#LOTRO 50% off Helm’s Deep

April 10, 2014



Helm’s Deep Expansion is on sale now through April 17th for 50% off! If you haven’t picked this expansion it is available for 2148 Turbine Points. Most of the content in Helm’s Deep is level 85+ but there is the Epic Battle system that is available starting at level 10.

So far this special only appears available in game in the LOTRO Store. I’ve checked the LOTRO MarketAmazon and Steam and all are still showing full price. We’ll let you know if we notice a change!

Source: Store Sales Page

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10 Responses to “#LOTRO 50% off Helm’s Deep”

  1. Osdor Says:

    You will need to own the Helm’s Deep expansion (and have played through each Big Battle at least once) if you want to run the new quests and continue the Epic story quests coming as part of Update 13 on 14th April.


  2. Avatar of Soerii
    Soerii Says:

    Would be cool to see a Lotro Market discount too!


  3. Leorenth Says:

    yeah does anyone know if it happens?


  4. Dude_where's_my_Lotro? Says:

    The fellowship has been broken ever since lotro’s skilltrees were shot with a arrow near Parth Galen by the turbine developer team.

    Helms Deep is by far the worse expansion this game has ever seen, yet on their official forum the dwindling playerbase must not be mentioned. The fact that any character can basically solo 3, 6 or even 12 man content is considered “trivial” People who claim their kinships have died and friends wandered off are harshly reminded how wrong they are since “other people” don’t experience this issue.

    There is no victory here I’m afraid, no brave hobbit destroying the one ring and lifting the dark clouds so the sun may shine again.

    A slow death is all that awaits lotro … Now tell me, do you really want to invest money in a dead game?


    • Mikoram Says:

      You sure have a chip on your shoulder there, buddy. If it’s so dead, why aren’t you playing something else?


      • Dude_where's_my_Lotro? Says:

        Like so many other lotro players I’ve left the game when turbine came up with their skilltrees and a very boring “endgame” content that allowed people to stand there afk and gather rewards.

        Sad to see a great game getting ruined.


    • Funkster Says:

      You are sooo right….in particular about what is said on the forums…people seem to refuse to admit what is before their eyes, and yes, I went playing something else, after 3+ woundrous at the beginning but delusional in the latest times years…and it makes me sad because I’m an hardocre fan of everything Tolkien and computer RPGs, so LOTRO was my perfect game…but not only a game, it was my perfect world… Now I logon from time to time and every time I see places more deserted than the time before (and I have toons on once so called high-population servers). My idea is that the guys at WB/Turbine decided that LOTRO revenues were not satisfying anymore and put the game in a state of “going on with the least effort”, so they fired developers, focused on solo content and made the game a joke to play… I passed through 3 different guilds, all quite large and rank 10, now 1 of them is dead and the other two see 3-4 people online in peak hours…cities are empty, you see someone every once in a while on landscape…it’s very, very saddening….


  5. hungoth Says:

    I was bored to death 2 years ago with all grindy ways. Still bought 1st Rohan expansion (forgot its name lol), but didn’t play much. I hate grind and there’s nothing, but this in pretty much all MMOs, so I quit quickly.

    It’s all boring or I’m just getting old. :(


  6. Grace Says:

    If I purchase this expansion (my character is currently doing Moria and I have only bought that one and SoM expansions), will I get the skirmish max trait without buying the others (RoI, RoR?)


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