#Rift: Must. Get. The. Sparkley.

December 10, 2013

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I love the artifact system in Rift. All these little sparkley nodes to find. It’s like an easter egg hunt everywhere you go.

Given that there is approximately 870 ba-billion sets for these sparkles, I’m not running out of entertainment in this area anytime soon. I don’t even have the bonus ascended power thingy that lets you see secret sparklies, yet!

In 2.5 Hotfix #5, Patrons received a new perk for artifact tracking.

New Patron Perk: Patron Artifact Tracking: A 30 minute buff that shows artifacts on the minimap. Turn on Sliver Sight to see Twisted Artifacts, too! Like other Patron abilities, it has up to 7 charges that are gained at a rate of one per day.

I absolutely adore this addition. I wish it was an hour like the other buffs but I certainly will take 30-minutes of tracking artifacts! It’s something Merric and I are checking now. We’ll save our perk for when we enter a new area and will turn this on to see all the sparklies to be found!

See that small sparkle on top of the tower thing there. Yeah. Merric and I spent over half an hour yesterday trying to get that stupid thing. Even Baby Hobbit was in on the effort offering different places to jump from to try to get it. We did not succeed. We did get a lot of other sparklies in the area we would have missed if it weren’t for the tracking though!

Oh and I got a new pet! I know. I know. You are all shocked. This one was unexpected though. I gained enough loyalty to earn the pet Hotty. He’s on fire and is happy to see you!

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11 Responses to “#Rift: Must. Get. The. Sparkley.”

  1. Stephica Says:

    Well now that I see they have an owl pet I might have to start playing! Been taking a hiatus from MMOs over the last few months, but your posts on Rift have me intrigued.


  2. Avatar of Sullo
    Sullo Says:

    Can you jump up there while mounted? Maybe that would give you some momentum?


  3. susan Says:

    I noticed while adventuring with others with highest speed mounts and attunement buffs that they can jump higher than me on a mid speed mount.

    I used to do artifacts religously until all my inv/vault was crammed full,and shuffling them off to alts or AH was taking too much of my time. Now I grab em if I see an artifact in game but dont go out of my way for them. Spares are dumped into the guild vault, rares are sold. I do like to run with quantum sight on as the orange glow of twisted artis is so pretty and irristable


  4. Avatar of Zyngor
    Zyngor Says:

    I also absolutely LOVE collecting ‘dem artifacts. When there is a system like this in place that doesn’t (generally) require combat, and rewards you for adventuring (hint hint nudge nudge, Turbine peeps!), I’m all game for it.

    I more recently came across the add-on BananAH, and found it extremely handy for quickly selling those spare artifacts at the AH. It takes awhile to figure out and get the settings how you want them to work for ya, but it sure saves me time in the end.

    From what I heard, there may be a new type of artifact coming our way in 2.6 – unstable artifacts. It seems they’ll only appear in zones during certain zone events, at which you can collect until they are gone. If what I read is correct, it’ll “add roughly 1200 new artifacts and 150 new artifact collections” to the game. All I can say is that these zones will by BUSY when it finally rolls out.

    If at first you don’t succeed the first 300 tries in reaching an artifact, there’s likely another path to reach the sucker…though some classes seem to have some decent racials to reaching places a bit easier, like the High Elf’s Angelic Flight (short targeted “leap” to specified location).


  5. thieleplex Says:

    Was that Goldenstar fishing?!?!?


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      lol. I fish all the time in Rift! I have chances to fish up housing items or even sparklies for my artifact collecting. Then I cook up the fish I catch. I like it!


  6. Avatar of Mistress LeBeau
    Mistress LeBeau Says:

    I had to either use my bouncy Tiger Mount or try climbing a tree WAY above & dropping down to get those dang artis.


  7. Jaedia Says:

    Oooh so that’s what Hotty looks like! He’s pretty cool.

    Artifacts. Yes. I spent an equally silly amount of time trying to get to a sparkly the other week. It was in some broken tower and I had to employ my greatest jumping puzzle skills (which are minimal at best) to get to it and once I finally did, I’d managed to come across around 7 other sparklies. And this was without the tracking ability! Good times.


  8. Thyrza Says:

    Speaking of artifacts, have you guys seen the new craft, Dreamweaving?! You break down artifacts which you don’t need for collections and use them to make dimensions and all sorts of cool dimension items!

    I hear you can also make RNG type enhancements for gear slots, too, but I haven’t come to that yet. I’m a slow player, and I love taking my time adventuring, so I can explore, hunt shinies, and find good places to harvest and fish.

    What a cool idea the whole dreamweaving craft is for people who love artifact hunting and dimension building! They even have a dimension called Anywhere, which is a blank space for you to sculpt entirely as you wish! How cool is that?!


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