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February 17, 2014

Goldenstar Games

I have somehow found myself recently not playing any MMOs which is simultaneously odd and no big deal. Lemme explain.

Gaming, specifically MMO gaming,has been something I’ve been doing for years. It was something I looked forward to. Getting online. Chatting with friends. Goofing off with my character and sometimes even advancing. Lately, I’ve simply have not only missing the habitual pull of logging in. I haven’t even had a hint of a desire to login. It seems weird to me to be completely skipping my online life and not really missing it.

Now I’ve not stopped completely. I still have my Monday night MMO with the Dum Group in LOTRO that I still participate in. Perhaps this is enough for me? I have Monday nights and they other six days of the week I am offline.

I have cancelled my subscription to Rift as I figure I could pop in when I wished to play without the monthly subscription. LOTRO I’m a lifer so nothing to cancel there.

I think it’s just simple burn out. We all have experienced the wax and wane of hobby interest. It could be the pressure of time crunching that makes it not worth popping in a game if I don’t have a lot of time. It could be flipping miserable weather dampening (or perhaps more appropriately freezing) my spirits.

Jayne CobbWhatever it is, I’m just not into it right now.

I’m not completely lost to gaming. I have some favorites on my mobile devices I flip on during my carpool into work. I still enjoy a single player game on Steam every now and then.

For now, I’ll just ride this hiatus and give other hobbies of mine a chance to shine. Like my crocheting! I’m finding it very relaxing to sit in the living room with my family and just stitching away.

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17 Responses to “MMO Gaming Hiatus”

  1. Argendauss Says:

    I know that feel. Got tired of LotRO and RIFT last year and just up and quit. I started to get my online gaming jollies from more bite-sized experiences in small-group games like Pay-day 2 and L4D2. Seems that’s what you’ve got left too with your Dum groups!

    By the way, whatever spam-filter you have set up for your comments won’t let me say “Pay-day” as all one word, which is fairly annoying.


  2. Tori Says:

    I’ve definitely had those times. Sometimes it’s nice to pursue other things for a while.

    Love the Jayne hat!


  3. Jharak Says:

    I’ve fallen out of love with MMO’s pretty much completely to be honest. LoTRO was my first and favourite, mainly due to the story and setting.

    Other MMO’s (SWTOR, also with good stories) held my attention for a time (I lasted a month with GW2), but then when it boils down to it they all have very similar play styles, combat mechanics, crafting, looting, etc etc etc… it’s the entire genre, the rinse and repeat and level up and loop, that got old to me.

    Now I look at trailers and demos of new MMO’s like Elder Scrolls Online, and see exactly the same thing just put in a new wrapper. If it’s burn out, it’s pretty wide ranging for me.


  4. Avatar of Ranna Dylin
    Ranna Dylin Says:

    I can identify; I’ve scarcely touched LOTRO in months and only dabbled in SWTOR every few weeks or so lately. Only instead of crocheting, I am getting a lot more knitting done these days! :-) I’ve no intention of leaving either game for good, but am still waiting for my burnout to wear off…or to run out of yarn, maybe. In the latter case, I should probably give up on the MMOs because running out of yarn is impossible at this point in my stash’s lifespan!


  5. Avatar of
    knowfere Says:

    I’ve been putting together and gluing jigsaw puzzles like a fanatic. I LOVE the fact that I have 2 lifetime lotro accounts, and I’ve been quite saddened lately about not playing at all in the last month or so, but this isn’t my first lapse, and I look forward to getting back into it, whenever that happens :)


  6. Suzawen (Landroval) Says:

    I have had the same ever since mid January, after non stop playing for 3 years I just do not feel the need to log on. I still participate in the band on Belegaer. I started some low level stuff on Gilrain but even there I am doing minimally. And I’ve been doing other stuff (non MMO) instead.


  7. Frieja Says:

    I understand, and am in the same boat. LOTRO really has been my only MMO, but I can’t remember the last time I logged in. I actually bought GW2, but only played that a couple times. I believe I have MMO burnout as well. Oh well, I’ve started playing the piano again!


  8. susan Says:

    same here, after lotr i got back into rift big time but then hit a wall.

