#LOTRO: Killed By A Ba-billion Orcs

January 15, 2014

Goldenstar Games, LOTRO

This week’s Dum Time was also Opdum’s birthday! That makes him in charge for the day. Birthday Dum decided we were all going to do the Deeping Wall 12-man. We had our six Dums and we were able to get three or four kinnies to join in. The rest we filled in people from the GLFF channel.

It was interesting! We had never done a raid before. We did not finish but it was interesting to see the larger scale. The main failure happened when sappers were attacking the back near Aragorn and things just completely spiraled out of control with huge waves of orcs taking us out.

As Dums, we thought it a glorious way to die. The GLFF folks while not rude were obviously irritated with us but that is just kind of silly. I mean you joined a raid where half of it had “Dum” in their name.

At the end Hoppydum did his usual request for analysis of how we died (as good captainy leaders should) and the GLFF folks were helpful to point out our actual weak points. Dumidum stated we lost because Aragorn died, it was lore breaking so we were done. Sodum pointed out you can’t win Helm’s Deep anyway that the story is for the Deeping Wall to fall. Perhaps we really did win? I think our GLFF folks weren’t prepared for the Dum analysis which just further frustrated them and they left.

It was still Opdum’s day so next we headed into the Vile Maw and once again charged full speed into the Watcher’s mouth. The game here is of course to see who can live the longest and actually be eaten by the watcher instead of dying early on. I did not win this race.

Next we did a 6-man of Helm’s Dike. Like always we got the quest  to “Protect the Horses” and they died a miserable horsey death. We even had a plan this time. We set down barricades and traps and thought we were doing well but still failed.

Then Opdum and I got to talking about Burglarness. I had picked Engineering as my HD specialization but thought I might try something else. Opdum got his non-dum burglar, Bregle, and we teamed up to go into Helm’s Dike 2-man with the aim of trying to figure out burglar things. I don’t know if we succeeded.

He tried a different burglar trait line (Mischief Maker I believe) and we both tried Vanguard for our Helm’s Deep specialization. Opdum concluded that the Silent Knife trait line I was in was probably better burglar line for the needs of the Dum group so that was good news. Apparently I didn’t do vanguard right as Opdum said I should have a bar of skills and I had none. *sigh* Burglaring is hard.

The good news is out of this 2-man Opdum and I finally protected the horses! It must be the other Dums that secretly hate the horses. Opdum and I are horsie saviors!

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5 Responses to “#LOTRO: Killed By A Ba-billion Orcs”

  1. susan Says:

    *thought it was a glorious way to die

    had me laughing out loud. wonderful! I bet you had those glffs scratching their heads and posting on the forum.. you should go take a peek and see if youre in there =D

    sounds like you had a good ole time and enjoyed your gaming day. cheers!


  2. hungoth Says:

    sounds awesome, I think lack of such group (ppl who don’t care about dying or achieving) was why I left lotro


  3. Avatar of Andang
    Andang Says:

    “Goldenstar Games” should be a company. Awesome category title GS!


  4. téaparty Says:

    I don’t recall if this is part of your protect the horsey strategy, but my RK runs around healing all the horses. Opdum can also heal banners, barricades, siege equipment,etc.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I’d have to ask the healer types if they are doing this. I’m a burglar in this group so I think my job is to do nothing. I do it exceedingly well. We do have a minstrel and an RK though so they could be healing. I’ll ask them. Thanks Tea!


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