#LOTRO: Steed of the Withywindle Available in December

December 5, 2013


The new store exclusive steed of December is the Steed of the Withywindle. This steed will be available until December 31st.

The description of the horse in the store is:

This steed has barding made of thick brown leather plating above patterned cloth.

This mount is as fast (+68%) and same morale (250 HP) as the previous store exclusive mounts with the same price tag. This steed is a per character purchase so be sure you spend the Turbine Points on the character you want riding this.

Cost 1995 Turbine Points

Purchasing this steed will also allow you the use of the appearance items for your War-steed.

Steed of Bree

Also check out the account-wide Steed of Bree available Dec 6 – 12th. Cost is 4995 Turbine Points.

I don’t have a picture of the Steed of Bree but Tales of Arda posted a picture of the steed dyed on her twitter account!

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8 Responses to “#LOTRO: Steed of the Withywindle Available in December”

  1. Angela Says:

    Can someone post a pic of the steed of Bree in it’s original form? Thanks


  2. Avatar of
    knowfere Says:

    I kind of like this withywindle steed.


  3. Alysia Says:

    I really wish they had a per character version of the steed of bree. That’s a little too much for me to spend on a store steed, but I really like the design.


  4. LarryLava68 Says:

    I can already see where this is going with the Steed of Bree. I’m guessing they will do others such as the Celondim Steed, or maybe the Archet Steed? Woe to the horse collectors!


  5. Beastybunny Says:

    Thanks for the pics. Is the Steed of Bree also a 68% speed, 250 HP horse?


  6. Goreamir Says:

    Turbine would not continue to make these pixels so expensive if there weren’t enough people actually paying these prices, which is unfortunate.


  7. Goreamir Says:

    If they made these all account wide for the same price, they would probably make 10x as much in sales.


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