#LOTRO: Limited Time Mount Release

March 27, 2014


According to the Store Sale page, we have a limited time mount release. It is important to note that this is not a sale. These mounts are full price but they are temporarily released in the store if you were looking for them.

Here’s what I found available in the store:

Fleet-Footed Goat 1495 TP

Steed of Nightwood 1995 TP

Steed of Khundolar 1995 TP

Obsidian Steed 1995 TP

Steed of the Citadel 1995 TP

Snow-beast Steed 1995 TP

Steed of Rhun 1995 TP

Steed of the Iron Hills 1995 TP

Steed of the Greenwood 1995 TP

Westfold Steed 1995 TP

Steed of the Jester 995 TP

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3 Responses to “#LOTRO: Limited Time Mount Release”

  1. Avatar of Lilikate Buggins.
    Lilikate Buggins. Says:

    I’d really like to see Steeds covered in less junk. Thanks for the heads up Goldenstar.


  2. Tanek Says:

    If mounts were not per-character I’d be tempted. That snow-beast steed is just too amusing for me not to like.


  3. Avatar of AnUnexpectedVidcast
    AnUnexpectedVidcast Says:

    I had to get the Steed of the Greenwood for a new green loving Mirkwood elf I am currently levelling on Laurelin. I love the snowbeast one too – I got that immediately when it came out. Cuz I’m a sucker!


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