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April 9, 2014



LOTRO will be celebrating their 7th year as an MMORPG and are giving presents away to players as a thank you. The celebrations will run from April 16 – April 29th and the gifts you receive will be based on your account status as of April 13th.

There will be an in-game anniversary festival going on at the same time that has quests, deeds, the beer fight everyone enjoys, token drops, horse races and usually one weekend of double experience. I will have a new guide posted as soon as I’ve given the festival a run through but here is the guide for last year if you want a refresher.

The gifts will be granted to your account at the beginning of our anniversary celebration in-game on April 16th, 2014. Here’s the list of goodies.

All Players:

  • Set of Unique Fireworks

Premium & VIP Players:

For Premium and VIP players gifts will range based on the number of years your account has been active. This is based on account status as of April 13th so if you are not currently premium or VIP and want rewards listed below, you have until then to change your account status.

Gifts are additive meaning that a player who qualifies for the 7-year gifts gets gifts 1-6 as well. The gifts are a one time grant so if you received the previous year gifts on a character already, you will not be receiving another set.

1-Year (April 30, 2013 or earlier)

  • A 1-year character portrait frame
  • Fireworks

Azure TrousersAzure Dress2-Years (April 30, 2012 or earlier)

  • A 2-year character portrait frame
  • 3 Tomes of Continuing Swiftness (60 min)
  • 1 +5% Attack Damage (90 min)
  • 10 Battle Potion of Restoration

3-Years (April 30, 2011 or earlier)

  • A 3-year character portrait frame
  • 3 Loot box keys

4-Years (April 30, 2010 or earlier)

  • A 4-year character portrait frame
  • New Azure Festival Clothing

Azure Steed5-Years (April 30, 2009 or earlier)

  • A 5-year character portrait frame
  • Festive Azure Steed

6-Years (April 30, 2008 or earlier)

  • A 6-year character portrait frame
  • Festive Azure War-steed appearance set

7-Years (June 30, 2007 or earlier)

  • A 7- year character portrait frame
  • A Shield-Cloak
  • 1 Loot box Key

Your Monster Play character will receive:

  • The "Dancing" Emote
  • 5% Attack Damage x5

I can already hear the question burning on your lips: “What does the Shield-Cloak look like?” and the answer to that is that I don’t know. I’m going to guess it is something along the lines of the pre-order cosmetic item, Shield of the Hammerhand, they had for Helm’s Deep but we’ll have to see as there is no picture or information available other than 7-year players get one.

Pictures of the special character portrait frames are available to see on the LOTRO Announcement. These are the frames that go around your character’s face where your morale and power are shown.

Sign Up

Not sure when you started playing? Head to https://myaccount.turbine.com and login. Your “Signup Date” is listed under your LOTRO Subscription.

Note that some EU accounts that started out with Codemasters may not have the right date in their account settings but Turbine has gotten the gifts right for the original start up date in the past so no worries.

See the LOTRO announcement page for list of FAQs about these rewards.

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11 Responses to “#LOTRO 7th Anniversary Gifts”

  1. Dumidum Says:

    Creep side dancing!


  2. Ben Says:

    If they make ANY way for us newer non-7th years to grind/find/buy a shield cloak this festival I will be so excited. It can even be a different color/non-dyeable…


  3. Snoopey the warg Says:

    Monsters should get Sigils of dedication as well,I think?


  4. Avatar of Soerii
    Soerii Says:

    I really hope that they will make some new festival quests too :)


  5. Glenn1904 Says:

    How do Turbine change the reward for former Codemasters players? I’ve been playing since january 2009 (started out with Codemasters), but currently only got the 1 and 2 years rewards from previous anniversarys. Do I send a ticket or something?


  6. Avatar of galuhad
    galuhad Says:

    Festival is live, a day ahead of plan it would seem :)


  7. Kohana Says:

    Does anyone know where the bound Star Fireworks come from? is it inside a gift box or the 7th year?


  8. B Cole Says:

    The Warg Dancing emote is the funniest yet


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