moria anyone?


    • Deac Says:

      I like the idea of x per level but would make it 100TP per level and then 10 and 50 level bundles. And yes, I would buy the 795TP 10 level bundle to jump from 50-60 and skip Moria.


  14. Thundayyr Says:

    No matter what Turbine or Blizzard or whomever do to try to ease the cavernous gap that a new player faces when starting a game after its matured, they will always face the same problem. As new players come online and start to play the majority of them achieve close to, if not at, the level cap. When i started in Aug 2010 the cap was 65 and it was an intimidating prospect to think about the time it would take to get there. Then when they released RoI it moved to 75, a year later 85 and now 95. I do not envy a new person starting out and having to face that.

    So as long a a game continues to grow and work to serve its veteran players it has to continue to move the level up needle to keep them interested in playing but also incite enough new people to inject capital to fund the game itself.

    Quick analogy would be Harley Davidson, the average age of the HD rider is over 55+ and steadily getting older. HD and other mfg’s have realized that they have to cater to different types of riders to get new customers into their dealerships. Either that or lose revenue and market share. Turbine is no different, they are looking for a way to get the novice player involved as quickly as they can.


  15. Avatar of
    knowfere Says:

    I got it on one of my toons. And here’s why. I have 2 lifetime accounts and really only play one. I have 3 characters that so far I get them to level cap with casual playing and rarely raiding or even grouping. I get free TP every month. I have bought some TP for things like scrolls and have maxed out ALL storage options. I have 4 toons that have sat at or near level 40 for a long long time. I have done all the pre Eregion lands time and time again, and then a new expac comes out, I get back to my maxed characters, get them all to the top. Then … nothing. I have wanted to get back into Moria/Lothlorien/Mirkwood for a long time, yet just can’t seem to get beyond level 42-43. I created a character for the sole reason of weaponsmithing as that was the only craft I didn’t have covered. My higher level characters supplied materials from zones post Eregion for this lower toon that I had no intention of leveling, and then along came reputation gated crafting…so that toon was stuck on some recipes. This character was level 29 and I did purchase this gift of the valar for it. Now I am happily getting another character into Moria as well as getting that character more on the way to those rep gated crafting recipes. I do think the price is way too high, however, since I do get 500TP/month, and had purchased more during bonus sales and during expansion purchasing, I went ahead and did it. I have no further reasoning for ever doing such again tho.


  16. Ithoran Says:

    After going back and forth about this, I decided it costs too much. Their TP store and item pricing have always been set up perfectly to force you into buying more points and spending more money than you should have to. Because of this, the ~3900 more TP I’d need to get this for one character would cost me $65 after tax, and I don’t consider that anywhere near a good deal. The only way this high of a price would be justified is if it was an account-wide unlock.

    I can’t believe after years of the LOTRO store they still don’t get it when it comes to pricing. Apparently they’d rather have a couple hundred people (probably an optimistic number) buying it at 4995 TP instead of a couple thousand buying it at 1995 TP. Whoever it is that sets store prices isn’t a very smart individual. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve wanted to buy something and have been turned off by the price, so I hung onto my money.


  17. Flatfoot Says:

    The price is a disgrace and a greedy money grab, plain and simple.

    The level of greed it shows actually makes me worried for the future of the game and quite frankly turns me off it.


  18. Cadronas Says:

    In the past I had been thinking it would be great if Turbine invented something like this. But I am one of many to agree that the price is way too high.


  19. Kanati Says:

    I dunno. What do they say about fools and their money? If someone wants to give Turbine $50 to not play LOTRO, then why should Turbine pass on the opportunity to prove the old bromide?

    I use the XP disabler on all the characters on my main account. This allows me to complete all the quests and deeds in a zone without out leveling it. The Gift of the Valar was clearly *not* intended for me. I enjoy leveling alts. I think I have 41 active characters on Landroval at the moment, with another 30 or so dormant characters on other servers.

    Would I pay $50 to auto-level a single character to 50? No.

    Aside from the fact that they are spread across multiple accounts, would I pay $50 to auto-level *all* of my under-50 characters? No, what would be the point? Like power-leveling, it’s a completely pointless exercise. For theme park MMOs in general, and LOTRO in particular, leveling *is* the game. What endgame does LOTRO have that is so compelling that it is worth bypassing leveling? As a general case, why are people in such a hurry to reach level-cap? So that they can complain that there isn’t enough content?

    Do resent the fact that “The Gift of the Valar” exists? No. If someone wants to bypass a chunk of the game, that’s their affair.

    Do I think that “The Gift of the Valar” is overpriced? No. No one has to buy it.


  20. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    I’d be curious to find out if any warden players bought into this and how they coped at the boosted 50.

    For most of the classes the skill based deeds were just something you had to do to get the deed, TP and moved on maybe using the skill once or twice after that. Assuming you weren’t lumbered with the idiocy of a res deed (I gave up trying to get mine and wasn’t going to seek help to level it faster)

    Most classes revole around shooting, shouting, zapping or schinging but the warden needs to train their fingers into the gambit system so unless the lastest revamp has torn that to shreds a boosted warden will potentially really struggle in moria with 50 levels worth of gambits to use with no real knowledge of how they work.


  21. Smugglin Says:

    The price is insane, way past a pricepoint that a majority of people would pay.
    The learning to play the class thing is negligible. After a few days of playing your lvl 50 you will be just fine and know what your doing on basic level. Glff was blowing up with this topic a few days ago and people are pretty split all over the place. I would say to just make it affordable and maybe put some fun back into the game and also have it as an item that drops extremely rarely. That would be really cool.


  22. Duinathel Says:

    Price. Just price. The package is nice but 4995 TP is more than Helm’s Deep! That’s just cray.

    Best price? 1995 just like a fancy mount.


  23. Brainslug Says:

    A desperate attempt from an ageing mmo to make a few dollars, after just releasing its most overpriced and disappointing expansion since the game went live.


  24. Tinker Says:

    Cannot imagine paying to *not* play a game. Who is this for? It’s just another Turbine money-grab, of course.


  25. Pointy Says:

    I think that no one should buy this unless they’re replaying a class they’ve already leveled up to play it a different way (like having a pure battle minstrel and a pure healer, or Runekeeper). 1-50 is where everyone learns their class. Even veteran players still need to learn their class if they play a new one.

    Hell since the trait trees I can’t play the class I’ve worked six years to learn how to play, so what do I know? :-P


  26. Cailey Says:

    As you stated in your editorial, the only justifiable reason for buying it would be for a veteran player that has done the content over and over with multiple alts. When I create an alt it is to experience a new class so I would want to know everything about how to play that class. I’ve quested with players before that “purchased” their account and they were clueless and useless in our group. This is part of a pattern with Turbine and one that doesn’t bode well for the future of the game.



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