#Rift: I Love Yule Pets!

December 28, 2013

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I’ve been not playing a lot of MMOs the past week but this morning I did pop into Rift to keep playing with the Yule Festival there. It looks like I must have missed Phase 2 as we are now on Phase 3 of the festival but no matter.

I love the random gifts I can get from the Yule festival. From the quests I got a new big ugly pet that’s taller than me named Celyn. I don’t know if it’s a rock monster or a tree monster or what but he’s mine and I am happy to have him in my collection.

I also obtained a second pet Jingle. It’s account bound though so he’s off to one of my alts to play with them. I didn’t post him here on the blog but I shared getting him on the social networks a couple weeks ago. Jingle is a little squirrel wearing a Santa hat. He’s adorable.

My favorite surprise was when I opened up my presents from the store. I didn’t pay attention if it came from the daily or weekly gift as I clicked them open and then looked at what I got but inside was Broody!! Broody is a baby panther dressed like Rudolph with a red nose and antlers. Baby Hobbit and I could not be more excited for this little cub!

I love all these pets! I’m also very tempted to get the new formal yule outfit. I haven’t decided on that quite yet though but it is lovely!

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3 Responses to “#Rift: I Love Yule Pets!”

  1. susan Says:

    awwwww, so cute! congrats :)


  2. Angela Says:

    Broody I would love seeing something like that in LOTRO.


  3. Tinker Says:

    I love my squirrel as well….you have many more pets than I do though. Very nice! :)


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