    I just dont care anymore. Its a grind to get to ‘end game’ whatever that means, grind to get crafting tiers, grind to get skills… in the end you look back at all the time you put in not to mention money for ‘had to haves’ ie squirrel mount lol and you realize what a waste it all was. Im also sick to death of all the gambling boxes being introduced in all aspects of game play now.

    Nowadays I look for quick amusing games. the whole live for the mmo are over for me, tho i am titillated at the upcoming eso going live and will prob be dragged into playing it with my sis as that is how we keep in touch, chatting on skype while gaming. but that game is more about just chilling and exploring, gone are the days of worrying about progress and game stuff

    its all been there and done that , ya know wah i mean vern?


  9. susan Says:

    sorry for the double post, i do have to note that i have been hammering at my sister to go with me on a nostalgia tour of lotr (been many months since we played)

    ya know .. just take stable rides everywhere and look and linger at our favorite places. mmo will always have ‘memory’ triggers to them and its nice to know they are ‘still out there’ to be visited if one takes a noggin to do it.


  10. Glinluin Says:

    I’ve been trying to get back into lotro lately after a fling with rift but sadly real life keeps getting in the way so I know the feeling

    Sadly what with mmorsel disappearing and cstm going a bit quiet the lotrosphere seems much diminished lately, has that end of an era feeling.


  11. Ryan Says:

    I have felt that way. When I first started, the first 6 or so months were logging in quite a bit, almost every day then for the next year and a half I logged in every once in a while, on almost every weekend and a few weekdays but nothing excessive. After a while it became once or twice a month until I stopped playing it for almost an entire year. I just came back about two months ago and am logging in on weekends only for 4-5 hours a day. I could see myself like this for a while, I’m happy playing very casually and not with the grind – it makes it much more fun and enjoyable.


  12. Christopher Davis Says:

    I still love LOTRO for its setting and story. In fact, finally got around to getting the nimble black goat. As of late, I tend to play very little between objectives. LOTRO specific less play time is due to lack of raiding content and dungeons. Personally I don’t like the big battles much so it is down to a few visits a month to Ales and Tales along with occasional old content.

    In the grander scheme of things the overall quality of community in the video game world has really gone south over the last several years. That makes it not worth paying for on going subscriptions. Compared to years past, times spent on MMO games is down by 70%.


  13. Avatar of Lilikate Buggins.
    Lilikate Buggins. Says:

    Hullo! When I have finished organizing a full raid Orchestra, I may pick up my hook and finish a cardigan I should have started last November!
    To all who are absent, you are missed! I hope to see you back visiting one day.

    I shall let you know when The Starlight Orchestra are due to perform. Maybe we can entice you back for an hour or two :)


  14. Tuiliel Says:

    Spending most of my time these days on wedding planning, but even when I do play, it is with a combination of boredom and sadness. Much of my beloved community is gone, and the thrill of danger and challenge is never coming back. I use it as more of a pretty chat room than anything else.


  15. Avatar of Wilros
    Wilros Says:

    Reading all the comments makes one feel a bit gloomy about the state of LOTRO, though I am a strong proponent of living your RL first and only gaming for fun once in a while (sometimes the priorities get mixed up for people). I think it is interesting to hear all of the other hobbies and activities people dabble in, in addition to games: knitting, crochet, music, and puzzles – all excellent things!

    As for me, I just pluck away at LOTRO when RL allows, which is definitely tortoise-like (slow and steady). Been playing about 4 years and only just saw Orthanc for the 1st time last week! But I definitely enjoy it and find it a great option for some relaxing free time. Hope you are all enjoying your own pursuits, whatever they may be.


  16. hungoth Says:

    After leaving Lotro for good over a year ago I can’t find any other MMO appealing to me, it’s all grind and more grind with money grab if you get tired of it. No matter the title no one has made no-grindy online game so far. Or I’m just too old for it


  17. Kia Says:

    Well, I think life is just made out of different adventures, storylines and eras, just like a year is made out of different seasons. Don’t fight the seasons. They’re all beautiful and fun and amazing in their own way. :)


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