#LOTRO: Epic Battles and Yule Fest Dum Time

January 8, 2014

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Our static 6-man group is still going strong. Spending time mostly doing Helm’s Deep Epic Battle stuff and occasionally a skirmish or two.

I’m getting the hang of the epic battles a bit and feel like I am contributing more than I’m not.  So long as we don’t get that “Protect the Horses” nonsense, we do very well. If you have any tips on how to protect the horses better, we are all ears!

The others seem to really enjoy the system. Not that I don’t enjoy it, I just have a feeling I stink at it. Anytime we break into three or two man groups, my group gets squashed. Probably not a coincidence. It’s entirely my fault too as I’ve done nothing to learn more on how to not be horrible at it. I just try not to stink up the place too much and do what the others tell me.

I do wish Helm’s Deep had more 6-man options. As it stands we can either break up our group (and woe to the fool stuck with me) to do any of the instance or we can do Helm’s Dike as a group. We prefer to play together so we’ve been mostly playing Helm’s Dike.

We did our first skirmish since Helm’s Deep and I think the majority of everyone’s concern was not knowing what our buttons do. I still haven’t got the full gist of my burglar’s changes. I’m still in the rear poking bums. That I think my proper place. I’m not certain I picked the right specialty for me. I went with the stabbity-stab line and I really miss all my tricks.

Oh and I won the starlit crystal in the skirmish again. It’s sort of a tradition at this point. I think later I shall invite all the Dum’s over to my house to show them the chandelier I’ve made from my collection. That way they know I didn’t waste them by putting them in my legendary items!

Outside of that, we’ve been doing something I not only know, that I’m super good at. Yule Festival!

It is the goofiness of our group that I adore above all else. There is no driving need to do more, get high levels, progress; progress; progress. Silliness is required if you are to be part of the Dum Group.

We headed to the Yule Festival and did some of the theater and tried the snowball fight. As a group, we loved the theater most. Hoping some of our group get’s picked in the theater performance. Waiting for the moment to chuck rotten fruit at our friends. Fun times!

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4 Responses to “#LOTRO: Epic Battles and Yule Fest Dum Time”

  1. Siqua Says:

    I have no advice for “Protect the Horses” as I’ve failed that one every time. The only thing I think I’ve figured out is that setting the horses loose makes you fail just the same as getting them killed. I suspect you need to have of them still tethered at the end of the encounter with no equine fatalities.


  2. cowbader Says:

    Protect the Horses is quite tricky now. It used to be easy at first as I always seemed to get Platinum even on solo. Then on the last update I think they changed it to make it more difficult as it was too easy. If you have an engineer who can put down a barricade to slow down the orcs this helps a huge amount. Don’t chase the orcs, wait by the horses. You need to be quick running round the groups of orcs and DPS as quickly as possible. Give Damage and Haste orders to the commander as the waves come in. Also put down some caltrops if you have them as this helps damage the orcs too. Do not release the horses yourself or you fail!


  3. Gorfaroth Says:

    If you are doing Helm’s Dike 6-man, if you get the eastern flank initially (first assault), that means you will get the horse quest on the west side (second assault). If you wish to proceed, however, the horses not in the stables need protection ASAP. There will only be one wave, though. They do appear sooner than the regular ones. Other than that, you’re in the clear if you have ample dps classes. One final tip is have force taunts active on the enemies after they started hitting the horses to buy some time.


  4. Nelwin Says:

    Having a healer dedicated to keeping the horses alive helps immensely. Healing in general is pretty awesome in HD battles, especially when coupled with the officer tree.


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