#Rift: The Flooding of Isengard

March 29, 2014


Guys! Guys! There is something amazing found in Rift right now. Like even if you’ve never played Rift, it’s totally worth making a free account to go check this out.

On the Faeblight server, you can find a dimension (personal housing area) named “The Flooding of Isengard” by Galuhad. AND YOU CAN GO IN IT AND EXPLORE.

It is massive. It is explore-able. IT IS AMAZING.

Galuhad actually belongs to the CSTM guild on Rift and he let me sneak peek his new project last summer so I’ve known about this and seen it in various stages of building. Galuhad has been working long and hard on perfecting this dimension. Rift’s housing system is freeform building so there wasn’t a house Galuhad could buy that had Orthanc in it. He built this tower. It was lot of effort to make everything perfect and in this little Hobbit’s (or Dwarf as I am in Rift) opinion, he nailed it.

Galuhad also made it a PvP dimension which is a newer feature Rift added to the personal dimensions. You can battle inside Isengard!

I went through and took some screenshots to share because you just have to see this.

First, you start out at the top of the tower. So far up that my laptop was not able to render where the ground was.

At first I stood up there feeling trapped. I was Gandalf hoping for an Eagle to come save me. Then I remembered that Rift doesn’t have fall damage so I leapt to the ground.

Inside Galuhad has it completely decorated and furnished and it’s worth wandering around just to look at things.

There’s a throne and the palantir. Here’s a screenshot with my character (she’s a dwarf so shorter than most) but it shows you how everything is built to be large. A giant evil tower playhouse! By the way, I totally touched the palantir. Don’t tell Gandalf.

You can head upstairs to stand in the balcony Saruman stood to watch the Ent’s assault and the decoration of this room is just astounding. There’s another story above this before you run into a locked door. I assume that’s Saruman’s bed room which if it’s like ours when unexpected guests arrive, you keep that door shut for a reason.


Outside of the tower itself is just as detailed. The theme of the area is the “Flooding of Isengard” so this is after the Ents have rampaged through. The floor is all flooded with water and debris of the conflict is still evident.

There’s giant mechanical bits and downed trees showing the destruction and tear down of the industrialization of Saruman.

Galuhad has opened this dimension up to the public and invites all to explore. He has a series of his own photos available here to view.

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10 Responses to “#Rift: The Flooding of Isengard”

  1. Galuhad Says:

    Lol.. now I’m embarrassed. But thank you for the write-up :) It was a lot of work and very time consuming, but it was so worth it. As mentioned, I originally began work on it last summer, so it’s been a long time coming, but I’m glad to finally have completed it (well, almost completed).
    The PvP thing is such a neat addition. I was watching the same group battling out for about 90 minutes last night, and they loved it.

    Maybe time for a Rift break again soon lol. All this tile placing has given me square eyes.

    Thanks again for the post Goldenstar :) Hope to see you in-game next time (I missed you today by 15 minutes).


  2. Osdor Says:

    That looks amazing! A lot of work, but well worth it.


  3. Osdor Says:

    And we’ll be able to compare it to the Lotro version – Flooding of Isengard is due for release on April 14th.


  4. Aradaen Says:

    That’s awesome…Faeblight is my home server. As soon as I log onto rift today, I will check it out and give it a +1.


  5. susan Says:

    stunning, to think that each small granite block was set and set so perfectly that the joinings were seamless is an amazing feat. You put my decorating skills to shame! Add in the new PvP arena abilities and this will be a favorite dim for a long time to come.

    well done!


  6. Silverangel Says:

    Wow. This is amazing. O.O Thanks for sharing. Will have to remember to check that out when I log in again.


  7. Scormus Wraithbane Says:

    Very nice! It’s excellent to see a bit of The Professor’s work in Rift.


  8. Talivael Says:

    I dont’ play Rift, but what I can see from the article above your work, Galuhad is really outstanding!

    BTW, are you the same Galuhad as on LotROInterface? Great work, as well!


  9. Avatar of Soerii
    Soerii Says:

    OMG that’s amazing! Have to create an account on your server :)


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