Spring Festival 2014 Hedge Maze Map

May 26, 2014

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I have just returned from our family vacation and was pleased to see the Spring Festival active! It is available until June 3rd in case you didn’t know.

I messed about a bit this evening looking for changes and was surprised to see the hedge maze for the Spring Festival has changed. I had that old map memorized I could have done it with my eyes closed so I think this is wonderful! A new challenge!

Thing is that I went in and got very very lost. Like super lost. Ok ok so I need a new map and I will share it with all of you guys! I’m not going to sit here and tell you crazy stories like my map is perfect or to scale or anything. I’m not a cartographer. I’m a Hobbit! But my best efforts should be good enough to help you find your way through.

All quests are the same and I’ve done my best to mark locations and spawn points to help you finish the quest but there may be a few missing. Also remember that items like chickens, tweens and elves move about so they may not be found at the exact location marked below. Dire beers appeared to be everywhere so I’m certain I didn’t get all those but they seemed to be the simplest to find.

Draculetta made a new map over on LOTRO Players if you don’t like my map you are welcome to use theirs!

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7 Responses to “Spring Festival 2014 Hedge Maze Map”

  1. Brigo Broadbelt Says:

    Thank you :) Isn’t it funny how a simple refreshed maze can revitalize an entire festival? Keeping games fresh doesn’t have to be complicated.


  2. Hatter of Bree Says:

    Indeed, that was my first feeling as well – totaly lost in the maze. With timer running out. *chuckle* Shows one cant be too overconfident.

    And it took me lot of time to get to the center of labyrint as well – and thats saying a few good things about how good the maze is. The effect of old paths but new walls is dual as well – on one side, i follow road, and it turns into green wall. OTOH, its suppoed to do that, yes? Misled me. Thats what the maze meant for!

    Good one, Turbine!


  3. Daruma Says:

    I think it’s great that Turbine changed the layout of the hedge-maze.
    (Never thought I would ever see the day … ^^)

    Also, they ‘fixed’ the appearance of the giant shrew in Duillond.

    Such simple changes, and suddenly the old festival-events are fun again :-)

    PS: Also, loved Hobnanigans! (Great fun – despite all those bugs.)


  4. Goreamir Says:

    The new maze was hard to get used to, but eventually I discovered that they EZ moded it (shocker), you can now get from the entrance to the exit in about 30 seconds, practically a straight line.


  5. ladyofrohan Says:

    Well, THAT explains a lot…



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