Tiny Thief

January 20, 2014

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I was lucky enough to pick up Tiny Thief as a freebie from the iTunes store over the holidays. I knew nothing about this game but it was free for the day so why not?

The game is a bit of a stealthy puzzle game where you have an objective to complete but can’t be caught doing it. You’re a thief but instead of being a complete baddie, you are more of a Robin Hood. A thief by necessity but uses your stealthy powers for the greater good of others instead of just helping yourself. Also you have a pet weasel. Baby Hobbit (my four year-old daughter) and I love the pet weasel.

There are currently five storylines available to play with five games available in each of the stories. There appears to be a sixth in progress with a “coming soon” sign on it which makes me happy! Each one is a puzzle designed for you figure out to meet the objective plus a few side items like collecting pieces and finding your pet weasel.

The drawing and animation of this little game is great. Very cartoony and the actions sometimes humorous. The characters are totally cute and some are recurring across the game stories.

There is a hint book that you can use once per day to help you solve puzzles or find the extras. I’m sure it was in the tutorial but I didn’t try tapping on this little book until the third story or so and I did it just to see what it did. It doesn’t really give you hints, it gives you pictures solving the puzzle so keep that in mind in case you were hoping for a nudge instead of the answer. You can buy extra hints in a micro-transaction setting but I didn’t find it necessary. I’m sure there are places to find help online even if you did get stuck so I’m not certain how effective of a revenue stream this is for the developers.

The puzzles themselves weren’t super hard. I thought finding the extras and sometimes my pet weasel to be more challenging just so I could get three stars on the level. Overall none of it takes a large amount of time. I played it here and there for possibly a week or so and made it through all the story chapters available with three stars in each.

Baby Hobbit also loves this game. The first couple levels she could do on her own and past that she typically has to ask for a little help but keeps playing!

Even though I was lucky enough to get this as an iOS freebie, I can say it is totally worth the couple of dollars it is selling for. I even found it on Steam if you prefer not to go mobile with it. The game is well made and executed and I recommend those who love little puzzlers to also give it a try.

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    Andang Says:

    Thanks for the article. I was kind of on the fence with this one until now.


  2. Pickles (Mew) Says:

    Also, AppShopper Social and Apps Gone Free are pretty useful at keeping track of daily deals and freebies.


  3. sycle Says:

    This is one fun and funny game. I also got it as a freebie. My kids also had lot of fun playing it. Enjoy!


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