#LOTRO: Dum Chickens

January 22, 2014


This week the Dums were a group of four. We decided it was the silliest of the Dums and so we could not waste the time doing something productive. So we went chickening!

We have not been chickens since playing with Odewolf last November. At that time we had done the long trek to Rivendell. With the big one out of the way we decided to do the chicken walk to the Lone Lands.

We had a lovely chicken adventure! First we roosted for a bit on top of the Prancing Pony.

As we entered the Lone Lands we found this nice fellow Draklevin to play with. Although we cannot communicate with him with chickens he seemed to understand we wanted to play. We did some chicken swarming, chicken pattern maneuvers around him and finally follow the leader.

Finally we made it to Radagast all in one chickeny piece. We swarmed around his tower finding secret chicken ledges we could walk on.

We noticed that Radagast was missing his signature bird poo all over his face. We offered to fix it for him.

It was a nice break from Helm’s Deep and skirmishes. Sometimes you just have to stop and be a chicken.

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6 Responses to “#LOTRO: Dum Chickens”

  1. thieleplex Says:

    I’ve never done chicken play but I have been inspired to pursue a career as a chicken!


  2. susan Says:

    this brings back fond memories… chicken play! a long time ago I came upon a quest ring and like usual clicked it without reading or nuttin.. next thing I knew I was a chicken. I just died laughing… such a great game concept. thanks for sharing!


  3. j3w3l Says:

    haha, that would have been hilarious. I’ve always bee a fan of transformation items in mmo’s as they never cease to amuse


  4. Luinen Says:

    Love it! A group of kin mates and myself ran to Galtrev as chickens. Best time ever.


  5. Avatar of Lilikate Buggins.
    Lilikate Buggins. Says:


    I agree! There is much amusement to be found playing a humble Hen.


  6. Odewulf Says:


    I still have fond memories of the Dum chicken run! It was a very fun trip. Coincidentally my kin did a chicken run this weekend. We started out with 11 chickens to Isengard. Along the way we lost 7 chickens but we gained 7 protectors. With their help 4 brave chickens made it to the steps of Isengard. Great effort. Unfortunately my chicken died in Dunland due to a stealth Dunlending :( better luck next time!



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