How to Rename Your Pet Shrew

May 29, 2014


Ever have one of those moments where you learn something cool about a game, then don’t use it and forget that it exists? I had one of those moments the other day when asked over Twitter if you can rename your pet shrew.

My answer was no that I didn’t think you could. Luckily @MiddleEarthSim dropped in to remind me of a the /cpet command that I (mainly playing Minstrel and Burglar and typically pet-less) forgot existed!

So the answer is yes, you can rename your pet shrew – or any other pet really – but the pet shrew cannot be targeted so you cannot reach any pet command menu from it’s portrait so this makes it especially useful for your shrew.

The command is:

/cpet rename newpetname

And it really works. Meet MrFuzzFace!

/cpet rename MrFuzzFace

Regular naming restrictions do apply. I just go with my normal operations of allowing Baby Hobbit to name my pets. Give it a try and let me know what you named your pet!

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9 Responses to “How to Rename Your Pet Shrew”

  1. onomatic Says:

    iirc captain banners couldn’t be click-selected but could be targeted with one of the target-(nearest/next/previous)-npc keybindings. then you could choose rename from the right-click menu on your target portrait. (does that still work?)

    in the lotro.keymap these are the SELECTION_(NEAREST/NEXT/PREVIOUS)_CREATURE settings. looks like they were bound to F10 (+/- ctrl or alt) in a default keymap.


    • Joshua Says:

      Yup, F10. You’d see Captains and Weavers sending messages to one another like that in the Moors sometimes. :D


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I was curious so I tried this with my shrew but F10 didn’t target it. It found a NPC across the way and selected him instead. I tried CTRL or ALT to see if I could find it but I must of had nothing else near me as it didn’t move from that NPC.


      • onomatic Says:

        yep, sounds like they changed that a bit. (i’d test, but i don’t have any of the new pets, and the launcher is gonna be patching for a while…)

        i guess it’s a good thing someone wrote a post about that /cpet command! thanks!


  2. Gentoo Says:

    All of my shrews are named for their twitchy behavior. They are literally shaking all the time.

    DoubleEdgy (for my new burg)


  3. Beastybunny Says:

    I’ve only managed to acquire the Plain and Spotted shrew so far but they are:

    Kate the Plain Shrew
    Richard the Spotted Shrew


  4. Avatar of Zyngor
    Zyngor Says:

    I’ve only been able to pick up one thus far, via the flower picking.

    Dwight, shrew


    • Theoduck Says:

      That’s awesome, I named mine DwhiteShrewt – for some reason DwightShrewt wouldn’t work!


  5. Giftel Says:

    A few of my shrew names:


    And my chicken is called, ‘TastesLike’.



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